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  • OOPS ! I am new at this and submitted the first comment and it did not show up so I wrote a shorter version and clicked submit. And both pop up. Then I tried to edit the second one to delete the repeats but the time to do this expired.
    No wonder Washington, D C is in gridlock. The hot tea with scotch is delicious.

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  • I will have to reread The Wrecking Crew. After reading all the comments I am feeling “hopeless in Pennsylvania”. It appears that we are our own worst enemy. But THE ENEMY from 9-11 is still alive & well. The world sees the U S as a country caught in a sink hole of mud, flailing about to grab any tree limb to escape. The positive and negative forces cancel one another out. With our know-how there MUST be a solution.

    I HATE to give up on democracy after only 235 years.

    Am “Sleepless in Pennsylvania” because I feel hopeless. Meanwhile am having a cup of tea laced with scotch… I can sleep.

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    The information in your report on Monsanto adds more fuel to a fire I am already building, so to speak. Some of us from York, PA attended the PASA (PA Sustainable Agriculture) Conference @ Penn State University. More than 2000 people attended. One of the workshops was on GMO’s. Knowing that Monsanto and the other [...]

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    Solidarity worked for Poland. The trick is HOW to do this while at the same time working and negotiating a way for the people of Egypt to achieve their goals, induce Mubarak to leave now while a new government is placed in charge. This acting or provisional government can be appointed by a coalition of [...]

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    What’s happening in Egypt seems to have erupted so suddenly….. like a volcano waiting to erupt. Your thoughts on the whole scene offer a comprehensive synopsis of this momentous and perhaps far-reaching event. I, personally have tutored 2 Egyptian students (adults) who came to the U S because they are Coptic Orthodox Christians and were [...]

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    The PASA Conference was much more than I imagined ! Over 2000 registered and people were still wandering in. The number and quality of the workshops are impressive. I attended the workshop on Marcellus Shale… was excellent but PA appears not to be prepared to deal with the possible and known consequences of this drilling [...]

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    After praying to the God of Snow and checking the weather forecast, I feel it is safe to drive to State College, PA tomorrow if I wait til 12 noon to start the journey. My husband thinks I’m crazy. It’s true, if there’s  snow anywhere in PA……it’s in the mountains. The PASA (PA Sustainable Agriculture) [...]

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    What do you do when you set foot on the shore of a foreign land? Soon I will find out. I notice the word “blog” in the top left bar. This means I need to say something interesting. Since it is 5 o’clock in the morning and still dark and very quiet inside and cold [...]

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    Welcome to My FDL . This is a new world for me.  Accidently discovered this site via a friend. Have no idea what to do or say so I’ll think about it and be better prepared next time. There are a few topics I feel strongly about. I wonder how many people will be looking over any [...]