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  • bjohnm commented on the blog post Mitt Romney Finding Little Support For 2016 Run

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    You know, I seem to remember some family member, maybe his son, actually saying, the first time around, that Mitt wasn’t really that interested, but was just running because he had been called to serve.

    Tell ya what, if there’s ever been a job one should not take “just because,” I’m thinking POTUS is probably it.

    Also, Wynota, I like your Kavalier Kristians for Khrist, but I prefer Krazy Kristian Kooks.

  • I will never forget Senator Franken’s takedown of Minnery. It was a classic.

    Thank you for reminding me of it. Minnery figured a busy Senator wouldn’t bother himself or his staff with reading a cited study, since it sounded so scientific.


  • bjohnm commented on the blog post Anti-gay speaker, NOM ally publishes violent pornographic novel

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    You know, I was wondering when Tony Perkins and Brian Fischer were going to have him on their radio programs to promote his book? ;-)

  • I think the AFA should sue the DoD. Let’s let the government lawyers simply to the GladCAPP website, pull up Brian’s quotes, and put them in their motion to dismiss.

    The truth is always a defense against claims of slander and libel.

  • The dire consequences one is most interesting. The supposed consequences have changed over time as the christianists have found their arguments don’t work, or have lost their punch.

    In the gay marriage debate, it was first how it would destroy straight marriages. People got a bit more educated and sophisticated on the topic, and a couple of states adopted gay marriage. It became obvious this argument held not water…so then it became all about the children (because the only reason, apparently, to get married, is to have children). Children deserve a mom and a dad. That begin to lose traction (although still widely used, and the reason for the christianist funded parenting studies), as real scientific studies started to take the wind out of that one, and people saw more and more gay couples with perfectly fine children.

    So, the latest has been this meme about the supposed loss of their precious religious freedom. They’re attempting to instill fear in the people that they’ll all be forced to start sitting through gay weddings, or be carted off to jail. Of course they have some martyrs for the cause, but we all know those folks are caught up in public accommodation laws having nothing to do with gay marriage specifically, but it’ll work for now. As that loses it’s force though, they’ll find something else, or try recycling one of their older arguments.

  • What’s the old saying…your right to swing your fist ends at the tip of my nose. This is just that example. These folks still get to go to the same church (if they really even attend a church), they can believe what they want there. They can teach their children intolerance and hate (it won’t serve them well, but they can). They are even still free to look askance at a gay couple walking hand-in-hand down the street.

    But you can’t open your doors to public commerce, and then pick and choose who you will serve. We decided that a long time ago. It’s why Woolworth’s lunch counter seats from Greensboro, NC are now in the Smithsonian.

  • Oops.

  • I suspect he could have seen the writing on the wall in regards to the gay issue…with the new sheriff saying, “What is it to me if someone’s gay…” I guess he figures he’d better hang his hat on the abortion thing, since the Pope doesn’t seem to have softened on that one any. Of course, just how recently did the Democrats change their position and become soooo supportive of a woman’s right to choose? [/snark]

  • I live in Tampa. Run across it all the time, especially in my local barbershop. You are spot on hackworth1.

  • How can someone make this statement without their head exploding, “We’re winning it in public opinion despite what the polls say”? Uh Chris, that’s why we take polls…to see who’s winning and losing the public opinion…just in case that little bit of logic escapes you. And just to be clear, you of all people should know, you’re no longer winning at the ballot box, nor the courts.

  • Actually nixonclinbushbama, in addition to more precise translations of the Bible indicating nothing much at all is said about homosexuality, but much more about what most of us would consider inappropriate practices (temple prostitution and such…although I think the Catholic Church hierarchy is OK with that temple prostitution thing [/snark]), the word translated in the passage thought to call homosexuality an abomination appears at a number of other places in the original text, where it’s not translated as abomination…in fact, serving cheap wine at a wedding (something straight people are far more prone to do that gay couples) would also be an abomination, if the word were translated the same throughout the Bible.

    Jesus did make a reference to the secular government instructing people to render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s. Many interpret this as saying you have to obey the secular government.

    As regards your item 2, I mostly agree, and if little Ricky believes that the American people changed society…well, little Ricky, that’s the whole concept of America. We the people get to make America what we want. Which makes your fourth point spot on. If the majority of Americans want gays to have equal rights (so long as it doesn’t trample the rights of others…and it doesn’t despite their claims), then that’s precisely what our legislators are supposed to provide for.

    Your third point is also spot on. I’d love to see the Biblical literalists get literal about a few of the Bible passage about “doing justice” caring for the poor, and how wealthy people can’t get into heaven.

  • bjohnm commented on the blog post Get over yourself, Donnie McClurkin. You reap what you sow

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    Again, another person who does not understand that the whole freedom of speech and religion thing cuts many ways. Sure, he can and believe whatever he wants, but I have the right to say whatever I want also, including criticizing him, and not buying his music, and not attending his shows, and suggesting he not be invited to events which are specifically designed to celebrate equal rights, and those event organizers enjoy those same rights.

  • bjohnm commented on the blog post Get over yourself, Donnie McClurkin. You reap what you sow

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    I couldn’t agree more Hunter. It’s how they get away with that whole, “we don’t hate gay people, just their behavior” meme. The convince themselves they don’t have the “community,” just the specifically evil gay people who actually have gay sex and gay lovers.

  • Only problem for poor Bryan is, I don’t know any “practicing homosexuals”. Most of us have it down pretty good.

  • I’m not sure if there is a formal process to remove the Prop 8 language from the Constitution. If so, I guess that probably hasn’t yet happened. I do know the parties have 25 days or so to ask the court to reconsider. I think BLAG did that already, and was denied. Maybe NOM will actually try a lawsuit themselves, and hope for at least another injunction, but I’d guess that to be a pretty long shot.

    He may be accurate on some sort of obscure technical ground, but it doesn’t really matter. Clearly people are getting married.

  • No, I’m not using it as a pejorative. Simply stating that I believe Thomas Peters is more than likely gay, and I know he won’t answer the question. It’s really straightfoward. It would only be pejorative if you happen to believe there’s something wrong, flawed or insulting in being gay.

  • Just to be clear, I’ve met little Tommy Peters, and had a brief conversation. My gaydar was off the scale. I’m not making assumptions about what motivates his hate. Maybe he’s just found a well paying job that lets him travel…I don’t presume to know. Having not had sex with him, I can’t swear he’s gay, but I do know my spider-sense (which is pretty well refined) tells me he likely is. Whether that’s a part of what informs his hate, I don’t know that either…I do know he expresses hatred and disdain towards gay people (he’d claim it was just love based on our need to hear his message that we can and should change), and I’m pretty sure there’s a pair of ruby slippers hidden away in his closet. It may just be a case of post hoc ergo propter hoc, but I do not base my perceptions of his true orientation on just the fact that he’s a bigot.

  • When did little Tommy Peters decide to pretend to be straight? #questionsAmericanPapistwontanswer

  • bjohnm commented on the blog post NOM Wants To Be Rewarded For Its Failures

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    The sad truth is, people will pony up. Can’t be worried about hungry children, we’ve gotta keep those gays from becoming equal.

    I always wonder if these “matching grant” things are true? If they are, I wonder whether it’s the Catholic Church or the LDS Church?

  • bjohnm commented on the blog post NOM Wants To Know What You Would Do

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    All this crap about children learning about gay marriage in school…where is that coming from? I don’t remember learning anything about any kind of marriage in school. Yes, in the 7th grade the health and PE teachers did the sex education thing, but I don’t even remember then about “marriage.”

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