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    “It’s the Negro Stupid!”

    It could have been a conversation in the i700’s. It could have been a conversation on inauguration day 2009. Those that really run things in America have always known a good thing when they see it, a way to take or maintain power in a racially divided America. When the captains of commerce in Colonial America needed cheap labor for the tobacco and cotton fields and someone to manage the slaves, they turned to those that they could manipulate through fear and loathing to help them maintain power. They turned to the lower class, the uneducated, those that would do their bidding and never know it wasn’t really in their best interest. Managing the poor is an age old enterprise. It is in the DNA of those that would rule the world.

    The election of Barack Obama was a godsend to those that would manage the poor and the more poor, the merrier. It is a “gimmee” for hose that would put a match to the tinder box of hate and racism in an uneducated lower class that would do their bidding in the name of “I want my country back.”

    Rove and his ilk may not have said it out loud, but they knew the way back to power. “It’s the Negro, stupid!”