• As the money that used to flow in to FRC, NOM and all the other groups that have made a living demonizing the LGBT community keeps dropping off as people see that gay folk are pretty much like them, the groups that love that hate cash are going to get nasty, real down and dirty nasty.

    Brian Brown, Tony Perkins, Peter Labarbera, Bryan Fischer are all getting pissed that their source of income is drying up and they will lie through the teeth to try to keep the money coming in, which it won’t.

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    Don’t worry. When the Park Ave condos are now ocean front (instead of ocean view) the good government of the people, for the people will jack up taxes on the center of the country to pay for the water damages.

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    All the more reason to put progressive issues that the majority favor, such as marijuana legalization, on the ballot. The one issue likely to get the young, Dem-leaning vote out is MJ legalization.

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    If the manufacturers of the eCigs were required to disclose the ingredients in their products it would go a long way to making this former smoker feel better. The tobacco industry made damn sure that the ingredients they used didn’t have to be disclosed and there were some real nasties in there like ammonia, arsenic and many more compounds that were used just to make smoking more addictive. If the eCig industry wants to start out in the right direction full ingredient disclosure is a very good place to start.

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    As long as the media bows down to the Republicans and rarely has a Democrat on any of the Sunday morning panel shows this and any issue are not going to be addressed in any intelligent way. The Republicans are using their criticism of the changes to the census as a way to rev up [...]

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    So who owns the company that was going to be doing all those drug tests? His wife, brother in law, a cousin, I expect there is a corruption tie in here. This is Rick Scott after all.

  • I’m sure Bundy is one of those that complain about gubbmint spending but have their hands out for money from the Dept of Agriculture.

  • Stop paying the House members and they might start thinking about doing their jobs.

  • Private = for profit.

    Where do those profits go? Usually into someone else’s pockets.

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    If the goal is to bring change to Cuba why not end the embargo? Let the almighty dollar work its magic, just like it did in China. Let American corporations in to Cuba and they will bring about the change that has not occurred in the last few decades.

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    Don’t forget about the role of the private lenders in all this. They made sure that private debt can’t be discharged in bankruptcy. Why do you think the R’s made such a stink when Obama pushed to stop having the banks making government insured loans – absolutely no risk on their part, the loan was insured and had to be repaid.

  • For all the small government folks, and the ones that advocate privatizing everything the government does, take note. There are some things that government can do cheaper and better than the for-profit sector.

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    Is there some reason Bibi hasn’t already become a US neocon lobbyist yet?

    He is a prince among the neocons, at least.

  • They call it lying for Jesus, so it is justified (as in the ends justify the means). The problem is that academia does not consider this to be appropriate.

    Regnerus has no place in public academia. I suspect the only place he could get a job now would be someplace like Liberty, although I don’t know how much those fundies trust a catholic.

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    Stopped buying it in stores and at any place I frequent. Sorry if your sales are down, but look in the mirror and at what LGBT persons are facing in Russia, Africa and elsewhere.

    If you support gay rights you have a very poor way of proving it Coke.

  • I was wondering if Giuliani fit in here somewhere. Is he employed by this legal group? I figured he was since he is still trying to defend Xtie.

  • I’m glad to see these bozos waste their time and money on lawsuits that a first year law student could tell them they will lose. I revel every time a court slaps them in the face and tells them to take a hike and pull their heads out of their collective *sses.

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    ROL needs to be the new face of the ex-gay movement. His writing proves what a phallacy ex-gay life is.

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    A good move by CVS. Marriott definitely benefitted by making a similar move in its hotels.

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    You are very right about the FDA not supporting MJ.

    In the 80′s I worked at a University hospital on a floor with patients getting lots of chemo and radiation. There was a clinical trial on THC in pill form that was randomized against typical IV anti-emetics (medication that reduces nausea & vomiting). The catch mandated by the FDA was that those in the traditional arm could be premedicated before chemo or radiation but the THC arm were not allowed to be given medication until they were already nauseated. If you have ever been sick to your stomach you know that once the cycle is started it is hard to break.

    The THC, no matter how effective, was condemned to failure in this study. And I suspect they used this study for many years to argue against all MJ use.

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