• Thus far, even the most seriously damaged of Japan’s 54 reactors have not released radiation at levels that would harm the public.

    I think the loophole in that statement is the focus on the reactors, which, other than the controlled steam releases, are claimed to be still intact and containing the radiation. The unmentioned part are the storage pools for the spent fuel rods. These are being reported as the source of the fires/explosions/elevated radiation readings. I think that’s a ommission by design. In this country, the federal government is tasked with nuclear waste disposal. But since they have no where to put the stuff (ie Yucca Mountain in Nevada) each facility has been tasked with holding the waste on-site, often for decades in sub-standard, ‘temporary’ facilities. I don’t know what the private/government arrangement is in Japan regarding waste disposal, but this may be a play to foist responsibility for the accumulation of so much radioactive waste onto the government taxpayer.

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