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    “The issues”

    I’ll just repost (basically) what I wrote in response to David Swansons latest offering.

    The only issue “we, the people” should be focused on is how to change the system. What the politicians and MSM think about “the issues” is completely irrelevant at this point. Paying attention to them literally makes us dumber. We need to know what we want and then demand it in real ways.

    The Democrats, like the other head of the two-headed establishment war party, should be completely ignored. They are a lost cause and any focus on them is a waste of time. Which is primarily what Firedoglake and the rest of the “liberal” netroots is doing – wasting everyone’s time. Our “citizen leaders”/information gatekeepers like Hamsher, Greenwald, et al. have thus far failed us miserably. Working within the wholly corrupted and corporate/MIC owned system is a recipe for continued failure but that is all we’ve gotten from them. And now Firedoglake is running a non-stop “membership” promotion to raise more money… for what? So they can continue to write columns everyday about stuff we already know and then ultimately fold and tell their readers to vote for the lesser of two evil candidates after their primary challenge strategy fails? Brilliant. Go read the “bylaws” of the new Firedoglake members association. Same shit different day.

    The point is that it is important to recognize that “pushing back against the fascist slide” begins with ignoring both the Democratic and Republican parties and their MSM lackeys. No more wasted time and effort lamenting what they should be doing. No more wasted time and effort talking about this or that individual good or bad act from those bought and paid for establishment stooges. No more wasted time and effort talking about them at all. Forget primary challenges. Forget, for the time being, elections altogether for that matter. All of our energies should be focused on discussing what demands for change we have of our establishment overlords and what acts of civil disobedience and direct action we need to engage in for those demands to be met. All the rest of it is just chatter that distracts from what has to be done if we ever want real, fundamental, positive change in this country. All the rest of it is playing their game on their terms and we will always lose that battle.

    We need to not be so focused on the day to day outrages (because they are just gong to keep coming) and, instead, think long term and discuss specific, system-altering demands that will marginalized the powerful factions that currently own and control this country. Things such as “money out of politics” demands like public funding of elections, back to paper ballots, some form of ranked choice voting system, ban on all lobbying money, ban on all corporate money, ban on all Union money too, ban on the revolving door between politics and big business…etc, etc. Those are not well articulated but I think you get the idea. And we have many smart people within the liberal netroots community to hash through those (similar, additional) ideas and we can, collaboratively, come up with a list of very workable demands that could easily appeal to the vast majority of the American populace.

    What we need from our prominent netroots citizen leaders/info-gatekeepers is not more (endless) columns on how Obama and the Democrats have sold us out or on how evil the Republicans are or who is able to correctly interpret the issues – most of this we already know. What we need is for the prominent netroots citizen leaders/info-gatekeepers to begin facilitate discussions about appropriate demands and then help to organize and mobilize direct action and civil disobedience campaigns to have our objectives met. That is the “activism” that communities like Firedoglake should be engaged in. You can chatter about “the issues” and what the politicians and the MSM thinks of “the issues” until you are blue in the face and it will get us no closer to positive change.

    Readers of Firedoglake and other communities in the netroots should be challenging the prominent bloggers within the liberal netroots to do just that. The rest of it is a waste of time.