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  • He was given a PLEA DEAL. This is a domestic terrorist. Given a plea deal. Disgusting.

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    Our very partisan AG Van Hollen spent two years trying to find voter fraud. Out of 3 million votes he found 19 questionable ones. 10 of those were cast by felons who were not eligible to vote but who used their real names and real addresses. So HALF of the meager fraud the AG was able to find would NOT be dealt with by this bill. And yet at a time when Republicans in our state say that we are in the midst of a budget CRISIS, they think we should spend millions of dollars on this.

    Per the Fiscal Bureau, 20 percent of WI do not currently have the proper ID to vote. Three counties in the state do not have a DMV office. Many others are only open part time. Requiring residents to travel and pay a fee to obtain a photo ID to exercise their constitutionally protected right to vote is nothing more than a poll tax, which is unconstitutional.

    Students IDs can ostensibly be used, however currently there is no university or college in WI that has a student ID that will work under the parameters of this bill. Students who retain a driver’s license from their home state and not here will not be able to vote unless they obtain a new student ID with their current mailing address and an expiration date. These IDs will have to be reissued often as the fact remains that students do not live at the same address all four years of college.

    There is a mountain of evidence that this is a voter suppression tactic that has absolutely nothing to do with voter fraud.

  • A very partisan AG in Wisconsin named Van Hollen spent two years trying to prove that voter fraud is “widespread” in WI. To date, out of 3 MILLION votes, he’s found 19 questionable votes, and half of those were cast by felons who were using their real names and real addresses, so a voter ID bill would have done absolutely zip to prevent them from voting. And the Republicans are the ones who keep claiming that our state is in a budget crisis, yet they’re willing to spend millions on implementing this bill. It’s pretty clear that their motives are disingenuous.

  • I’ve voted in Dane County for the past 16 years and we’ve always used paper ballots. With marker or pencil.

  • I love television. But I also attained a college education that taught me analytical thinking. Education is how we combat this. Too bad our public education system has been under siege for decades.

  • You’re right, there is a kind of purposeful ignorance on display. Goes hand in hand with the rabid anti-intellectualism that is poisoning this country’s culture. Teachers and state workers like my mom are freeloaders, but Walker hands an $80K management position to some drunk dropout son of a campaign contributer and conservatives shrug and say, “Happens all the time.” Cognitive dissonance. Team mentality. We’re all screwed.

  • My mother told me about a conversation she had with her grandkid’s daycare provider yesterday morning when dropping them off. She told her to make sure to vote, and said, “We have to get these Republicans out of office.” The daycare provider went on a tear about how she doesn’t have healthcare and she shouldn’t have to pay for other people’s healthcare. Now, my mom just retired from her State job where she worked for 37 years and made a mere $40K per year after nearly four decades of seniority. Hearing assholes call her a freeloader after all the hard work she put into her job really pisses me off. But there is a mentality among people that if they don’t have good benefits, no one else should have them, either. And that’s so messed up. I think it’s more petty vindictiveness than stupidity.

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