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  • Blue commented on the blog post Knee. Jerk Response.

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    Yes, Greenwald is at times over-the-top but I would not conflate positions with achievements -so I don’t know that we all can agree on Serwer’s “fairly impressive” resume.

  • Blue commented on the blog post Sodom & Gobama

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    The guy is pathetic for certain, however, an Associate Professor is tenured (unlike an Assistant Professor) faculty and making it to Full Professor after that is generally only a matter of time – we can decide what that says about Cornell.

  • Blue commented on the blog post The Election Has Been Noonan’d

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    Either some guy is really prescient or …

  • Blue commented on the blog post Let’s Get Drunk With Ann Romney – The Drinkening

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    I’m good with all of it but I think it would be more appropriate, if she mentions the Salt Lake Olympics, to have 5 shots of this. It doesn’t taste extraordinary but perhaps it’s a religious experience.

  • Blue commented on the blog post Hates The Sinners, Loves The Gin

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    I’ve always said … communion wine was a slippery slope.

  • Man, TBogg – why you gotta dis Rose Marie like that?

  • Blue commented on the blog post Noblesse Oblige Is For You People

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    Yes, they’re so generous… leaving aside whether or not contributions to your church should even be considered charitable donations – Momos are expected to tithe 10% so at least you can say Mitt & Anne, the perfectly matched assholes, are at least consistent; they tithe 10% and not one dollar more.

  • Blue commented on the blog post Angry Boo Radley Is Angry

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    Now why you gotta go dis Boo Radley like that?

  • Well, they clearly don’t believe in democracy: ” … but unlike 2008, only she and one of her sons felt her husband should go forward. Seems like she, Mitt and bozo #1 should have lost in a 4:3 decision.

  • Blue commented on the blog post More Good News For John McCain

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    “Chief Justice John Roberts still craves the image of a serious jurist …”

    Oh, that ship has so sailed but he’s certainly stupid enough to believe it hasn’t.

  • Blue commented on the blog post Black People Make Michelle Malkin All Kinds Of Twitchy

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    Malkin wouldn’t even look good in a burka let alone a bikini -lyin’crazy eyes …they’re watchin’ you watchin’ you …

  • Blue commented on the blog post When Duke Loses, Humanity Wins

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    Excuse me … but if the incident happened midway through the 1990 season – that would be the 1991 NCAA tournament in which that B+ team was the national champion – just sayin’ let’s get our facts straight.

  • Blue commented on the blog post Holding Their Manhoods Tweetly

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    I liked Frum’s ” …culture war minus the culture” and “… politics inflamed by rage and devoid of ideas …”.

    Doesn’t that fairly accurately describe his entire party (the individual differences being a matter of degree)?

    I realize he’s no longer drinking the kool-aid (and there’s nothing worse than an ex-smoker) but this is nothing new for the Repugnican Party – one could say Reagan was culture wars with faux culture but he didn’t start it either he just ensured it was institutionalized.

  • Blue commented on the blog post Andrew Breitbart’s Big Death

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    If the accepted criterion for life is brain activity then Breitbart was dead before we knew of him; perhaps he was never alive. He most certainly will not be missed.

  • That ad looks suspiciously like they already have the replacement crony in mind though.