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    One thing I don’t understand: If Medicare is a more cost-effective way for people to get healthcare than through private insurance coverage, why are insurance companies knocking down my door and filling my mailbox with offers to give me more benefits than Medicare at a $0 increase in premiums (i.e. I continue to pay my Part B premium to Medicare and they pay the insurance company some amount for my care/insurance.) Is the government paying the insurance company more than my Part B premium?

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    “Raising the Medicare Age Is a Uniquely Terrible Idea”

    Nah! Just one of many Republicans have for damaging American lives and the economy in order to see that those who do not need more have more. :-P

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    The following appears on pgs. 199-200 of Bob Woodward’s *The Price of Politics*.  I was aware of a growing sense of nausea as I reread it several times. The cast is John Boehner, Republican Speaker of the House and his Chief of Staff Barry Jackson:  

    In the speaker’s office, respect for the office didn’t extend [...]

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    “And the mind seems all to vulnerable to being fucked with.”


  • “by a film insulting Islam”

    ideas cannot be insulted; only people can be.

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    Hey! I’m not even half the monster he will be.

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    Comparing what you know of Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and John Boehner with the following behavioral characteristics of psychopaths, is there any reasonable doubt what sort of personalities are appearing on the stage at the RNC in Florida? Glibness/superficial charm Grandiose sense of self-worth Pathological lying Cunning/manipulative Lack of remorse or guilt Emotionally shallow Callous/lack of empathy Failure to accept responsibility for [...]

  • Yes, Claire McCaskill is a pretty poor excuse for a U.S. Senator, but Todd Akin is a dangerous fucking moron.

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    Perhaps most of us will learn the lesson that the President is not the only one responsible for the state of the country. Yes, we’re worse off than we were before Obama, but it’s hard to credit him with the majority of the blame which belongs almost solely to elected and appointed Republicans in Congress, the Senate and the Supreme Court.

    Obama may be an immoral, murdering turd, but Romney bodes a far greater death total not only abroad but here. I’m faced, again, with a choice between evils, which if made is a vote for evil. Tolstoy may be right; I may have to abstain from supporting this corrupt system by refusing to participate at all. Is it impossible for a decent human being to run for office?

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    It is not “individualism versus collectivism”; it is individualism versus community, neighborliness. In the world of Rand, love your neighbor becomes exploit your neighbor. That is not a mainstream American value; it’s a philosophy of a group of sick slugs.

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    So, I was thinking about Ryan joining Romney in his refusal to release anymore than one maybe two years of tax returns. “For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be [...]

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    Well, if Rethuglicans didn’t read 1984 as kids, they’ve read it recently because they are using it as a playbook: finding ever more ways to use the monstrous evil Orwell imagined.

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    Obama’s actions are illegal and immoral. He even claims the right to have American citizens, that is, his own citizens murdered without due process. Couple these with Bush’s rendition and torture regime, along with his doctrine and perpetration of “preemptive wars” or wars of choice. Add to those the Republican destruction of the middle class in America through tax cuts for the rich while destroying the middle class in an effort to create a rainbow of slavery.

    What do you have? A thoroughly evil empire.

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    From Hall of Fame to Hall of Shame. Why is it Republicans turn everything they touch into shit or worse?

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    “In this sense, an ordinary middle-class consumer is far more of a job creator than a capitalist like me.” Well, that’s not exactly true either. He is a consumer, too, and has the potential to consume at least as much as the “ordinary middle-class consumer”. He is absolutely right that business people only create a [...]

  • “Chris Christie Lied About Costs of Hudson River Tunnel Project He Cancelled”

    Duh! He’s a Republican…

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    Yes, the clerk’s attitude was clearly disdainful/disrespectful of people who paid with WIC vouchers.

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    That’s one of the things that made my jaw drop: there is no Illinois recycling/reimbursement mechanism involved here. There is simply a sign that says WIC customers may not purchase milk in glass bottles. x-|

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    Thumbnail Getting a bottle of milk from the cooler in my local Illinois Farm Fresh store, my eye was drawn to  a sign. The sign said: “WIC customers cannot purchase milk in glass bottles.” I pushed my jaw back up and thought about this. Milk in glass bottles costs less, takes longer to sour, and the [...]

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    “you’re only interested in hammering the vile Justice Thomas”

    Well, it’s not my only interest or my primary interest, but it’s not a bad idea. He is, btw, at least only equally as vile as Scalia, Roberts, and nasty little Sammy Alito. Okay, given this dissent maybe he is more so…

    He claims to be a mindreader of people unknown and unnamed. Well that is at least in keeping with calling him a conservative. Like many of those, he claims the right to spin fictions as truths based on his own selection, ordering and embellishment of the facts.

    I think your claim to be a “liberal” may be a smokescreen to cover the increasing odor of troll in the room…

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