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    They’re not just picking on Margaret. I got an AVG shield warning when refreshing FDL…. And I’m new here and have only commented a couple of times (and they were pretty darn innocent too!)

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    Can’t remember which FDL commenter told of getting a fundraising letter asking for $25. He/she taped a quarter to it and wrote “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” and sent it in. I’m looking forward to repeating this action!!

  • Kris – Same thoughts have crossed my mind everytime I sign an online petition. Last week, I registered to become an official firepup because I really wanted to comment re an outrage I’d seen on MSM. After joining, I thought “is this the action that will get me rounded up someday?”

    When I think that this sort of thought could cross my mind in our country and with a (supposed) D president, I could weep.

  • I have been thinking the same thing.

    Yet, we’ve been hearing about John Edwards’ love child for years! Guess that’s so much more important and relevant to our lives than a governor planning to send thugs into peaceful crowds or layoff workers as revenge, etc.

  • CNN reported that there were MAYBE even more protesters in Madison today than were there last weekend. Then they proceeded to say that “of course, there are also a lot of people who are protesting – people who support Gov. Walker.”

    Did anyone ever hear CNN (or any other MSM outlet) point out at a T-bag gathering that of course there are many who oppose T-bag views???

    First comment here on FDL. Rely on this site for intelligent reports and comments. Special note to Margaret and Blue Texan – glad to know I’m not down here in Texas alone….

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