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  • To clarify, of course it is a great thing that these people found a court with integrity and had the governments use of their vulnerabilities exposed. My main point was that a pattern of finding such people and extorting them to be used for the governments own ends was reprehensible.

    However, expressing the idea that the government would continue its well established behavior of subterfuge and work arounds and the need to remain vigilant seems to have been met with derision due to speculation and cynicism that needs to be drowned (perhaps in a bathtub). Excuse me, but that seems a tad naive.

    I will leave you good folks now so that you may enjoy your echo chamber.

  • Sounds as if the guv was trying to manufacture and foment more “terrorism” plots to garner more air time, funding, and keeping the heads of the herd down. How long do you suppose it will be before a higher court or Executive Order overturns this decision?

    Top shelf work, as usual, KG.

  • Don’t forget the “people that rallied” around Joementum were the DLC/DNC Beltway Democrats after the rank and file D’s of Connecticut voted for anti-war candidate Joe Lamont, after they engineered his rescue they allowed him to keep his Senate seniority and his committee assignments and chairmanships, even though he was continually opposed to what the D’s marketed as their “agenda”. If you want an example of the uselessness of the Democratic Party and a good witness to seal their indictment, you need look no further than Joe.

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    The problem with you is that this is about the third thread you have celebrated the execution of a black person by a white person or a group of white people, the answer to that riddle is obvious. Your excuse this time is that she deserved to die because she was driving drunk, would you [...]

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    Where would presuppositionalists be without their strawmen?

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    There’s actually a far more pragmatic reason for this stance. The Vatican Bank is widely known to be one of the biggest money laundering organizations in the world, profits gained from illegal activities are magically transformed to legitimate if they come in contact with the spokesman for the Bronze Age’s favorite invisible friend. Keeping a [...]

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    Nice piece of standup, Barry. The ISIS is the Gulf of Tonkin with better video. If only the Malaki puppet had ignored the deal he had signed with BushII and allowed BushIII to have carte blanche to continue the military occupation…..
    U.S. victims of their own governments lies are now patriots????

  • “Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.” — Arnold Toynbee

    The functions of the Courts have devolved into protecting Government and Capital from Citizens and Capital from Government. In cases where the desires of Capital and Government converge the Courts ignore law and issue summary and arbitrary rulings without consideration of anything outside those desires. The Courts and the Rule of Law in this country are rapidly becoming a capricious joke.

    Why isn’t the title of the Homeland Security Department changed to the Stassi?

  • Actually this would be fairly easy, a few hundred thousand dollars donated to the Clinton Global Initiative Slush Fund would bring the poster ogre for venality to a new position in a heart beat.

  • That’s a fairly low bar for a double talking weasel like Shillbilly, she can come out against the act, and give the organizations and institutions that allow it a rationalized whitewashed excuse, as is her history, particularly if it involves her own personal advancement or involves a speaking fee or contribution to her campaign or the Clinton Global Initiative Slush Fund.

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    Baffling how the M$M continues to have “expert” opinions featured, regardless of their spotless history of being tragically and totally wrong on every issue, not to mention being completely and irredeemably full of shit.

    Einstein had a thought about people like this and their mental state, how many more examples do PTB think we need?

  • When has Shillbilly ever done anything substantive about Government or Corporate malfeasance?

  • Evidently laws no longer apply to the government, and the citizens are at the mercy of the whims of the functionaries of the criminal gang in charge. What is it to happens to Empires when they begin to feed on themselves? Toynbee anyone?

  • You would be hard pressed to find a politician that embodies the superficiality, venality, and mendaciousness of the Democratic Party more than HRC. How many millions has she made telling capital that they are unappreciated and demonized, then in front of true believers, tells them what they want to hear that inequality is bad and WS must be held accountable. It seems only a matter of time before she gets her speeches misaligned and delivers one to the wrong group. “Oopsie, I never said that!”

    In 2008 McCain ran on a platform of making the Bush Tax Cuts for the rich permanent, expanding drilling on public land and off shore, making regulations more business friendly, privatizing public education, and expanding war and the national security state; all of those things were accomplished by the Democrats when they had control of the government, in addition to a 16,000 page codification of all of Wall Streets criminal activities (written by their lobbyists) sold as Wall Street reform, and passage of the Heritage Foundations plan to make the problems in health care more untenable by strengthening the status quo.

    D enthusiasts overlook this record and use the hackneyed refrain of the Republicans would let them do nothing else, or excuse it to the power of the Deep State, as if the Democrats had any will or desire to change that.

    No Democrat has ever answered the question, “What would have happened had the D’s ended the filibuster (a convenient excuse to never do anything substantial), prosecuted Wall Street, bailed out Main Street, passed single payer, ended the wars, and worked toward environmental sustainability?” Would the Republicans have been a factor in 2010, would they have been anything other than a fringe party in 2012?

    The saying used to be that there was only one party, the Business Party, both parties are now “Moderate Republicans”, the Red Team is being pulled to the right by their base, the Blue Team is filling the void on the right and now calling it the left. Oligarchs choose and finance the candidates for both, and voters are given the illusion of choice by affirming one over the other. Bipartisanship is constant in the efforts of both parties to allow only this choice by shutting out all other voices with money and election rules, the only time this is a controversy is when one party uses those rules to much in their favor, foul is cried long and hard, but only for those at the top.

    Democratic voters seem to be concerned only with style, image and rhetoric, any substance must fit on a bumper sticker. They are advocating now for someone who plays a socialist on TV, applauding the obvious grandstanding of “Is the NSA spying on us?” and ignoring his support of things like the F-35, or workers being evicted from the affordable housing on the north side of the Burlington airport so it can be given to Defense Contractors, and another whose grandstanding is a proposal, meant to go nowhere but its an “election” year, about educational debt servitude, who also supports GMO’s, AIPAC, Eurasian Imperial adventures and supplying HRC with populist memes. More of the same.

    As Pogo said, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

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    Lets see, the “freedom fighters” he supports in Syria are now attacking the country that turned down his generous offer of extending their occupation last year because they were uninterested in giving him carte blanche, quelle surprise!

    Good news for his buddies in the fossil fuel cartel, as they are given a chance to needlessly raise prices, his buddies the Wahabis for their continued religious war, his buddies who have a rationalization for more zionist colonialism and repression, and his buddies in the MIC for expanding their markets. Who says 0 is weak and incompetent?

  • The “New Republic” has become the USAToday of “liberal thought”, demonstrably failed policies and dead end strategies should be vigorously pursued and will be proven correct and effective under the proper “leadership”, such as BHO, winner of the Henry Kissenger prize, Elizabeth “I love Reagan, GMO’s, AIPAC, Imperial Expansion in Eurasia, and phony lefty PR moves in an election year” Warren and Bernie “I’m not a real socialist, but I play one on TV and did I mention my love of the F-35?” Sanders.

    The problem for this group with Hedges is they haven’t read the books he quotes, they are unfamiliar with the ideas and arguments he puts forth as they are not part of the cocktail party circuits of the Beltway and Manhattan “liberal movers and shakers” whose chief goal is to maintain the status quo and keep the herd moving steadily toward the cliff.

    Its another piece of evidence that the acceptable “left” in this country is just a facade. I read a small part of the piece and began thinking that it was really overly long for something from “The Onion”. For a shorter more succinct version of the ideas and cabal that put these ideas out, just reread “The Nation” and MSDNC comedienne and infotainer Mellisa Harris-Perry’s rant about how not supporting a neo-con, neo-liberal, war criminal proves you are a racist from the last election.

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    I, for one, will miss the aptly named Jay Carney, shouldn’t every Obombanation spokesperson be required to have a name that implies a Sideshow Barker? You have to wonder what those people are required to ingest to consistently spew this BS like it has any relationship to cognitive reality. For that matter it would be [...]

  • Its unsurprising that the Justus system is taking on the character of the FISA courts, just as its unsurprising that it is happening under the watch of the Constitutional Scholar, black, “liberal” Democrat President, that deep state can certainly pick ‘em. The next move will be a massive expansion of what is “terrorism” and “national security” to spread the practice across the spectrum.

  • Maybe the problem is one of definitions, a bribe/contribution less than $100K gets you the classification of “small”.

    As for Big0, people have misunderstood his 2008 campaign slogan for years, actually it was “No Hope for Change”.

    Well done.

  • Is UNM a corporatized institution? Kudos to bgrothus and all involved. The “charges” against Correia (thanks for the link to the tedX talk) are surely meant to silence him with an attempt at a few years of suspended sentence if he is compliant, and losing his job. For the brown shirted swine casual murder seems [...]

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