• This is the first thing that has made me wish I was there, rather than watching online. What an utter disappointment Schneiderman is.

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    Maybe Bloomberg would show up. ;)

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    Rather than seeing the exodus (no pun intended) of Jews from Wall Street on Wednesday afternoon, I wish a rabbi or cantor would come forward and hold Rosh Hashonah services at the occupation site! Don’t you think the numbers of protesters would swell during the Days of Awe? Imagine fasting there through Kol Nidre and [...]

  • What a great idea for Fannie and Freddie to rent out foreclosed properties!

    …the government-controlled mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would rent out foreclosed properties that they own rather than try to sell them at depressed prices.

    Maybe they could rent them to the previous owners or tenants whom they evicted! I’m sure F & F would accept market value. What? Sorry. I thought I heard someone say the tenants and homeowners begged to be able to pay rent in order to stay in their homes. Excuse me? Oh, sorry, I’m hearing things again. This time, I thought I heard someone say some homeowners even offered–and were qualified–to buy their houses back at market value. (You know, market value: that’s the value of the house at the time of purchase.) Why weren’t they given that option? Oh, yeah, right. Moral hazard! Of course. The banks are a moral hazard. Excuse me? It’s the homeowners who are the moral hazard? Oh dear, it’s all so confusing.

    You know what is really over the top (I know, there just doesn’t seem to be a “top”)? The WaPo piece quoted above was published just two days after Time published Bulldoze: The New Way to Foreclose, a report about the banks trend to give away or bulldoze foreclosed properties, rather than have them be a blight in their communities. To give you just a little hint about the tone of that piece, allow me to quote the closing thought:

    ” …what is clear is that banks and others are at the point where they are ready to try something new to boost the housing market. And that is a good sign for the future.”

    Are you f*$&ing kidding me?

    This, my friends, is absolute proof that journalism in the MSM is DEAD. Deceased. Passed on. No more. Expired and gone to meet its maker. Bereft of life. Pushing up daisies. Kicked the bucket. This is an EX profession! (Thanks for the inspiration, Mr. Cleese.)

    It’s very clear that both Mr. Stephan Gandel of Time, and Mr. Zachary Goldfarb of the WaPo, are spewing the lines handed to them by the guys being paid by the administration/banks/think tanks/lobbyists. They are copy-writers. There is no main stream journalism.

    Thank you for your journalistic integrity, Mr. Dayen. When the so-called journalists working for the corporate “persons” running the country all go up in flames, incinerated by the corporatocracy they serve, may you and your colleagues finally be recognized by all as the heroes you are!

  • Finally! Since last December, AG Coakley has been bombarded by many of us, including HERO Register OBrien, with frequent letters, email and phone calls, begging her not to side with other AGs who we feared would settle with the banks. This news is a huge relief! It is about time she meets with OBrien face to face. I have no doubt he alone will present her with enough evidence to prove fraud!

  • I would call the Register of Deeds in your county and ask if he/she is involved. And if not, ask why not!

  • I spent some time on the CMD site this afternoon–Great to find this all in one place. Amazing work, great resource!

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    Register John O’Brien of South Essex County in Massachusetts started all this back in November, when he asked A.G. Martha Coakley to investigate MERS and sue them for $22 million–the least amount of money he figures the registry is owed by MERS for fees not paid (that’s at least 2 recording fees per every mortgage assigned to MERS, and we know that’s a low estimate). Then, last month, he asked State Treasurer Steve Grossman to divest the registry funds deposited with BoA, $25 million annually, and instead deposit the money in a non-MERS bank. He’s been contacting other registers all over the country and is on a real crusade. David, you should give him a call!

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    Brilliant Pelosi response to underscore this is NOT a Democratic-driven Government shutdown!

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    As the owner of a toxic-mortgage on an almost-underwater property (not worthless enough to qualify for the little help that is out there, but no equity and a mortgage I can no longer afford), I’ve been following the “meat and potatoes” of this subject for 2+ years. There is very little that surprises me, but [...]