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  • bluetiger commented on the blog post Godfather of Tea Party Slams NRA School Safety Plan

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    You have forgotten how the government gets its missions. If I have a problem and my Home Owners Association cannot satisfy it, then I go to the City, if the City cannot solve my problem then I go to the County, if the County cannot satisfy my problem then I go to the State, if the State cannot satisfy my problem I go to the Federal Government. That is how the fed gets all of its missions. They are all based upon need, or demand, just like a business. Without a need, or demand there is no mission. If you do not want the feds to do something then do it at a lower level. If they are presently doing the job then zero based budgeting will reduce the funding of that mission to zero and the feds will not do it. So if you don’t want the feds to do it just like my wife’s self cleaning laundry room then you have to do it yourself.

  • bluetiger commented on the blog post Sunday Talking Heads: November 7, 2010

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    The wonderful thing about FDL is that instead of watching Rand Paul on ABC I can watch the baby jet cartoon. Much better to watch a cartoon with humor than a cartoon without humor.