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  • And Gov Susana and her Human Services head have quite the scandal going because of their termination of mental health services with many large NM mental health agencies due to fraud (unsubstantiated). Gov and Human Services head Squiers then hired Arizona agencies to provide services in NM (payback for campaign donations). The transfer is NOT going well.

    Susana is now being shown for the fake that she is. She previously tried hard to present a relatively benign persona, but most of us knew she was a Koch and Rovian collaborator.

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    Important to also note that many other health care practitioners’ reimbursements (non-Medicare) are based on a percentage of physicians’ reimbursement. For those lesser-paid practitioners, that lesser reimbursement has been steadily decreasing over the past 10-15 years and hasn’t kept up with the costs of having an office/practice. Some docs may be gaming the system and [...]

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    so true. It’s a royal mess for patients and practitioners alike. No big surprise when for-profit intermediaries are allowed to be in the mix.

    I just was notified about a double-digit increase request for my new policy. Most people lose under the Un-Affordable Care Act, some are gratefully benefitting. Clusterfuck

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    And there’s the personal individual cost of discovering that one’s previous practitioner isn’t included on the new narrow network, and the time and energy needlessly spent to arrange to see a new primary, give the history, get the service. All could/should have been avoided (with a single payer).

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    Thanks. Yes. I expect lies and more lies from Obama as he guides the country and world to ruin, with his “sweet” rhetoric.

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    Sadly, those personal moral and ethical qualities “we” want to see in our leaders” are not valued by those at or near the top any longer. I have had to immensely lower my expectations of most in politics. Massive sea change is needed, and not likely to occur.

    I think the best we can do now is personally live and lead by example and bring others along by our practice.

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    The Exchanges are far too expensive, particularly since premiums for older folks are 3x cost of younger folks. Only people who are desperate, have more than an adequate income can afford to purchase these policies that have exorbitant premiums, copays, and deductibles.

    That there have to be subsidies demonstrates that the policies are too expensive. Mostly a transfer of regular peoples’ resources to already-rich corporations/execs.

    Single payer, with adequate compensation to practitioners.

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    I think functionality depends on who the “system” is to benefit. As so many have noted, the US’s current and past way of doing health care benefits insurance and pharmacy corporations, not people. Take a look at Taiwan also for a people-oriented actual system.

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    my thoughts exactly!

    It’s a rigged game in all types of insurance.

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    Might be an unpopular view on FDL, however…. The thing is, I don’t believe there is a “safe” amount or quality of heroin. If one goes down that road, more than likely it will end in death or diminished quality of life for the person and those close to him/her, or institutionalization. Aaron Sorkin wrote [...]

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    as 12 Steppers say, addiction is “cunning, baffling, and powerful”. Terribly sad that Hoffman was in the throes of addiction and didn’t find his way out. Guessing here, that there was some deep emptiness that he wasn’t addressing.

    Some folks have said to me that the experience of opiates is “the best mother in the world”, a warm, “all is great” feeling. Hard to counter that, but possible.

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    If there’s a buck to be made in previously service-oriented activities, then privatization people will worm their way in and then provide the least amount of service required, hence little to no treatment/improvement.

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    absolutely correct Jon. And then add the 3x cost of a premium for an older person who is trying to save for retirement! It makes no sense to try to earn more to save more, the person just gets screwed penalized many times over from many directions.

    Insanity… Who can accurately predict if one will need lower deductibles or lower copays or who knows what the costs will be for prescriptions without doing massive amounts of research. Comparing policies is madness.

    Single payer. So much simpler for all humans concerns. Get rid of the voracious insurance and pharm corporation subsidies.

  • If Obama really believes the”kindness” bit, he is dangerously unconscious.

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    Yep. Clusterfuck in the making. Particularly for practitioners. More policies to become familiar with their provisions/deductibles, more out of pocket for patients, practitoners having to check monthly whether client x paid for that month. Having to keep track of their deductible totals. Unfuckingbelievably horrible, worsening what already was.

    Single payer.

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    yes, exactly.

    US is exceptionally dense. See Taiwan for a truly workable actual system.


    Percentage GDP spent on health care: 6.3

    Average family premium: $650 per year for a family for four.

    Co-payments: 20 percent of the cost of drugs, up to $6.50; up to $7 for outpatient care; $1.80 for dental and traditional Chinese medicine. There are exemptions for major diseases, childbirth, preventive services, and for the poor, veterans, and children.”


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    great ideas all, and there’s some talk that the gut is the second “brain”. So, for prevention–a main source of immunity is in the type of gut bacteria. Seems to work for me. Yogurt, probiotics, leafy greens, adequate hydration, and great attention to stress levels and interventions there too. Hope that those who are under [...]

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    probably yes. It seems to be in his nature. He is a New Democrat, not a real Democrat. That’s what they value.

  • Boehner is an active alcoholic, along with others in Congress. The dysfunction and chaos that results from having people in power who have an active addiction is devastating.

    Someone needs to be brave enough to do an intervention, and make treatment mandatory.

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    thank you, through tears…

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