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  • Thanks Jon for this break out. I have often wondered how the income/satisfaction correlated. So, it sure looks as though as income increases, ease/affordability decreases. Yep. And then it would be helpful to add other dimensions, “used your exchange plan?/satisfaction with plan.

    Indeed, for older folks trying to save for retirement, these plans are terribly expensive, particularly if you have to use them and incur high deductibles and copays. A real loser.

    I’ll be voting Green mostly.

  • Wouldn’t it be ironic if the previously pro-war Republicans (and some Dems), in their anti-Obama mode, advocated for NO intervention?

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    well, we really disagree. Peoples’ experience of withdrawal sxs from pot are real, paranoia absolutely happens in ingestion of pot. It is a very active substance, not a benign substance. Your characterization, complete with judgement is noted.

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    yes. Legalization of pot is very controversial and there are some folks who don’t care to hear about the THC withdrawal or other psychoactive facets of the substance/drug. There’s a lot of pushback to hearing about adverse reactions to pot, particularly on FDL.

    It’s still a psychoactive substance, paranoia happens on pot.

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    yes, except Obama attempts “New Democrat” (Republican lite) economic policies and programs.

  • yes. so true. And the residential services have been slashed to the bone and won’t be available unless there is a massive overhaul of the emotional health and economic health of this country.

    The UnAffordable Care Act won’t do shit about any of this.

  • If so, then again there is a failure of the emergency emotional health system.

    Family and individual therapy, a residential place for disturbed people to go without shame to receive services. Societal therapy, economic disparity therapy. As the US’s economic system continues to deteriorate and services become less available, there probably will be more emotional distress and more violence.

  • I’d say, what if the US had decent emergency and on-going emotional health care. Family therapy, individual therapy, etc. Places where families, people could go without shame to receive care. Real care, not meds, or not just meds.

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    consider getting outside help, explore the darkness, use it to make meaning in one’s life.

  • Bill, what a fail! We’re not looking for perfection, but for health CARE to be provided; to not be raked over the coals to protect insurance and pharm corporations’ profits.

    That you have to try to defend the Un-Affordable in this manner highlights its many flaws.

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    Lisa, could you please describe in more detail how sugar turns into insulin?

    “That sugar zips through the liver up to the brain where it triggers addictive responses (rats prefer sugar water to cocaine, go figure!) and over to the pancreas where it gets converted to insulin. Extra insulin gets stored as fat–and keeps the body thinking it’s hungry.”

    I’m not so sure about the chemistry/physiology you’re describing there.

    And yes, sugar is quite harmful depending on the frequency and amount ingested.

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    might need to feel the pain of the Right wing so that real Democrats show up, not these phonies in Congress and elsewhere. Oloser brought this on by coveting Republicans.

  • yes, veins “blow”. Perhaps as a result of very caustic solutions in small amounts of fluids being very irritating to veins, and they burst. Then the solution goes into tissue rather than the vein. Very painful burning sensation.

  • Veins can collapse for many reasons.

    Sounds like a horrific experience all in all.

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    Unless one has assets to protect and/or has on-going health needs, the Un-affordable No-care Act’s high cost, high deductibles and copays, make it a foolish expense.

  • And Gov Susana and her Human Services head have quite the scandal going because of their termination of mental health services with many large NM mental health agencies due to fraud (unsubstantiated). Gov and Human Services head Squiers then hired Arizona agencies to provide services in NM (payback for campaign donations). The transfer is NOT going well.

    Susana is now being shown for the fake that she is. She previously tried hard to present a relatively benign persona, but most of us knew she was a Koch and Rovian collaborator.

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    Important to also note that many other health care practitioners’ reimbursements (non-Medicare) are based on a percentage of physicians’ reimbursement. For those lesser-paid practitioners, that lesser reimbursement has been steadily decreasing over the past 10-15 years and hasn’t kept up with the costs of having an office/practice. Some docs may be gaming the system and [...]

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    so true. It’s a royal mess for patients and practitioners alike. No big surprise when for-profit intermediaries are allowed to be in the mix.

    I just was notified about a double-digit increase request for my new policy. Most people lose under the Un-Affordable Care Act, some are gratefully benefitting. Clusterfuck

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    And there’s the personal individual cost of discovering that one’s previous practitioner isn’t included on the new narrow network, and the time and energy needlessly spent to arrange to see a new primary, give the history, get the service. All could/should have been avoided (with a single payer).

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    Thanks. Yes. I expect lies and more lies from Obama as he guides the country and world to ruin, with his “sweet” rhetoric.

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