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  • Don’t agree Big Al,the revelation of those “secrets” were a revolutionary act in it its up to us to help complete the task. meaning no votes for members of the corporate partys.

    Snowden made the sacrifice now look how many are going to run to re-elect members of the Corporate partys & yet pretend that they support Snowden.espcially those who pretend on TV & Radio that they are progressive.

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    “So Putin could be forced into accepting whatever the west wants.”

    Ah Yes! the all powerful west.. you sure about that ?

  • How about this one for a bigger laugh,”America the home of freedom & Democracy”.

    well,I am getting sick just thinking what a load of “BS” we have been fed.

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    Wow! almost identical to what I was thinking…however,they have Rachel Maddow & the whole MSNBC along with Thom Harthmann to help with the spin just like the GOP has FauxNEWS & Rushbo.

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    “Totally reassured now that a career politician is in charge of everything. /s*”


    Seems like this is going to get “purty” bumpy,so he puts his buddy to be in charge….can’t count on ‘em “outsiders” to spin it his way.

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    Yes! good one.
    Our Govt has no credibility,WMD’s in Iraq,We aren’t spying on Americans, You can keep your your Doc from your old plan,Syria Govt used chemical weapons ,we trained “moderates” not ISIL,etc,etc,etc. you get the picture WD.

    I am stunned that Americans still give these creeps the benefit of doudt.

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    broke protocol ???????? lets wait & see.

    Take anything the Govt is saying with 2cups of salt.

  • Well,what do you expect,Americans keep voting for the same corrupt political figures sooner or later it’s its going to bite ya.

    Pelosi,Reid,Biden,Boxer,Feinstein look I can go on & on….take a look back at where the country was when these folks went to congress to “represent” us & where we are now…..they sure did a good job representing the rich folks & stomping on the rest of us.

    Forget about the GOP,they are the same only they will tell you to your face,you don’t exist unless you are in the 1% category.

  • Almost every citizen of the world knows except for most of our fellow us-eees who are the culprits forging violence upon the world folks…well,ya,think someone is trying restore some “cred”.Quite frankly it ain’t going to work not after all the spying on peoples of the world & like Big Al @3 pointed out,Biden is trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

    Who sponsored training camps in Jordan & supplied weapons & intelligence ?

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    Well,lets just keep voting for ‘em Dems & GOP things will eventually work out for us.

    How sick! things are not going to work out unless,those of you who are devoted to “lesser-evilism” take a stand & not vote for Dems or GOP.

    Every vote you cast for these creeps the noose around your grandkids,kids & future generations’ necks gets tighter.

  • Oh! sure….tell us again,which party held both houses of congress & the Presidency when ACA was passed.

    Watered down to give their corporate friends more riches,under the guise that GOP won’t vote for anything that ordinary Americans want……then how did it pass ?????? through “reconciliation”.

    Well such thievery & trickery resides in both political partys,sorry it’s not exclusive to the GOP.

  • Yes,sure & ISIL were the ones who hid ‘em WMDs that we couldn’t find.

  • Well,none of this ought to be surprising,we saw what happened after they stole our tax dollars to reward the banks after the crash.

    There is corruption in every single institution of record in our USA.what more evidence do we need.

    Over 100,000 people march for climate justice,it’s not even mentioned in the media.

    Govt spooks want to spy on you & your family,they don’t even seek a warrant & even if they do the court is secret.

    Well,I can go on & on but it’s too disturbing to continue.

    However,keep voting for members of the 2 corrupt major partys,that will bring change.not in a million yrs.

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    I say it’s a toss up between Alberto Gonzalez & Eric Holder.

    Holder was always a suck up to power…This is the guy who vouched for Marc Reich,the gun runner,well he got pardoned by BClinton after his wife sent ‘em some lose change,about 1M.

    “… America remains worse off from his having been in office.”

    Yes Indeed.

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    Rahm can go F**** himself.

    “Emanuel embracing drug policy reform is a real sign that top Democrats are finally starting to realize this can be a winning political issue that could actually benefit them if they endorsed it.”

    Sure it benefits ‘em but really how does it benefit us,stop being naive about the trickery of neo-liberalism.

    There is more than enough evidence to demonstrate how horrific their policies are to ordinary people.

    Sure get your “pot” at Walmart grown with all kinds of chemical agents known to be carcinogenic to human-kind.Ah! no thank you.

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    Thanks & well said.

    It would be nice to see FDL start their own TV-News.

  • Good Lord! what a sick people we have become.

    We are now forced feeding(torturing) these guys so that we can keep em locked up in a cage.And run around the world talking about human rights.

    More sadly,is that no one even those so called progressives with TV shows & radio programs all supporting the Democratic party has the instestinal fortitude to relay to their viewing populace/listeners the evil thats being heaped upon the world by our country.

    However,just sit back & observe the frantic fretting about whom support workers,women’s right,climate change etc.

    Ask yourselves,how can they be for all those noble “things” & stay silent on the other evil we commit around the world.

    Observe and you will notice ,it’s “Kabuki theatre”.

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    But now it appears the US may be actually targeting the companies that matter to Russia.”

    You joking right,,wonder what ‘em europe peoples going to do when ‘em natural gas supply starts to trickle ? did they think about that.

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    Well done! I couldn’t have said it any better.

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