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  • Nice to see some government officials taking the lead against this act of tyranny. Hopefully, if more of them follow suit and unite against NDAA, this unconstitutional piece of legislation will be struck down forever! There’s a good article that shows the opposition to NDAA and what people are doing about it: … Take a look sometime and get involved!

  • The view that most Americans hold regarding NDAA is pretty scary. A lot of them have never even heard of it before. I asked one person what he thought of NDAA and he said “I don’t know, I don’t keep up with conspiracy theory stuff.” A law that allows US citizens to be detained by the military and shipped to Guantanamo Bay, and it’s a “conspiracy theory?” Now they want to conduct “military operations in cyberspace!” I can see it now: thousands of independent blogs being shut down by the military for alleged terrorist sympathies. I guess the transition to a dictatorship will be quite easy if people have attitudes like that. If you don’t believe that martial law could happen here, just take a look at this article. All the proof is there.

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