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    I’m so sorry to read about Katie. I haven’t been around the Lake much lately, after going back to work and not having as much time to follow the real news. When I do visit, I look up your posts and feel like I’m back in the fold. You, Glenn, and Cenk changed my worldview [...]

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    I will not vote for Obama again under any conditions. I would sign a petition stating this, and would be interested in knowing how many others would as well. The times seem ripe for an outsider to run a third party candidacy, but a third party candidate has never won, and our Democratic/Republican one-party system [...]

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    Well said.

    Progressives are at an inherent disadvantage in this ‘new’ game. Those on the right who are ideologically opposed to effective government (because they are opposed to all government) can work to undermine government and when successful say, “See, government is not the answer”. Those of us more inclined to work as a community to check the corporatists and the oligarchs must constantly explain why we have faith in government solutions when so many work so hard to consistently compromise that which we need to be functional.

    Given Obama’s betrayal, I don’t see anything short of massive protests changing the dynamic. We simply do not have a vote that matters given the two parties that dominate today. And the corporate media is incapable of informing working Americans of how the Randian cult is robbing them blind.

    Sucks to be a progressive these days.

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    Very nice post. Refreshing to hear Feynman’s candor and insight again; always inspiring.

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    Couldn’t agree more. Well said.

  • I didn’t get to participate in this salon real time but very much enjoyed reading the dialogue after the fact. Many thanks to Bill Moyers for his lifetime of contributions and for his latest book. Thanks to Glenn and Bev for making this salon happen.

  • If I were the oligarchs’ strategist, I’d be sitting extremely happy now. Obama is clearly the oligarch’s choice: moderate Republican policies worst-case (left-most case), always on the defensive, marching to an agenda framed and dictated by the right. That the Republicans don’t win the WH doesn’t matter much; in fact, it serves the purpose of keeping the left in check. As a corporatist oligarch I’d be eating popcorn watching the entertainment that is the Republican party, coming up with new lunacy every day to pander to the bat-shit crazy 30% that is their base. The only thing that would make me sit up and take notice would be a candidate to the left of Obama that had grass roots support, or enough progressives marching in the streets to entice some suit to fill that role.

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    Trouble is, if we want to fix the economy, not just corporate profits, we need to be dramatically increasing domestic spending over the next decade or two. Too bad we have nobody in Washington who is even talking about the real issue.

    What 4cdave said.

    The theater over this $30B-$60B budget cut absolutely astounds me. Any reality-based reading of economic indicators suggest, based on non-polluted macroeconomic fundamentals, we should be increasing fiscal spending, not cutting it. Our economy will not return to its 2006/2007 highwater mark, middle-class employment will never reach those levels, without dramatic fiscal policy, i.e., government spending to create demand.

    That Obama refuses to use his bully pulpit to educate the American public on this is sheer cowardice, an utter betrayal of his campaign and of the potential of his presidency. But given the opposition, his chances look pretty good for 2012. It’s pretty clear what his priorities are.

  • I know the majority of folks on FDL think it’s all part of his plan.

    Do you mean his plan to shock the world and prove he’s the mother of all progressives by delivering a knockout punch to the exposed Rethugs? Or do you mean his plan to kowtow to his corporatist overlords?

    I gave up on the former in the summer of 2009–I was kind of slow to catch on. Pity any who are still holding out hope. Obama is a corporatist right winger, plain and simple. No one with his intelligence can be that bad at negotiating. He’s not fighting for us because he’s getting exactly what he wants in policy and a cakewalk against lunatics in 2012.

    Progressives–he’s just not that into you/us.

  • interesting conspiracy theory, I’ll give you that.

  • Same comment as I made to PeasantParty, @10. Rand’s, and Ron’s, attempts to pull the curtain and expose the Fed, not to mention their desire to do away with it, will never be allowed to go anywhere. Not going to happen.

    I have my own issues with the Fed, but all reality-based persons with knowledge of economics that I read clearly view the economic prescriptions of Rand and Ron as from somewhere in outer space.

    The Paul libertarians can’t be pigeon-holed conveniently in the left/right frame on all issues, even as the right-wing oligarchs play them like the fiddles they are.

  • I’ve come to the same conclusion. The corporatist oligarchs who own Congress want it this way. And while Rand’s tea-party, eliminate-government, libertarianism is useful and will be leveraged to further corporatist ends, his anti-war initiatives will never be allowed to get off the ground. This vote is a perfect illustration of this.

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    BT, great list–I agree with all.

    Add a couple more to reinstate the rule of law in this country and you have a progressive party platform. Call it the Jobs, Peace, and Rule of Law party/agenda.

    Interesting that Obama has failed to lead or fight on any of these. Proof positive we have but one party in this country–the corporatist oligarchy party.

    From Austin . . .

  • Very helpful post. A point and a question.

    For those who have followed the fundamentals of the financial meltdown beyond the headlines and the political talking points (many false), and continue to follow the story as the large banks try to escape culpability for massive fraud and what will go down as unprecedentedly the largest heist from the American worker in history, the fact that neither Republicans nor Democrats attempt to take political advantage of the extremely reasonable anger of the American people at the large banking industry is proof positive that our two-party system is but a ruse: we are ruled by interchangeable tools that comprise a single-party corporatist oligarchy. If progressives could get everyday Americans to truly understand how the banks have ripped us off, it would be straightforward to usher in a post-Republican/Democratic electoral system. Even a tea-party dupe would be able to see how our current two-party “democracy” is but an oligarch’s wet dream.

    I don’t understand 1) why some ambitious AG doesn’t turn this into a political-career-making opportunity nor 2) why the smaller and medium-size regional banks don’t speak out more against the large banks that bear 99% of the guilt. I’ve been following this for the past two years, reading a lot, fuming more and more as it becomes clearer the large banks are going to come through this more powerful and profitable than before, while the general US economy atrophies and the worker is further marginalized. There are 50 AG’s–are they all subservient to the olicharchy? Is there not one rebel among them? Are there not any small banks willing to bankroll a crusader to publicly flog the larger banks for making all of banking appear to be the devil’s den?

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    I cited the site with warnings as to their political bias. I am not a troll, but a founding member of FDL. Oldgold’s link above, the 3/17 update, is a very reasonable summary of the last 24 hours for folks who want analysis bounded by physical law and without personal attacks substituting for reason. For [...]

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    Dr. Murphy, Based on your post, and your references to the NRC studies, I think you will find of interest the 2-page fact sheet on the spent fuel pool issues that has been produced by the NEI: Used Nuclear Fuel Storage at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (this includes an explanation of what might [...]

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    Jim, very nice addition to the Fukushima discussion here at FDL. Many thanks.

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    Okay, I agree to disagree. You think the media is doing okay and I think they are regurgitating what they are fed with added hyperventilating volume. You think panic is in order and I’m a biased pro-nuke and I think the threat of health consequences from Fukushima is being overblown.

    We should have a clear verdict before the end of the week.

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    As a skeptic I don’t make a habit of blindly “trusting” testimonials from anyone. I seek out facts, opinions, “testimonials”, etc. and then try to make coherent sense of it myself.

    I concede the point that pro-nuke advocates (and govt. officials, and corporate shills) have agendas and their fair share of credibility issues. Nonetheless, you’re using a pretty broad brush dismissing an entire branch of engineers and physicists.

    It’s pretty hard to drill down to the facts concerning technology issues without listening to any one who has spent time working in the respective technology.

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