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  • Bobster33 commented on the blog post Barrett Brown Went to Jail for My Sins

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    Peter, how much money did it cost you to defend your career? And how the hell is Barrett going to repay a 890,000 court bill?

  • The NSA withheld the info so that the NSA could then complain that they are under budget and neew more money.

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    Personally, I hate the little shits. Restaurants, airlines, and movie theaters should charge more for little ones so as to discourage their presence.

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    A couple of points gets lost in this discussion, e.g. the economic system we want, and the velocity of money.

    WRT to the consumer economic system, there are three types:

    1. Few large companies in every industry. Each industry controlled by a few families/persons/corporations and they regulate themselves. This is our computer industry (Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, etc. control almost everything). Government stays out of market.

    2. Few large corporations in every industry with the government massively regulating the industries (utilities such as water, power, etc. follow this type of system).

    3. Many smaller companies with no regulations. Regulations would be dictated by the consumers choices in spending their money. (restaurants and bars follow this economic model). Government stays out of market.

    The challenge is that our economy has each of these three systems meshed together. When economists and people argue for a system, they forget that their arguments are based on one other these three models. NONE of these models works well for the whole economy–yet we want to believe that if they did utopia would follow. So . . . Fox news wants an economy based on economic model #1, DLC wants an economy based on item one and two (rich people with a few government regulations controls the economy); and progressives tend to want a system between economic models two and three.

    In the event of paralysis, the most organized method (economic #1) gets a large share of the economic wealth.

    The other point lost is the velocity of money. Early on in the depression, the FED printed massive amounts of money that went to the rich. Because many of the rich simply invested the money in a passive investment, the velocity of the money slowed down and the massive money printing did little to inflation. IF the FED had given the money to the poorest of the poor as a hand out, the money would have been rapidly spent and respent (7-8 time) within the community before being finally secured by the rich as profits to their business. This is the difference between now and the 1970′s. In the 1970′s the money printing and interest rates by the fed were created to meet the needs of the society and slow the velocity of the money (number of times spent until secured in an investment.).

    Until some visionary person can effectively articulate an understanding of the economic systems and velocity of money, the liberal/progressive caucus sounds like cry babies when we discuss economics.

  • I agree and was actually going to post something on this issue. The people who get targeted are the ones who get pictures taken of them (while at WalMart). They are generally less educated, not well spoken and do not wear fancy clothes. To her credit, Eric Garner’s daughter Erica does not think that this [...]

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    I remember when I worked for the OC Fire Authority 16 years ago. As part of federal regulation, every event required the department to fill out a report. The system was so onerous that fire fighters would use the incident code “good intent” instead of filling out the report properly. Management hit the fan and eventually redesigned the system for much easier use. The trigger was a report that listed good intent and then described in the comment section details of a car fire and several dead bodies in the car.

    At the time I left, the new system included a computer aided dispatch (CAD) that automatically generated half of the report. The rest of the report could be completed by a series of pull down boxes. This same type of system needs to be implemented nationally for police.

  • is it possible for a grand jury to indict a prosecutor?

  • For anyone to see this in action watch the first episode of the British TV show MI-5. The agents use the ruse of a gas leak to enter homes and plant bugs. Since MI-5 came out many years ago, I am surprised that this is finally coming to light.

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    The video has been debunked. If a flash bang grenade had been used inside a car, the windows would have been blown out and the flash would have been bigger.

    The first video in the link is the one that you saw, the second debunks the first.

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    Is the book worth a read?

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    I remember many years ago listening to Randi Rhodes radio show. She had an author that broke the initial migration to America into four groups: Puritans, Quakers, Calvinists and Borderlanders. The Puritans settled in New England, Quakers in Pennsylvania, Calvinists in Virginia, and Borderlanders in the test of the south. For Puritans and Quakers, you [...]

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    The solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is easy: Drop bombs on both sides until they agree to peace. Make the number of bombs dependent upon the current population. Make the location of the drops based on a lottery. This strategy appeals to the MIC, which wants more war, It appeals to the Arab governments (who [...]

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    My largest client is a major engineering firm. They created a joint venture with a minority disabled veteran to go after government contracts. Apparently it is legal.

    More importantly, the joint venture has a phenomenal rate of winning large government contracts.

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    It does look like a police execution.

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    There is a stem gap, but it has nothing to do with the number of people in that profession. The gap is in stem investments. With our crumbling infrastructure and ever decreasing government budgets for research, the US is falling behind.

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    The scary part is that Fox news’ two largest shareholders are Rupert Murdoch and Prince al-Waleed bin Talal who are also the largest owners of Saudi Arabia’s equivalent of Fox news.

    Combined they spew hatred of each other. The Saudi’s hate America, and the Americans hate the arabs.

  • Here here, I agree.

  • I would be less concerned with the fines if they made the banks lose money every year until they had the capitalization of a small credit union. But alas, that won’t happen.

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    “Winning!” brought to you by Charlie Sheen and the US Dept of State.

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