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  • BobTinKY commented on the blog post Over Easy: The Agrarian Myth

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    Though I am no fan of Coolidge, you may want to visit his Dad’s farm in VT where he grew up and was sworn in as President before suggesting he did not know a rooster from a sparrow.

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    Ridiculous comment and concern. Ronald Reagan was an FDR New Deal Democrat for years.

    Hillary is a former Republican too but I think Warren’s conversion, if you call it that, seems a bit more genuine.

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    I can see how solar panels might include chenicals that may be (though I don’t have any idea) counterproductive, but wind? Just how do wind turbines create and emit any of the greenhouse gases you mention?

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    I don’t think anyone has forgotten it, despite 9/11 being over 13 years ago now. While I think there was plenty in the AUTMF and Patriot Acts that were not well considered, my main concern now is when and how does it, the GWOT,end? The answer seems to be never and the policies, i.e. drone [...]

  • I think they want to turn things overs to market forces, provided the markets are those which they and their cronies define and control.

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    But if there are viable alternatives in which Obama can unilaterally defuse the debt ceiling “crisis” how will Obama ever be able to convince his supporters that he had no choice except to throw them all under a bus & agree to his Grand Bargain.

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    Obama’s not caving? What I am reading is Obama is saying we’ll negotiate but first re-open the govt. & raise the debt ceiling. How is that not caving? The White House has ruled out the platinum coin and 14th Amendement options because they’re “controversial” & likely to be litigated. Like closing down the government and [...]

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    Who needs a movie? HRC’s record as a war hawk, corporate shill, and of course 3rd way DLCer ought to be reason enough for any liberal not to vote for her. Want a woman President? Vote Elizabeth Warren in 2016.

  • I can’t claim to have recognized this disingenuousness until we were well into the ACA negotiations in Congress. At that point it became apparent to this ’08 Obama worker and contributor that I had wasted my time & money.

  • BobTinKY commented on the diary post The Repetition Compulsion for War — and How It Might Fail This Time by Norman Solomon.

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    Teh only reason democracy is working to head off the Administration’s incredibly stupid march to war is because Obama has not invoked the “with us or against us,” make this a test of individual patriotism approach that Bush JR & Sr employed. A GOP President wouldn;t hesitate to do so again & when he/she does [...]

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    89 guns/100 people. But what percentage of the population owns one or more guns? I don’t own any firearms but the people I know who do have several.

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    You’re question presumes Trayvon Martin came back for the purposes of initating a confrontation. We will never know Trayvon Martin’s intentions. In claming self defense, Zimmerman claims that not only did Trayvon confront him he sucker punched him etc. The State could not disprove it. Zimmerman proved nothing & I was recently informed was under no burden to prove his self defense claim in Florida.

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    Your point? Zimmerman was not in his truck in Zimmerman’s own version of events. He was found outside his truck, Martin dead. George says Martin attacked him, where? In his truck? No, outside of his truck.

    So what if Martin had been at his Dad’s place. Zimmerman can follow Trayvon but Trayvon can’t check out what this suspicious character who had been following him is up to? Zimmerman says Trayvon attacked him, Trayvon says nothing, he’s dead. Zimmerman did not prove his version, the State could not disprove it. One big reason is the other participant, Martin, is dead.

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    The very first sentence of the huffpo piece you cite to support that Martin was a juvenile delinquent:

    “Women’s jewelry and a watch found in Trayvon Martin’s school backpack last fall could not be tied to any reported thefts, the Miami-Dade Police Department said Tuesday.”

    Oh, he got suspended from school, was tardy & absent and smoked pot. I guess I was a juvenile delinquent too.

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    A juvenile delinquent? Really? I was not aware of that.

    I am no Obama fan but he points out something white commentators and legal analysts overlook. Martin was a 17 yo black male. I was a 17 yo male once, some time ago. Had I been followed in the manner Zimmerman followed Trayvon I would have no doubt formed a set of suspicions about the man tracking me. If I were a 17 yo black male I would imagine I might, in addition to that set of suspicions, had other suspicions including is this guy following me because I am a black kid, is he doing this & potentially going to harm me because I am black? After all, how long ago was the James Byrd incident?

    The idea that Martin should have responded as a “reasonable person” & that the all non-black jurors should assess Martin behavior/response with that standard ignores the racial reality and history to which Obama referred to today. It also overlooks Martin’s age. He was a kid, a scared kid. The only adult in the fracas was told to leave it to the police and decided otherwise.

    Also, for what it is worth which is nothing now, I also have from day one found Zimerman’s story of being on the gound pummeled all that time implausible. He has 30 lbs on Martin yet Zimmermna does not shield his face or head or stop the head pounding that supposedly had Zimmerman fearing for his life. The trial says this went on for 40 seconds. Zimmerman does not try to roll ove ror wiggle onto his stomach and raise up on knees and elbows as any schoool age child learns to do when someone is atop you. Why? I’ve always believed what Zimmerman was really afraid of was all the motion, be it Martin’s or his own, setting off his gun and shooting himself.

    So Zimmerman leaves truck & brings a loaded gun with hollow points, straps it on, finds himself in a wrestling match in which he is on bottom, fears the gun he brought might inadvertently (Martin is unaware of gun in Zimmerman’s story, George never brandished it) go off & shoot himself, is stymied to resist the pummeling by presence of his own gun on his own person, instead of fending off blows or wiggling free reaches to secure gun, & then uses gun on his “assailant” to end his fearful situation.

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    Once in a while I will pay cash for something and the checkout person will start asking for phone number, address etc etc. When I point out I am paying cash and in a hurry with little time to write my bio they look at you like your comes kind of criminal for refusing to [...]

  • “meaningless dodge” is an apt description of his entire presidency.

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    Love to see Warren run.

  • BobTinKY commented on the blog post More Indications Biden Is Thinking About Another Run

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    I think I’ll pass.

  • BobTinKY commented on the diary post Interview: Energy Investor Bill Powers Discusses Looming Shale Gas Bubble by Steve Horn.

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    Particulalry if you ignore all present & future costs of burning fossil fuels, pollutants, climate change etc. which is standard operating procedure in these comparisons. Those costs are hard to capture & are thus ignored. Turn the question around. What would those costs have to be to make solar, wind competitive? We can calculate that. [...]

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