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  • bonkers commented on the blog post The Return Of The Bride Of Barack Obama Buys A Lawnmower

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    Just like this naive rube of a Preznit negotiated away any advances for the LGBT community too also1!1

    Well T-, looks you answered any questions I’ve been having:

    Best of luck to you.

  • bonkers commented on the blog post Thursday Night Basset Blogging

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    Too bad Obamalame-adingdong hates bassets too also, in addition to you!1! See, Sir-Change-a-Lot picked that little runt Portuguese (helloh!! Hate America much, Hopey-changey!?!) Water Dog as First Dog, even though there are all these orphaned bassets seeking homes, who don’t want anything to do water, ‘natch. And then he’s gotta patchouli-punch us Dirty F-in Hippies by rubbing it in our noses and treating that pathetic excuse for a canine by giving that Lisbon-loving furball the royal treatment (on taxpayer dime, mind you!) – clearly a cynical attempt to marginalize floppy ear lovers everywhere. I even have a LINK, which makes it true:

    Now, let’s go to the timeline I meticulously researched: 1. March 2009: Tait’s has bassets available. 2. April 2009: Oilbambi picks dust mop doggie to have fame and fortune (in dog years). Duh. It’s so obvious.

    Obummer hates all true progressives…and basset hounds. I mean, they call it the Catfood Commission for a reason, instead of the Dogfood Commission, am I right? Damn him and his Catalano-canine-lovin-privledged family.

  • what, with the dead mountain girl and all….

    Hell, if you’re a Repub, finding a dead intern, who was suspected of having an affair with you just a few months earlier, which lead to a divorce from your wife, as you were a sitting US Congressperson of which you then promptly resign, leads to a major job promotion and pay increase to a major slot on MSNBC, thereby having an incredible influence over America’s public discourse and voting patterns. This is what happened for Joe Scarburied:

    So if Neal runs as a Repub, I’d say he’s already got it locked up, no matter who turns up dead.

  • bonkers commented on the blog post Came For The MILF, Stayed For The Dippin’ Dots

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    Well, she apparently already got a cream-filled long john-ston…

    although my hunch is that one isn’t all that long though, but seems to have done the trick at least.

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    2 yer mutha.

  • bonkers commented on the blog post Loving 1, Virginia 0, Obama -1

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    I swear on Shakira’s ass that I don’t even remember what you’re talking about. I just hope the New York Times’ Catholic Correspondent writes some shit…and right quick, also too as well. A little palette cleanser, if you will.

  • bonkers commented on the blog post Loving 1, Virginia 0, Obama -1

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    Did I miss anything?

    Nope. Just the usual nonsense that has dominated this site since the time when DLC stooge John Edwards was the “true progressive” hero around here.

    Although, I do believe now with Tbogg “fucking the sheep,” this site has achieved Peak Progressive.

  • bonkers commented on the blog post Bristol Palin’s Airing of Grievances

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    T-money, You need to merge databases more often. That run-on sentence is the Shakira’s ass of run-on sentences.

  • bonkers commented on the blog post Work, Work, Work, Work….

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    Worst comment thread EVAH!!

    (yes, I know it was helpful,but still…)

    Funny how you could use the title from the previous post for this one too.

  • bonkers commented on the blog post Ace O’ Spade’s Growing Interest In Man Penis

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    Hey now…leave Ann Coulter out of this.

  • bonkers commented on the blog post Is that what kids are calling it these days?

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    Yes, McMegan…extra falafels, loofahs, diapers, wide stances, Capitol Hill page boys, and a hike down the Appalachian Trail for you and your better half tonight!

  • bonkers commented on the blog post Rick Santorum To Once Again Humiliate And Sadden His Family

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    Sanitorium’s “in it to win it?!?!” That’s some serious PMA…Positively Mental Attitude.

  • bonkers commented on the blog post Like A Dog With A Boner

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    Andrew Breitbart has been on the radio today saying that he has new information that is going to change the dynamics of this story.

    Uh oh. He’s gonna release the Michelle Obama “Whitey” tape! We are DOOMED!11!!one!!iz!1da!!lonliest!!!#!!!

  • Must be The Invisible Audience of the Free Market.

  • bonkers commented on the blog post The Other White Meat

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    Oh you laugh now, but wait ’til you feel the power of Tim Yawnplenty!!1!1 Prepare for the Napture!@1!

    (love how you can see his eyes reading either the teleprompter/cue cards…even though his on-camera bits are less than 10 seconds each…pathetic…)

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  • bonkers commented on the blog post A Little Cheese With That Whiney Voice

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    The only thing surprising about that photo is that The Quitter appears to be spending time with the baby, whomever’s it is.

  • bonkers commented on the blog post McBambi vs. Taibbzilla (Updated)

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    …any of us who followed this got the impression that they were perhaps not dealing in the best interests of some of their clients.

    MCARDLE: I think they probably aren’t, just like most vendors aren’t always — look to their own interests before the interests of their clients.

    Huh. I started my company from scratch. If I had McCurdle’s attitude, we wouldn’t have lasted a year in business. We’re now in our 12th year, largely based on meeting the desires of our clients. I assume McMegan has never started a business and created jobs for people, correct?

    Of course, I could work on gaming the system in my favor over the next 100 years or so through corrupt politicians and the like, and then I suppose I could do whatever the hell I please, like Goldman Sachs does, at the expense of all of America’s small business owners and workers. Nah, that would just be morally wrong, really shitty, and will always lead to a collapse of the entire system if nobody stops it, just as that attitude has collapsed every major “empire” or society in all of human history.

    Any remedial study of world economics shows this, but it appears ignorance of historical fact seems to be a feature of Libertarians like McCurdle, and not a bug.

  • bonkers commented on the blog post Death Before Disco

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    Saw some loser dude at the airport today, with a shirt stretched out across his beer belly, that had Ronnie Raygun’s picture rendered in Che-art treatment, and had text saying, “Viva la Reagan Revolucion!” Looks like a coordinated PR effort is underway by these liars:

  • bonkers commented on the blog post Friday Night Random Ten

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    Dude. Looks like ya caught another Stapp Infection. There is treatment for that:

    Take 12 bass guitar strings and call me in the morning.

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