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  • I personally have a bias toward the flying spaghetti monster.

  • bonncaruso commented on the blog post Religious right FURIOUS over inauguration controversy

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    Excuse me, but is there ever a moment when the Right is NOT furious about something? I mean, they spend the entire day, like a little brat who lost his favorite toy, consternipated about this, that and the other. It must really suck to have to live under a God who is always just plain old mad.

  • Countdown in 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 to the Conservative Conspiracy Kaka that the Taft HS shooting was actually staged by that kenyan dictator usurper.

  • This nutbag is exactly the reason WHY we need a very strong assault weapons ban. And I hope the police pays him a nice friendly visit over his threats to murder people possibly unknown to him. Wow. These people really are just totally tinfoil batshit ape-upside-down on a rocket ship crazy. Really.

  • This rant will be an outstanding election ad in 2 years – against the NRA. Every time I think of whackadoodle tea party freakazoids, I think of a guy like Alex Jones.

  • One of the most telling moments of this press conference was at the 17:00 mark when a reporter asked about how the aid package was separated into two separate packages, at 27 B (immediate help) and 33B (long term infrastructure) in the hopes of getting it passed. It just shows what a f**ked up mentality most Republicans have. You have to give them stuff in bite-sized morsels, otherwise, they just freak out. But were this a military package, I bet they wouldn’t need it in bite-sized chunks.

    This moment in the press conference was extremely telling about how terribly low the Republican Party has sunk.

    I knew that John Boehner was dumb, but I had no idea he was this utterly stupid. I bet he thought he could get some freakazoid Tea Party caucus votes to be retained as Speaker were he to look hard and mean to those ugly, godless blue states of NJ and NY.

    Just 8 years ago, George W. Bush, Jr. made a serious play for New Jersey. But Republicans can now forget this for the next 100 years…

  • Great, great, great corny film. Downloaded it two years ago, finally go around to watching it with my daughter this year. We sat on the couch, munched cookies and laughed. It was a truly fun moment.

  • Dean Chambers is an outstanding reason for birth control.

    And I would be he is a closet case. Guys who always rail on the manliness of other guys usually have something to hide themselves.

  • It takes a lot to get me as a grown man to cry, but upon hearing of this, I cried.

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    Fascinating: two episodes of sabotage and already Israel is accused, without evidence. The anti-semitic vein of this writing is all too clear to see. It is a shame that this article even exists. And even more of a shame that this “flotilla” exists. It has no business trying to do what it intends to do. [...]

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    I don’t buy it. FOX supposedly did not catch the hacked messages for EIGHT full hours, from 2 am EDT to 10 am EDT. That means that the “getting up in the morning” crowd in 3 time zones had more than enough time to read those tweets.

    It was not hacked. It was an inside job and Ailes is laughing his right wing ass off.

    This is how low the right has sunk.

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    However, comparing the FBI to the Stasi is really terrible. Obviously, you have absolutely no idea how the Stasi worked.

    Shame on you.

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    Ah, what the hell, let the guy run. One more animal in the zoo won’t harm anything, it will just irritate Mitty as he has to rework his excel data sheet….

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    The british national hymn (“God save the Queen”) is always played at state functions and especially for toasts to the Queen. I have seen this a number of times. It is common.

  • The idea of making Texas competitive is EXACTLY the right thing to do. Statistically, Texas is without a doubt encountering so-called “demographic drift”. it won’t be a swing state in 2012, but softening it up for the future is the right thing to do. Hispanic immigration increases in TX, it is now a minority-majority state. And the GOP is openly hostile to the hispanic population.

    The principle is simple: the larger a population base, the more large cities will be built. Large cities tend to be bastions of liberal thought (see: NYC, Chicago, LA). Large cities turn red or purple states into blue states. So, though democrats my moan about the fact that TX now has 38 electors, just imagine how the GOP will shake in it’s pants once the day comes where this state (uh, secessionistic republic) is no longer in the secure GOP column. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of whem.

    In 2008, Obama’s take of the vote in TX (43.63%, a -11.76% losing margin for Obama) was the best democratic take of the vote since 1996, and comparing to 1996 is not really possible as 1996 was a three-man race, while 2008 was a two-man race.

    In terms of percentag of the popular vote, Obama did better in TX in 2008 than Kerry (2004), Gore (2000), Clinton (1992), Dukakis (1988), Mondale (1984), Carter (1980), McGovern (1972). As a matter of fact, the race in Texas is statistically practically identical to 1956 (Eisenhower vs. Stephenson, Round II). It says something when a black northern democrat does better in TX in 2008 than a white southern democrat did in either 2000, 1992 or 1980.

    Another excellent example is Colorado. If you examine the electoral county by county map of CO, you will see that the electoral majority in this now blue state was built starting in 1988. Dukakis sunk time and energy into this state even as he knew he was likely to lose it. The slow demographic progression that led to a +8.95% winning margin for Obama is due in part to the “softening” up of the state in 2000 and most notably, in 2004.

    So, yes, setting up a war camp in TX is extremely intelligent on the part of Obama.

    On a related topic, this is the very reason why a very republican controlled bicameral statehouse in Nebraska continues to fail to push through a law repealing the “winner per CD” situation in Nebraska (as in Maine), for the GOP knows damned well that the day will come when TX may want to split it’s electors as NE now does. Without TX, the GOP is shut out of the White House for at least one generation, guaranteed. If Nebraska repeals elector splitting, then TX will have not a rat’s chance in hell of passing it. So, this side story in Nebraska is telling me a great deal about TX.

    If statistical precedent holds out, then Obama should improve his national percentage by roughly 3% and his winning margin by between 5%-7%, depending on the third and fourth party smattering of the national popular vote in 2012. If Obama even improves the democratic vote to around 46% in TX, this would be a very good sign for the democratic party come 2016 and 2020.

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    By a nation of 308 million, 1,500 representatives would mean a ratio of 1:205,333
    Right now, it is 1:600,000.

    1,500 representatives would be possible.

    The Senate should also be reformed to 150: 5 Senators for the 5 larges states (25,4 senators for the next 5 largest states (20), 3 senators for the 20 next largest states (60), 2 for the remaining 20 states (40) and 5 floating “national” senators, usually comprised of former Presidents and Vice Presidents. That would be much more representational. California has 71 times the population of Wyoming, but only 18.3 times the amount of complete congressional representation. This is wrong. The Senate,like the house, would be reapportioned after each 10-year census. A state to lose a senator would automatically lose the junior most member of the team.

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    Can’t wait to see those crazy eyes….

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    I personally don’t give a rat’s ass if the stupid gunman had a mental illness or not. He broke the law, he shot, he murdered. HE MURDERED A CHILD. And for this he deserves to die. And let the Tea Party and all of it’s ilk notice this. he needs to die for what he [...]

  • BTW, the analysis I linked to is in three parts. It is the most exhaustive analysis of CO from 2008 that I know of.

  • The writer of this article has absolutely no idea whatever what the term tipping-point state means. A tipping point (state, county) is one that progressed from a solid win for the other side over years to a very lean win for the other side, and then sometime tipped over to a LEAN win for the opposing side.

    This is not the case with CO: Bush won CO in 2004 with a +4.67% margin. Obama swept CO in 2008 with a +8.95% margin (mini-landslide), causing a partisan shift of +13.62%, far greater than the national partisan shift of +9.71%. This was not a LEAN win in CO for Obama, it was a rout for McCain.

    Secondly, with or without CO, Obama would have handily won. Alone with the Kerry states from 2004 +VA and NC he was already over the top.

    The calculation of +4.2 vs +4.3 hypothetical shift for McCain in 2008 is also a bunch of horseshit, for there is absolutely no way to know where those votes likely would have been picked up.

    So, this article is a bunch of hooey.

    Here is a REAL analysis of COLORADO, county by county:

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