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  • I’m as paranoid as the next guy, but the commentary on these articles (particularly since DDay’s departure) is even more than I can take. It’s really getting hard for me to read.

    Massive conspiracies. Small conspiracies. Puppeteer’d Presidents. Self-aware fast food workers. Are we really so damn certain that things are so shitty by active design? Isn’t it more likely that it’s a natural and accidental societal evolution that brought us here? Occam’s Razor?

    At least no one’s screaming about the lizard hybrids living underground and secretly running everything. Yet.

    Or, maybe I just don’t fit in.

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    The prosecutor and the jury (and some duped commentators here) think George Zimmerman is just a fool who got himself into a situation that escalated beyond his control. What I believe, and will forever believe because I know a thing about evil people, is that Zimmerman is a cold and calculating murderer, and his ‘wounds’ seem obviously self-inflicted.

    Zimmerman was cruising the neighborhood for an excuse, and he was armed for killing. The media likes to call him a ‘volunteer’ neighborhood watchman, but the truth is he was looking for trouble.

    The problem, obviously, is that what Zimmerman did was entirely legal under Florida law. In Florida, it is now legal to kill. All you have to do is say “I was scared” and you get away with it.

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    It would be irresponsible not to speculate about electronic health care records.

    But HIPPA protects us, right?

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    Maybe I’m too cynical, but hasn’t the CIA always been doing stuff like this? Maybe it makes sense to think of this in terms of trying to achieve a just goal. Or, are we so far removed from responsible governance that the only possible explanation is CIA ego pumping for its own benefit?

    I wonder how cooked the Argo script was. Is there any reason to believe that Affleck’s version is authentic?

  • Reuters has a story about this in HufPo.

  • Do you have a model that explains why a person of sound mind living in a free society and not facing any obvious physical threats resorts to violence against people unknown to him? To me, the only model is mental illness (temporary or otherwise) but I’m honestly open to other explanations because those should be easier to resolve.

  • I don’t think that detonating bombs that kill and maim marathoners and bystanders is the behavior of a rational actor. People don’t do that kind of stuff in the United States if they are happy and well adjusted. Everyone wants to get into the nitty gritty of motives, but some people just want to watch the world burn because it validates their negative world views. There’s very little we can do to protect ourselves unless we all agree to live in a police state.

    No matter who set the bombs, they aren’t right in the mind. Can we agree on that?

  • I hear you and take your point. Evidence has not been presented in court, so it’s really all speculation at this point. My original point was more about the feeling that the Boston bombing and Sandyhood have, in terms of the accused and the similarities of their stories as I understand them.

    Any time a society has a bunch of disconnected and unemployed young men it spells trouble. Arguably, that’s the underlying cause of Islamic extremism. I’d like to see the world address that problem with something other than drones and endless am radio scare-mongering.

  • I mean someone who went crazy from within, versus someone who was demagogued. On some base level, I don’t see much difference between Lanza and the Tsarnaevs. Ultimately, they expressed their anger in violent ways against people who had never done them any harm. It’s just crazy. Now, if it turns out that al Qaeda or some similar groiup played a role, then the events are very different.

    Young male social outcasts have always had a tendency to wreak havoc.

  • No evidence? I thought the perp in Sandy Hook was identified by multiple people at the scene. It was reported, I heard on NPR I think, that the surviving Boston perp admitted that he had planted the bombs – plus there’s pretty compelling video evidence that at least places them at the scene.

    That’s evidence.

  • Young males who feel cut-off from society choosing violence as a mechanism to gain attention. Something like that. Of course, if it ends up that they were radicalized externally (rather than internally) it’ll feel a lot different.

  • My initial reaction is that I’m feeling better about the FBI that they ignored the CIA’s request to put an American citizen on some watch list just because they had a vague idea that he was someday going to do something wrong.

    This bombing seems more like Sandyhook than 9/11 to me.

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    Well, as a percentage of income, they aren’t exactly trailblazers in paying taxes. There’s more than one way to skin a cat:

    U.S. tax code isn’t as progressive as you think

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    Yeah, my metaphor wasn’t as good. Later I thought of Fox’s “Fair and Balanced” motto.

    I’m going to take your lead and join the “pro-life” movement!

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    If anti-abortion troops can be called “pro-life”, why can’t Third Way call itself “center-left?” When we have wholesale manipulation of language, enabled by our dismal public education system, we have a stage set for lying through quirks of language. I’m not approving, but the trend is undeniable, and it’s been going on forever.

    The problem now is that it is misanthropic liars claim they are victimized by anyone courageous enough to call-out their deceit. Even our newspaper of record values the appearance of civility so much that they allow monsters to identify themselves as saints. This is a new trend, and it is very depressing.

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    Has it really come to this?

    We’ve gotta keep the fear stoked. How else are we going to justify the huge military/police/intelligence budgets and suspension of the 4th Amendment?

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    Jimbo, I think that your analysis is generally correct, but I think it’s important to note something. The degree to which us wage earners (vs. wage appropriators) acquiesce to the situation is based upon our perception of just how fairly we are being appropriated. Years ago, when unions were strong and high-income taxes were confiscatory, the ability to extract wealth from workers was greatly diminished. In those times, roughly between the end of WWII and Reagan, workers saw their standards of living increase while the amount of profiteering off their labor seemed fair and equitable.

    So, basically we’ll submit to the raping so long as we get the reach around. Now, our masters have dispensed with the reach around and so it’s no longer a mutually beneficial situation. Sorry for the ugly metaphor, but it’s an ugly situation.

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    I was thinking more along the lines of the victim is likely to think the shooter must be crazy. My point, which I’ve beaten you with repeatedly and I’m in your debt for continuing the dialogue, is that the non-war/non-defensive act of shooting another human being proves mental illness. It’s crazy to intentionally shoot a shopkeeper, first grader, spouse, or hunting buddy. Just plain crazy 100% of the time.

    May the dead horse be forgiving ;-)

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    I intended it as a thought experiment, not a scenario.

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    Mass shootings and armed robbery are two different things from the point-of-view of the shooter. I wonder if they feel like different things from the point-of-view of the victim.

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