• A bankruptcy bill, we should not forget, that Hillary voted for and which, I’m sure, had nothing to do with the $500 million she raised, largely from Wall Street, for her campaign. What we have been watching for some time is something akin to a mafia gang war between competing families of the 1%. And, as the old saying has it, when elephants fight, the grass gets crushed.

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    I used to be a prosecutor in that court (US Attorney for DC).
    Most probably, the prosecutor simply dropped the charges.
    The prosecutor is, of course, part of the Executive (DOJ) so there doesn’t need to be any judicial action.
    But I’m betting the “direction” on this came out of Main Justice.

    I really think this thing is going to blow up on them.

  • Here’s an idea.

    Instead of shutting off cell phone networks and preemptively closing stations in case of possible protests, couldn’t BART adopt it’s usual policy for dealing with perceived problems – just kill the protestors?

    And anyone they think might be planning to become a protestor?

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    It’s always this way with corporate incompetence.

    Back in the day when computers were new, corporations would appoint IT guys who would go out and buy IBM just to cover their ass. They didn’t know what they were doing and you couldn’t sell them something else by beating IBM’s specs and cost by a mile because they didn’t know how to evaluate what they were buying.

  • A good example was the knee capping of Dan Rather, primarily for having humiliated Bush Pere years earlier in an interview, but also as a lesson to the MSM generally to stay in line.