• I read an interesting comment on HuffPo that I believe is worth repeating.

    This is the difference between Conservatives and Progressives – Progressives don’t need to know someone on Food Stamps to know the importance the program offers to those in desperate need. Progressives don’t need to know someone who is lacking adequate Health Care to understand there are many that survive with no option for meeting their health care needs. And, Progressives don’t need to know an LGBT person to know there are decent and loving same sex couples that deserve the rights and benefits civil marriage offers.

    Conservatives, on the other hand, it would seem, have to know someone personally for them to begin the process of understanding and empathy towards their fellow human beings. Portman appears to be one of them.

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    @ Stevie1

    “Create the sickness and sell the cure…”

    You knocked that one right out of the park. Great comment!

  • As a male, I have just a couple thoughts -

    Isn’t writing an article about how unmanly men have become sort of an unmanly profession to begin with? And, really it’s nothing more than ranting about the same male entitlement we all see – if I’m a male, 120 lbs over weight, and sweat like I’m in a sauna simply by walking 3 city blocks, on flat ground, somehow I’m still entitled to have a woman that looks like Christie Brinkley? Damn straight. None of these frumpy librarians or waitresses for me. Even if they find me the most attractive man alive. I’m just not interested. It’s all the fault of those snobby bitches why I don’t have a Barbie Benton look alike on my arm and in my bed.

    On a different note, may I just say that I love the word ‘sammitch.’ In my humble opinion, ‘sammitch’ is not used often enough. This article reminded me I need to find ways to use it more often.

  • It was difficult to sit through the whole thing, but honestly, I felt I was watching a SNL skit, as I wouldn’t consider any of their talking points as serious.

  • I, too, was one of the many individuals that worked the “Approve Ref 71″ pro-equality side (tho I was merely a ground-level grunt), standing on street corners in Seattle (often times in the rain), reminding voters to vote “yes” on this campaign. I’m grateful for the opportunity to stand with other equality-minded people and for the voters in Washington State that sent this initiative down in flames.

    What frustrates me most is how these anti-gay groups profess to be the victim, when it is their very actions that are oppressive. The question is often asked, and needs to be asked again, if these anti-gay organizations feel so “righteous” and “pious” in their discrimination beliefs, why then do they feel it must all be done without public scrutiny? The only answer I can conclude is that they “know” what they are doing is not so righteous and pious after all. Once their true animus against decent and loving same-sex couples is made public, I’m betting they fear the majority of people will not be so eager to lend them future support.

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