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  • I’d like to point out that Judge Roy Bean… I mean Judge Roy Moore used Buddha and Mohammed as examples of who is not the creator. Nobody with even a modicum of knowledge would use them as examples. Mohammed was a prophet, not a God. He is in many ways the Muslim equivalent of Jesus. Buddha is not a God, he is/was a human being who supposedly attained total enlightenment. Buddhism doesn’t even posit a God. What he ends up saying (probably inadvertently) is that his God (Jehovah, Yaweh) can’t stand on his own, so we gotta stack the deck in his favor. It just occurred to me that it shows his God to be a very Republickin kind of God.

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    Fred Phelps is obsessed with religion and what he considers to be aberrant sex. I don’t find it particularly surprising that he is a domestic abuser too (disturbed, yes, surprised, no.)

    Woody Allen had and has a relationship with the adopted daughter of his former girlfriend (Mia Farrow.) So, she was maybe 10 when Woody first came in contact with her. Considering his current psychological swamp of a marriage, his protestations of innocence ring hollow.

    The only other thing that this coupla freaks brings to mind is that it shows that fame and notoriety have become fairly interchangeable.

  • “I’d say that in healthy societies government wants to subtly tip the scale to favor temperate, prudent, self-governing citizenship.”

    Show me the healthy society (throughout all of human history) that has not used alcohol, and then you might have a “moral” leg to stand on. Otherwise, you just prove you have different standards for different drugs and apparently don’t understand what the word “moral” means.

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    I’ll go with Brazen Liar for $200, Alex!

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    I think she deserves respect for her total mastery of the non sequitur (although, I must admit, it does seem to be rather unconscious on her part.)

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    I find PI to be more enjoyable than U2. ‘Specially peach PI.

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    #5 is just a ridiculous standard. A preppy school with affluent white students at a rate of 25 students per classroom vs. an inner-city school with 40-50 students, with a significant percentage of the ESL students. The 2nd teacher would have to work SIGNIFICANTLY harder to match whatever testing scores are considered passing, but that fact has no weight in deciding the fate of the teacher.

    I see it as similar to rating teachers on travel time to work. While it isn’t a perfect analogy, it also, like test scores, has little to no relation to the “skill” or “quality” of a teacher. My father (a teacher in the ’50s and ’60s) used to say that the student who went from “F” work to “B” work in a grading period deserved an “A” more than the person who waltzed through class. In the current educational environment, he would be fired and probably called a heretic.

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    This is just wrong! White people can’t dance!!! At least that’s what they tell me (and, granted, they may have just been referring to me.)

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    “Camerota and her guest David Webb wondered why the athlete chose to wear a hot pink leotard instead of one donning stars, stripes, red, white, and/or blue.”

    Then get off your flabby over-privileged pasty-white asses and show us how a “real patriot” would do it!

    You ever notice that the people and groups that talk about patriotism most usually want to take away or restrict the rights of others?

  • They weren’t members of the church. That would be a legitimate restriction if they were refused for that reason. Not very Christian, but still well within the rights of any church.

    Where I see the problem here, and a possible basis for a lawsuit, is that they incurred financial damages (the cost of invitations, the cost of rescheduling, etc.) because they were refused AFTER the church had booked their wedding. And the reason for doing so was the race of the couple. The church, or at least the pastor on behalf of the church, made a contract to provide a wedding (and certainly would have received funds from the couple) and then decided not to honor the contract because of race. Didn’t the Civil Rights Act prohibit refusing to do business on the basis of race?

  • I’m of two minds on the removal of the wins from the books. Though it is galling for Paterno to continue to be honored for his time spent covering up for a pedophile while coaching, Paterno didn’t win on his own. He made no touchdowns, kicked no field goals, got no yards rushing. There were a hell of a lot of other people who were intrinsic in each and every win on the books. So there are a hell of a lot of additional people who get to suffer for Paterno’s betrayal.

  • Explosive suppositories – for the terrorist who has everything.

    I gotta admit, though, I am a little off-put by an enemy willing to blow his dick off to hurt me.

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    I had a stepfather named George Tierney (who has since passed away)and this cocksucker pisses me off. Not only does he spew this despicable bile, but he does it under a name that holds pleasant memories for me. Really rankles.

    But, my response: Hey, dude, is it because of your inadequacies that you fear women? Overcompensating for your ummmm…. shortcomings?

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    Angelique Kidjo – Voodoo Chile(Slight Return)


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    If I remember correctly, “Bland on Bland” was a GREAT album by Dylan…

  • “If the Democrats said we had a war on caterpillars and every mainstream media outlet talked about the fact that Republicans have a war on caterpillars, then we’d have problems with caterpillars”

    And when they point out the hundreds of bills proposed by Republicans to strip from the caterpillars rights that they currently enjoy, the rhetoric from Republicans that demeans and belittles the caterpillar, and the convening of an all-slug panel to discuss caterpillar health, what bullshit diversion will Reince pull outta his nether-regions then?

  • Dogs – 1
    Dog-whistle – 0

  • He’s kinda johnny-come-lately for the birther party, isn’t he?


    He’s just announced that Archduke Franz Ferdinand has been assassinated!