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    According to the people in the know, there are 55 million seniors in this country, if only 20% of us marched on washington, the politicians and the so called media could not ignore such a turnout of old pissed off white haired paid their dues grammas and grampas. I for one would be there.

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    I remember those meetings, so sad, now we have another Bush on our hands, or at least an Engler running the State of Michigan. Granted Granholm was no great shakes at running the state but this state has been controlled by a Repug legislature for way too many years and it showed. Engler lost over [...]

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    I don’t believe the UAW will have much to say about GM, Ford or Chrysler selling cars to foreign entities, they have no representation on the board of directors.
    Pretty much everyone in the automobile industry knows that the Koreans will not buy anything that is not made in Korea, that is why 99% of all cars in Korea are Korean. Only the US will allow their industries to be decimated by foreign competition, hell, we even helped the Korean auto industry set up the dealer network and logistics, thus saving them at least 15 years.
    The Koreans do not buy Japanese cars or products, the Japanes do not buy Chines products, that is why Walmart can’t make a go of it in Japan and the Chinese will only buy the GM Buicks until they have their own models in the pipeline.

    I will not do business with car dealerships that sell domestic and foreign cars, I will not do business with people that drive foreign trucks or cars and I try very much to buy American.