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  • brasch wrote a new diary post: House Committee: No Benghazi Scandal

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    Thumbnail  by Walter Brasch   The House Select Committee on Intelligence, following almost a two-year intense investigation, unanimously determined there is no basis for what has become known as the Benghazi Scandal. The Committee consists of 12 Republicans and 9 Democrats. The pretend-scandal began Sept. 11, 2012, when terrorists raided the U.S. consulate, and killed the ambassador and three [...]

  • brasch wrote a new diary post: AIDS Advances May Be Compromised by Legislative Inaction

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    Thumbnail  by Walter Brasch   AIDS Life Cycle Researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia may have found an entry-way to the cure for AIDS. Once the HIV virus enters the body it can lie dormant for years. It can also evolve into AIDS.  But, until now, it could never be removed. It’s far too early to claim an [...]

  • brasch wrote a new diary post: Packing Heat in the Brothers’ ’Hood

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    Thumbnail    by Walter Brasch   A group of white gun-rights advocates plan to sling rifles, shotguns, and semi-automatic assault weapons onto their bodies, and walk through a Black neighborhood in Houston. Packing Heat What could possibly go wrong with that?! The march through Houston’s Fifth Ward is planned for August 16 to educate Texans about their rights to openly [...]

  • brasch wrote a new diary post: Passing Gas to the Consumer

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    Thumbnailby Walter Brasch Gas prices at the pump during the July 4th extended weekend were the highest they have been in six years. This, of course, has little to do with supply-and-demand economics. It has everything to do with supply-and-gouge profits. Over the past decade, the five largest oil companies have earned more than $1 trillion in [...]

  • Thumbnail  Pennsylvania may finally ban pigeon hunts. HARRISBURG, Pa.—There is a remote possibility that Pennsylvania will finally ban the cruel practice of live pigeon shoots when the state senate reconvenes in September. Pennsylvania is the last state where pigeon shoots are legally held. Rep. John Maher had written an amendment to an animal cruelty bill that would [...]

  • brasch wrote a new diary post: Scientists Predict Increased Rain, Floods for Northeast

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    Thumbnail by Walter Brasch   Residents of the Mid-Atlantic and New England states will experience increased rainfall and floods.Residents of the Mid-Atlantic and New England states will experience increased rainfall and floods if data analysis by a Penn State meteorologist and long-term projections by a fisheries biologist, with a specialty in surface water pollution, are accurate. Paul Knight, [...]

  • brasch wrote a new diary post: An Assault On Our Civility

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    ThumbnailFor a while, it appeared the NRA leadership committed an act of sanity. But, a few hours later, the pills wore off. “Everything’s now just hunky-dory between the NRA and the reactionary right-wing gun nuts.” The story begins with a group called Open Carry Texas (OCT). This fringe group rubbed both its brain cells together, wrapped [...]

  • brasch wrote a new diary post: Insanity Extends Beyond the Shooters

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    ThumbnailDuring this past week, in Scranton, Pa., a 16-year old put two bullets into the head of a taxi driver and then stole about $500 earned by the cabbie that evening. Who are the truly mad ones? The teen, who showed no remorse when arrested a few hours later, mumbled a few words about his reasons. [...]

  • brasch wrote a new diary post: The Sounds of Silence — Political Style

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    Thumbnailby Walter Brasch A hush has fallen over our house. It began late Tuesday night and, if we are fortunate, will last at least a week. Drat these Robocalls! But it will return. We have no illusions that there will be continued quiet. That’s because we are in the middle of yet another election cycle. It’s [...]

  • brasch wrote a new diary post: More Fracking Prostitutes at American Colleges

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    Thumbnail  Indiana State University’s campus may soon feature fracking wells. Among the mission statements of the University of North Dakota Department of Geology and Geological Engineering is that it “strives to develop in its engineering graduates keen insight and abilities to design an environmentally sound and sustainable future for humanity.” Like most college mission statements, it’s a [...]

  • ThumbnailBy Walter Brasch   Nine American mothers will not enjoy Mother’s Day this year. The best way to honor our mothers is to make sure they do not have to mourn the deaths of their children. Their sons were killed in the past month in Afghanistan. This past Wednesday, a family of nine was killed by [...]

  • brasch wrote a new diary post: The Fracking Prostitutes of American Colleges

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    ThumbnailLackawanna College proudly claims its Cabot-endowed School is “focused on its vision of becoming a nationally-recognized, first in class program in the field of petroleum and natural gas technology.” By Walter Brasch (part 1 of 2) Lackawanna College, a two-year college in Scranton, Pa., has become a prostitute. The administration doesn’t think of themselves or their college [...]

  • brasch wrote a new diary post: SitComs Not Always a Laughing Matter

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    Thumbnailby Walter Brasch   My favorite new TV comedy is “Growing Up Fisher.” Sitcom set It’s the story of a blind lawyer, his 12-year-old son, a mid-teen daughter, and an ex-wife who is trying to return to her adolescent years. The show is based upon the experiences of D.J. Nash. J.K. Simmons portrays Mel Fisher; for most [...]

  • brasch wrote a new diary post: Tragedy in the 24/7 News Media

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    Thumbnail  by Walter Brasch CNN is the 24/7 media trumpet for news about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that is presumed to have crashed in the Southern Indian Ocean, southwest of Australia. On that flight were 227 passengers and 12 crew members. CNN grabbed every iota of information, pumped it full of digital frequencies, and broadcast it to [...]

  • brasch wrote a new diary post: Anti-Fracking Activist Can Now Go to the Hospital (update)

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    Thumbnail by Walter Brasch   Vera Scroggins will now be allowed to go to her hospital, supermarket, drug store, several restaurants, rehabilitation therapy – even the recycling center.Vera Scroggins of Susquehanna County, Pa., will now be allowed to go to her hospital, supermarket, drug store, several restaurants, and the place where she goes for rehabilitation therapy. She [...]

  • brasch wrote a new diary post: An Injunction Against the First Amendment

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    Thumbnail Vera Scroggins never planned to be among the leaders of a social movement, but her persistence in explaining and documenting what is happening to the people and their environment has put her there. Vera Scroggins of Susquehanna County, Pa., will be in court, Monday morning. This time, she will have lawyers and hundreds of thousands [...]

  • brasch wrote a new diary post: Lettuce Look at Some Prices

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    Thumbnail Lettuce growing during the winter in Yuma, Arizona I was resting at home when Marshbaum called to ask if I wanted to go with him to look at the lettuce. “The supermarket’s got lettuce for less than two bucks a head,” he said enthusiastically. “What’s so unusual about that?” “Because it’s going to be extinct [...]

  • brasch wrote a new diary post: Disposable Assets in the Fracking Industry

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    Thumbnailby Walter Brasch   The oil and gas industry, the nation’s chambers of commerce, and politicians who are dependent upon campaign contributions from the industry and the chambers, claim fracking is safe. First, close your mind to the myriad scientific studies that show the health effects from fracking. Close your mind to the well-documented evidence of [...]

  • brasch wrote a new diary post: No Merit Badge for This Scout

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    Thumbnailby Walter Brasch Rex W. Tillerson Rex W. Tillerson, a resident of Bartonville, Texas, like many of his neighbors was upset with his city council. That’s not unusual. Many residents get upset at their local governing boards. And so they went to a city council meeting to express their concerns that the council was about to award [...]

  • brasch wrote a new diary post: Communicating the Atomic Fart

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    Thumbnailby Walter Brasch   My son’s best friend bought an iPhone shortly after they were first released in 2007. Original iPhone + iPhone 3G + iPhone 4 Not long after my son’s friend got his Apple iPhone, he got an app—the Atomic fart. It appealed to his—and millions’ of others’—junior high school sense of humor, although by the [...]

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