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    Turner? Ohio’s senators are Portman-R and Brown-D.

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    Bluedot12, the FED (Federal Reserve) does not issue bonds, it BUYS them. The Treasury, along with printing money, issues Savings Bonds and Treasury Bills. People and Banks loan the US Gov’t Money by purchasing Savings Bonds and T-Bills. When we reach the limit of the debt ceiling, the Treasury can no longer issue any more [...]

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    Scour condition relates to checking the pilings the bridge rests on — if the river current is very strong it can undercut the pilings’ base over time. This can also happen to the foundations of a dam.

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    Is anyone besides me getting tired of hearing “We don’t know what the exchanges will look like?”

    Anyone whose employer offers an “Open Season” for health benefits has participated in an “health insurance exchange.” Federal employees do, state employees do, and it would not surprise me to find out that large businesses do the same.

    I doubt that any of these providers will reinvent the wheel. The States that are making their own exchanges will base them on what they offer their own employees, same with the Feds…and if you want a sneak preview just go to the OPM.gov website and look at the Federal Employees Health Benefits — all the plans are listed.

    It’s no mystery, and it isn’t complicated. There are even side-by-side comparisons of the plans, and the cost of each plan is there as well.

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    Because the meat butchering and packing plants have to have a USDA* inspector in every day to verify that the plants are meeting the safe processing requirements.

    There aren’t enough inspectors NOW. The ones we do have have been working overtime which the sequester does not permit. Due to the budget restraints of the last few years there have been very few new hires, and with no appropriation bills passed there will probably be no new hires for a very long time.

    When the furloughs hit — some factories will have to close on the day(s) they don’t have an inspector on the premises.

    *Note: USDA is responsible for doing food safety inspections NOT HHS/FDA.

  • Yes — black smoke if there were not sufficient votes to elect a Pope, white when there are enough. It has nothing to do with the death of the Pope, it’s just the way the cardinals signal how the election process goes.

  • I was there for the 1995-96 government shutdown. I’m a retired federal employee. My first year (1978) was the year a Republican named Chalmers E. Wylie (R-OH) decided to take the HHS appropriation bill hostage. I went an entire month without a paycheck.

    Every time the government has had a shutdown, the offices I worked for closed completely. I’ve been in the situation of not knowing if I’d be able to pay my bills.

    Even worse? Current federal employees may not get paid after a shutdown, Congress can decide not to give them back pay.

  • I’d rather Congress just go ahead and raise the debt ceiling. Better yet, end it, as it serves no useful purpose.

    But I’ve been through this nonsense almost every year I was a federal employee, and I’ve reached the point that I think short-term pain is necessary for the body politic to resolve not to do it again.

    I AM hoping it won’t be necessary.

  • I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate here:

    I have often wondered (when the Republicans take the debt ceiling hostage) what would happen if the President actually shut EVERYTHING down?

    No Air Traffic Control — no flights. No Social Security checks, Federal/Military paychecks, no tax refunds…

    I know people will be hurt. But some of those will be those Tea Party folks who held up pretty signs that said, “Keep your hands of my Social Security benefits” (or Medicare).

    I think it might be the only way to drive home the lesson of what the government actually does for the populace. Shutting down the National Parks doesn’t hurt everyone. But shutting down air travel would hit everyone.

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    Well, if it’s a girl — how about:

    Victoria Alexandra Mary Elizabeth

    In order, that is: Great-Great-Great-Great Grandmother, Great-Great-Great Grandmother, Great-Great Grandmother, Great Grandmother (and Grandmother).

    What I’d really like to see: Diana Victoria Alexandra Katherine.

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    Yes — last winter the “winter-blooming” apricot (which had been flowering in March) was setting buds by Yule, and started blooming at the beginning of February 2012. Our neighbors bees loved it.

    I also had snowdrops in bloom on February 2nd. Those have been blooming earlier and earlier, when we first moved here they didn’t start blooming until the last week in February — I’ve noted the date each year in my multi-year garden journal.

    Due to various family/pet emergencies we didn’t plant much of a garden this year. It was just as well — too hot and too dry for most of our favorites to survive. The only things that did well were the lotus and the waterlilies!

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    I look at the maps and shudder. Here in Central Ohio we did not have the day-long soaking rains we usually get in October-November. The only plant that seems to be enjoying the weather is the rosemary in the back yard.

    Note, rosemary is usually not hardy in Central Ohio — it is considered a tender perennial, and when the temperature drops into the 20s (F) it dies. It was green and growing all last winter. First time I’ve had one do that.

    In another 5 years I may be able to grow camellias. This is not a good thing.

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    Already emailed all my Congresscritters — including the Republicans, telling them to let the Bush/Obama tax cuts expire.

    I’m not sure I should bother with the White House.

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    The next time you hear some right winger bitch about this, PLEASE point out that the Republican House members CUT the security budget for the embassies.

    You can’t have guards and equipment if you can’t pay for them.

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    Oh, how about a lady knitting?

  • Take a real good look at FEHB — the description of the available plans is on the OPM website. If you’re making a champagne salary ($100K+) you can get very good coverage — but if you’re making half that (or less) your choices are much less attractive.

    Be sure to check just what each plan covers — it’s not the golden goose most people assume it is…

    I’m a retired Federal employee, and I went with the plan that had the best prescription drug coverage. Minimal dental and vision coverage, and high deductibles. Mostly I pray that I don’t get sick, and that the blood pressure and fibromyalgia meds continue to be all I need.

    Health insurance is a farce (and that includes FEHB), and Grayson was right — if you get sick be sure to die as soon as possible.

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    Well count me as not voting for Zero this time around: “Fool me once, etc.” However, should he manage to be re-elected I am going to get a great deal of enjoyment listening to the right wingers go into apoplectic mode on the local Saturday morning call-in show on November 10th. I’d much rather have [...]

  • And then he fires this shot across the alter:

    Typo alert — the word is “ALTAR” not “ALTER”

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    I came here shortly before the Libby trial started, following some friends from Making Light . I found the community convivial, and that it, like science fiction fandom, was and is a living breathing fountain of knowledge and compassion. I do not expect to agree with everyone at FDL — but I will defend to the death [...]

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    IF Fluke sues Limbaugh, it will be for “defamation of character” — and the law would be on HER side because she is a private citizen, who was exercising her right of free speech in testifying before a Congressional committee.

    It’s highly unlikely to reach SCOTUS, and even if it did, Fluke’s rights were violated NOT Limbaughs. Having a nationwide radio show does not give you the right to commit assault.

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