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    Went and got a new pswd just to say how sorry I am to hear what Fenway and the whole tbogg family is enduring right now. I know. It’s crazy. How can we, any of us, love pups we’ve never walked? But we do. And we love their walkers as well.
    Glad there’s a diagnosis and a path to wellness. For that I will send utterances of thanks skyward along with “Keep it up, dammit!”

    Let us know when it’s more than xx, oo and moral support ya need.

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    Voted for a certain master of the hounds. Happily.

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    lessee. If I pay the rest of my utility bills for this month, I’ll only be about 35 bucks overdrawn.

    Shall I lose sleep over the wha-wahs of Wall Street?
    I think not.

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    Happy Birthday, Wembley! You deserve an extra piece of cake for getting Dad off the hook for the weekend.
    Lovely feetz by the way…