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    Oh yes and remember republicans want to drug test all who get unemployment benefits.

  • What a complete crock of shit! You can theorize, crunch numbers, analyze charts and pontificate until the cows come home but unless you call it for what it is you will never get it. Fraud and criminalality is what drove the bubble and the resultant bust. Trying to explain that with economic theory is just plain stupid. Shoulda been nationally televised “perp walks.”

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    If they want you they will keep coming after you and run you out of money. Eventually you will cave one way or another unless you have Bill Gates type of money. Watch the documentary aka Tommy Chong, it is enlightening on just this subject.

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    Cwaltz is 100% correct about SS. All you have to do is look up the Social Security Reform Act of 1983. As to those bonds the ss trust holds they must be repaid with interest. Chained cpi is simply a way to slow walk repayment. Funny we don’t hear anyone suggesting we call up China and tell them we aren’t going to pay them their 4% return we’re gonna change it to 2% because they are contributing too much to our deficit. No one should believe the ss, medicare bullshit with respect to the deficit. It’s a matter of priorities. Do we take care of our own or do we want more bombs?

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    So far they are saying that the only problem is the review process for awarding grants is flawed and needs to be reviewed. Totally ignoring Perry’s pay for play scams that have been going on for years involving all kinds of tax payer money, like the Texas enterprise fund. That one is where if you locate your business in Texas you get government grants and tax incentives as long as you donate to the correct campaigns of course.

  • Fewer and fewer companies are offering retiree health insurance. And those that do are phasing it out. Many older workers would retire if they could afford or get health insurance. Medicare buy in at an earlier age say 60 or 62 (payment reduced when you reach 65) makes a lot of sense. Opens up jobs for the younger folks all the way down the ladder.

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    Dick Cheney’s heart. Quite the oxymoron. I understand he also doesn’t like his first name and is looking to get a “Dick” transplant.

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    It is obvious these women are fantasizing that they are being raped thus naturally shutting down the fertilization process, or the socialist communist pinkos are stealing the precious bodily fluids of the males.

  • The greatest danger is they and their republican allies seem intent on trying to convince us that religious freedom means freedom to let churches decide what laws they will or will not obey. Of course they don’t stop to think what that might mean if other religions decide they want to do the same.

  • Why not just have states apportion their electoral votes based on the percentage of votes each candidate receives in that state? Does not require a constitutional amendment since states are free to do this by passing a state law. Downside of course is if this presidential election will cost nearly $1billion just think if they had to campaign in all 50 states!

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