• Always loved the original “Star Trek” — but it still was stuck in a lot of the stereotypes about women of the period. Of course, that makes sense. It’s just interesting to contrast all of the women characters in that show with Samantha Carter of “Stargate”and see how far we have come.

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    May they continue to lose elections for the rest of my lifetime, and in increasing numbers.

    My only concern is that some of them are smart enough to put a “D” after their names and push the Democratic party further to the right.

    We need to get the money out of politics, or we will never solve this problems.

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    Sweet pup.

    My grav is of my cat, Ollie, who passed away last summer, with ribbons on his head. Miss that little guy.

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    Who defines who the “good guys” are and who the “bad guys” are? Are we going to require them to wear white hats and black hats? Or is LaPierre saying he has changed his mind about background checks? And how does he expect us to institute a national database on mental illness? Would he support its use to deny people the right to buy guns?

    Here’s what I haven’t heard discussed:

    Nancy Lanza knew her son had serious mental problems, to the point where she kept him home from school.

    Nancy Lanza had several legal semi-automatic guns in her home.

    Nancy Lanza taught her mentally unstable son how to use those guns because she thought he would develop a sense of “responsibility.”

    Nancy Lanza was killed by her mentally unstable son with one of her own guns.

    I’d like to know LaPierre’s reaction to that.

  • 1. McCain is an asshole.

    2. Bibi is an asshole.

    3. AIPAC is not a “Jewish” lobby. I feel strongly that Israel should exist, but I would never give AIPAC money.

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    The operative word is “ASSAULT.” These are ASSAULT weapons. Why the fuck should anyone have the right to own an ASSAULT weapon????

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    Dear Glenn,

    The shooter killed his own mother with guns she bought legally. Having them didn’t do her much good, did it?