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    Thanks, I like this assessment. Because it has a lot of practical validity and practical measures with which to respond. I also think many semi-opposing comments herein have excellent points, and excellent validity, some with measures for response–but so many quite without the practicality I found in the article. All of it interesting though.

  • Add me to the list–I love it. You speak the truth for me. And it’s great to read the endorsement of Howard Zinn, my hero.

    Thankfully, there are history writers who write for youth and young adults modeled on Howard’s seminal work on the history of America. All my grandchildren received copies. In another year or so, they’ll be getting Howard himself.

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    Hey, I got to vote for 3 Greens on the ballot! That helped me walk away with a smile. But the rest was the usual lesser of 2 evils.

  • Hmmmm…Thanx. This is really interesting to me.

    Speaking as a white guy who is bisexual, was active in the Movement in the 60′s and 70′s, and now a Septuagenarian, I see nothing has changed.

    As one who has had a white female wife, a Chicana female wife, and the same Black male lover most of my life until he died, I see nothing has changed.

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    I’m with you. “Peace among nations?” What we need is someone inspiring who transcends nationalism and all its garbage. Like Malala.

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    Count me twice: “those who care deeply about immigration” and “those in general who see dishonesty”.

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    I really love this. Please repeat it in as many places as you can.

  • Bravo! Strategy voting, gerrymandering, disqualifying certain groups from voting, boycotting elections, and refusing to sign on to an alternative party of choice–it’s all the same bullshit.

    I’m not wasting my vote. Maybe it won’t “count” but by Jesus or Whomever, when they count noses to get info on who’s for what, I can stand up with some pride and call “Green!”.

  • Kerry would be disgusting if he weren’t so pitiful. Incidentally, he not only ran from his past when campaigning against George W., he ran against his present at the time. The contrast between him and the contender for the Mexican president (at roughly the same time and circumstances–a race result that could be contested.) The Mexican contender responded with passion, courage, and challenge, the American war hero responded with quicker-than-immediate surrender that embarrassed even his running mate.

    But as one who has donated to Code Pink, I could not stomach being lectured by that turd, no matter what credibility he had (I was too overwhelmed by the smell to pay attention.).

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    How about that George Will, huh? I remember Jimmy Carter at a gathering, being asked if there were anyone he could not “forgive”. (Sort of a Christian values question.) Carter admitted there’s one: George Will. His story: he had a private notebook stolen, in which he had notes for anticipated questions in an upcoming debate with Ronald Reagan. Somehow the notebook landed in the hands of George Will, who managed to get it into the hands of Ronald Reagan.

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    Re: The Second Sex article under Jessica Valenti: Long ago, I caught a late night interview with Jimmy Carter (for a group with Christian interests, I believe.) In the discourse, he admitted that there’s one person whom he has never been able to “forgive” in a Christian way. George Will.

    He revealed that George Will somehow ended up in possession of his personal diary that was stolen from the White House, in which he (Carter) had written notes in his efforts to meet tough questions in the upcoming presidential debate with Ronald Reagan. But George Will found a way to deliver that diary to Reagan before the debate, and Reagan is no less a scumbag than Will.

    I have never run into that revelation again. Has anyone else?

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    How big a brain does it take to reason that ingestion of cannabis through the digestive system is going to be 100% of the product. And ingestion through smoke in the lungs will result in much being literally blown to the wind in exhale.

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    No, wasn’t it that asshole who always wears a bow tie that took the conservative side? I’m having a brain cramp on the name. Anyway, they were both jerks, which made it somewhat entertaining if you could forget that people took them seriously.

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    I can’t believe NPR chose Tell Me More to cut, assuming something had to go.

    I won’t claim that Tell Me More defended a progressive point of view on political issues, but neither did Michele Martin. It’s mission concerned an informed “balance”. But the real strength is its cultural content and mission. Considering all the crap on NPR, it really sucks that Tell Me More gets the ax. It is NOT a program exclusively for minorities. I am white and I love the program. It positively enhanced the quality of my life.

    I am glad that Michele is staying on in some capacity. She’s one of the best personalities on all of NPR.

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    I’ve been both a Christian and then an Atheist in my life. But I am now finally very content in my spiritual and ethical and philosophical life as a Neo-Pagan. I feel like taking all the pieces of your article and making a different puzzle. I am also left with the impression that “The Unbelievers” [...]

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    BTW, is it me and a few others I know who just coincidentally had found Firefox beginning to be unreliable? I’m a bit surprised that disassociation of a few software associates would cause a CEO to cave. Or were those players that important to the overall quality of Mozilla’s product? (Yes, I am largely computer illiterate.)

    I had switched over to Google Chrome a few weeks ago, unconnected and unaware of these interior political and socio-political dynamics. Now that I know, I think Mozilla got what it deserved but that’s beside the point. Or is it?

  • The biggest benefit of allowing home growing is removing money and profit which marketing and its problems bring.

    As for the process of growing it, take it from an old hippy of the 60′s and 70′s, it is incredibly easy. It really earned the knickname “weed” because it is that easy to grow and cultivate. Once people learn this, it would be the state that becomes concerned, fearing for its anticipated tax revenues.

  • Didn’t his father advise Nixon it’s OK to napalm men, women, and children of North Vietnam because they are Godless Commies?

  • Also, for anyone who is, or have a family member who is, invited to a Wiccan festival affair, and this is a concern, just ask in advance. If “sky clad” is required, you can skip it. “Required” is rare and certainly never against anyone’s will or you’ve run into something other than Wicca. Yet, be advised that for large camp-out Pagan (Wiccan or not) festivals in mountaintop wilderness, clothing is usually optional and many find conversion. But an individual’s free will is a sacred thing that trumps whatever.

  • I understand your intent, which is well taken and I like, but you might want to brush up on the meanings associated with “warlock”. Some may support your use of the word here, others may bring a snicker.

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