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  • Bruce Kluger wrote a new diary post: The GOP’s War on Children

    2012-05-22 21:56:59View | Delete As in most presidential election years, noisy battles have been raging as the nation’s political armies gear up for what promises to be an even noisier fall. This means we’ll continue to hear the familiar clatter about the many “wars” America is currently engaged in—from “the war on terror” to “the war on Wall [...]

  • Bruce Kluger wrote a new diary post: Bullying in America: A National Crisis

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    Thumbnail Although I have lived in New York City for 32 years, I have never been to Staten Island. It has been said, however, that this southernmost of New York’s five boroughs is also its most neighborly. With tree-lined streets and a vibrant mix of white- and blue-collar families, it is even, some say, evocative of [...]

  • Bruce Kluger wrote a new diary post: 9/11: The American Family Survives

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    Thumbnail In his new book, The Sibling Effect , science writer Jeffrey Kluger (disclosure: my big brother) makes an acute observation about the durability of family. “A household is … a parliament of personalities that are forever in motion–and often in conflict,” he writes. “As siblings, we may fight and sulk and fume, but by nighttime we still return [...]

  • Bruce Kluger wrote a new diary post: Amy Winehouse: A Lesson for Kids

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    Thumbnail I was unexpectedly shaken over the weekend when I learned the news about singer Amy Winehouse, who was found dead in her North London home just hours after her manager had announced that she was withdrawing from all future concert dates. She was 27 years old. In those first news reports, no explanation was given [...]

  • Bruce Kluger wrote a new diary post: Has America lost that loving feeling?

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    Thumbnail A few months ago, I reconnected with an old friend on Facebook. We exchanged a few emails, then arranged to meet for a drink the next time she was in New York on business, which was just a few weeks later. And it was there in a neighborhood pub, over white wine, that I confessed [...]

  • Thumbnail Of all the tragedies that befell Tucson last Saturday, the one that seemed to tear most deeply at the heart of our nation was the murder of Christina Taylor Green. Just 9 years old, Christina was on the student council of her elementary school and had hoped to meet her congresswoman, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, at [...]

  • Bruce Kluger wrote a new diary post: Donahue Lands Exclusive Interview With Sacked Santa!

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    Thumbnail Since last month’s shocking news that a giant private equity firm had seized control of Santa’s Workshop in a historic leveraged buyout — and now that the formerly jolly St. Nick, like so many Americans, has been left jobless — media organizations worldwide have been clamoring to land an interview with the reclusive and now job-seeking Father Christmas. [...]

  • Bruce Kluger wrote a new diary post: Fox News’ 2010 War on Christmas!

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    ThumbnailThe smell of roasting chestnuts from street-corner vendors. The sounds of joyful caroling. The sweet sight of children in mittens, building their first snowmen. Ah, the Christmas season is here. And, of course, that means: Get ready for another war on Christmas from our friends at Fox News. Now that a giant corporation has taken control [...]

  • Bruce Kluger wrote a new diary post: HuffPo Scoop: Santa Claus Sacked!

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    ThumbnailNORTH POLE — Yes, Virginia, the economy has gotten that bad. Early this morning, Santa Claus, the jolly icon of the holidays and legendary symbol of Christmas for more than 970 years, was asked to step down from his position as chief manufacturer and distributor of holiday toys and merriment. The announcement was made by a [...]

  • Bruce Kluger wrote a new diary post: Christmas Crisis: Santa Laid Off!

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    “Hi, I’m Santa Claus. No, not some smelly saucehead ringing a bell for the Salvation Army: I’m the Real McKringle. You know, red suit, white beard, massive butt. Guess what? I got FIRED by the mega-corporation that bought my Workshop. So for the first time in 970 years, it seems I’ve got some time on my [...]

  • NORTH POLE — In a move that shocked analysts, delighted tinsel manufacturers and brought trading at global exchanges to a brief if stunned silence, GigantiCorp, the world’s largest private equity firm, announced today that it was acquiring Santa’s Workshop, the family-owned North American toy plant that has been the leading manufacturer and distributor of Christmas gifts, [...]