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  • Chuckles is merely tellin stories out of school again, Fing hypocrite that he is.

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    Well said Bobbylon. It’s amazing what passes as leadership these days. This shit is getting so predicable.

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    The new Tunisian President was recruited as a “pro-democracy activist” by the CIA/US State Dept. after 2004-05 when funding was started to recruit/train such “activists” from the MENA region. Your second and third statements need to go one step further, if you catch my drift.

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    Really? Wow!!

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    The CIA and the US State Dept. have been covert actors in the “Arab Spring” for years. The CIA/State Dept. spooks have had this (Arab Spring) in the works going back to 2005-2006 when funding started to recruit “activists.” The Saudis and the other Arab states may be worried about Iran but they also don’t [...]

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    Who even still bothers to watch MSNBC, what so obviously has become the Dem Party/Obama propaganda machine? Ratigan is the only one I have the stomach to watch anymore and even he has too many of the Dem Party operatives slinging their tribal bullshit (unchallenged). His loud and verbose style of delivery gets annoying as [...]

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    0 can go back to Chi-town and be the star of billionaire Penny Pritzker’s parties, hangin out wit Valerie Jarret, Rahm Emanuel and the Daley criminal enterprise from which he morphed into the Natl. spotlight. He served his purpose, the only thing left is to replace Kissinger protege wonderboy Timmie (Timmie’s daddy has CIA ties [...]

  • He’s just another psychopath….

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    sources, sources, sources Mr. Dayen. Don’t you check your sources? I thought you were better than that but apparently, NOT. I guess whatever fits your agenda is good enough? Really, dropping to sleazeball journalism? Here is a comment from a person that has firsthand experience with your “source.” Congrats though, the majority of peeps here gobbled it up as gospel. Jake Witmer says:
    October 5, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    Before I knew what a completely sociopathic, scheming jerk Dondero was, he invited me to stay at his house, when we both believed I was placing Gary Nolan on the ballot, in 2004. Dondero and I both supported Nolan, but for differing reasons. I supported Nolan because he had done an immense amount of legwork in Texas, where I was petitioning, even more than Badnarik, who lived in Texas. At every university, the kids actually knew who Nolan was, whereas they had no idea who Badnarik was. That level of dedication totally sold me, because I had been petitioning for over two years for the LP, and nobody ever knew who our candidates were, unless they self-declared themselves as libertarians.

    The LP chose Michael Badnarik instead, due to some scheming from the Chicago Libertarian Party Chair, Val Vetter (he had the convention rules changed to allow Badnarik to give his class on the constitution at the convention). The libertarians at the Convention saw a tired and “worn out” Gary Nolan, and a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Badnarik. They did not see all the new supporters Nolan had brought into the LP. They voted their ignorance.

    Anyway, back to Dondero. Dondero had just quit/been fired (controversy) by TX congressman Ron Paul. Ron Paul was a hero to the libertarian movement, and Dondero had angrily quit when Paul angrily said to him “You work for me!” (Which happened right after Dondero had issued a bunch of pro-war statements on Paul’s behalf.) As best I can discern, at this point, Paul chose to get rid of Dondero, and that “getting rid of” was done in some way that was “off the books” to avoid embarrassing either of them. So, Dondero was so dedicated to militarism that he quit a job as the Sr. aide to the most respected and best-known libertarian in the United States of America. Interesting.

    Back to the 2004 LP nomination: Dondero stated to me that the LP was “finished” if Badnarik won. I somewhat agreed, but thought he was exaggerating (and being his usual hyperbolic, over-emotional self) to some degree. When I left TX and returned to IL in the summer of 2004, Badnarik won, and Dondero claimed that he was now an “enemy of the LP.” For the rest of the year, he was a “Republican” who trashed the LP.

    In 2008, Dondero was a supporter of Rudy Guiliani, after Ron Paul famously decried the waste and insanity of US foreign policy. He formed a group called “libertarians for Guiliani” that was a total and complete joke, and never did much of anything, when Guiliani rapidly sank in the polls, following his debate with Paul. Dondero became a McCain supporter when McCain won the Republican nomination.

    While I was staying with Dondero in 2004, several things became completely clear:

    1) Dondero supports militarism above all else. He has stated this clearly, emphatically, and precisely to me, in person. When asked if he supports the US military above the libertarian cause, he said “Yes. …Absolutely.”

    2) Dondero believes that the ends justify the means. He is 100% OK with lying to serve his range-of-the moment (usually a few weeks) goal. He sees absolutely nothing wrong with this. (If he served the cause of liberty, I might agree with him, in order to avoid democide in the USA, but since he serves the cause of militarism and empire, I strongly disagree.)

    3) Dondero has a crude grasp of libertarian principles, and all of them are able to be jettisoned at a moment’s notice for the sake of winning whatever argument he’s currently engaged in. This makes him a costly and time-wasting debate opponent, and it further forces one to rely on the audience’s intelligence to identify fallacies in Dondero’s argument. (Dondero cares nothing about this –in any debate, he is there to score points using any and all fallacious argument, and leave). As an example of Dondero’s crude grasp of libertarian principles, when I said “The US would be immune from invasion and occupation if the 2nd amendment was respected and private arms carrying was encouraged.” He incredulously replied: “You want ‘gun guys’ to protect the US? (laughter) You’re crazy! Only the military can do that!” He then tried to drown me out with laughter when I cited the example of Switzerland in WWII, and the gun confiscations from Tutsis before the Rwanda massacres, etc…

    4) Dondero’s goals continually shift. He views this as “playing politics.” If he were vastly more intelligent, he’d be a Henry Kissinger type of sociopath. As it stands, he is a lower-level tool that our government appears to occasionally use against the Libertarian Party. For instance, he ended his friendship with me in an interesting manner. Although I had noticed his politics were inconsistent for some time, I had placed him in the camp of “wannabe objectivist” or “pro-war libertarian” and thought something to the effect of: “Well, he’s not a consistent libertarian, but he occasionally does some good things for the cause of liberty, even if it’s only making connections between actual libertarians.” Then, after the Paul v. Guiliani exchange, I talked with him on the phone, because he called me up wanting me to shill on internet message boards in favor of drug warrior, pro-war, anti-free speech, anti-libertarian Guiliani. I said: “You must be crazy. Guiliani is basically a nazi, and no libertarian would ever support him. This doesn’t mean that we can’t still be friends, but…” to which he cut me off, and said “Actually, Jake, it does” …and hung up. I thought to myself “Wow, Eric is really a sociopath. Oh well, good riddance to bad rubbish.”

    5) Eric is a collectivist. He didn’t support Bush on principle in 2004, and he didn’t later support Guiliani, McCain (and still later Bob Barr) on principle in 2008. In each case, he was throwing himself into politics based on what the collective had done, in debates and in their conventions. When he became a ballot access petitioner for Bob Barr (hired by Bill Redpath to disseminate the message that Libertarians are pro-war to thousands and thousands of people), he justified his immediate shift to being a Barr supporter in this way: “Bob Barr’s a great candidate! He’s pro-defense!” All of Barr’s ideas meant nothing to Dondero except one: does he mindlessly support enlarging and growing the size, power, and scope of the U.S. Military. YES. Ding! …Eric’s a supporter!

    6) Eric’s entire goal is to make the LP a mindlessly pro-military organization. This has nothing to do with “defense.” This has nothing to do with protecting the U.S. from undue theocratic influence (as it does for say, Leonard Peikoff), Islamic or otherwise. This has nothing to do with protecting the individual rights of gays or women, gun rights, free speech, etc… It has everything to do with defense of Eric’s tribe, his collective: the US military. The US Military paid and continues to pay Eric, and for that, he is their faithful servant. (Since this goal directly conflicts with the goals of the libertarian movement, and Libertarian Party, Eric should never ever be a paid representative of our party, ever again. He should never be a paid petitioner, ever again, because that amounts to him being a paid representative of the LP. Everyone who interacts with Dondero about the LP is told that the LP is basically a more militaristic version of the Republican Party that wants less government intervention on domestic soil.)

    Recently, Eric was running short of money. Petitioner Jane Harwell has several interesting stories about meeting him on a petitioning job in Texas, and befriending him.

    First, Eric asked her to come to lunch with him. She agreed, and thought they’d talk about the job, petitioning, etc… Instead, when Eric got to the restaurant, he said “Actually, Rush Limbaugh is on, so I can’t talk right now.” She ate in silence, amazed at how rude someone could be, just to listen to a crappy radio program designed to brainwash already mindless “dittoheads.”

    Second, Eric showed up one day at the petitioning location she had met him at, dressed as a firefighter. He put a boot out on the table, and put a sign under it that said something to the effect of “donations” or “help the cause.” All of the donations went directly into Eric’s pocket. When someone would contribute, he would say “God bless you! …You’re a great American!” …Eric has mastered Texas’ “folksy charm.” He has mastered this by interacting with well-meaning, uninformed, god-fearing Texans, and Americans all across the USA. By keeping him employed as a traveling sociopath/petitioner, the LP and other petitioning organizations have helped him do this (they just want the signatures, and don’t care much who collects them).

    Dondero’s reasoning goes like this: Those Texans who contributed to him WERE furthering the cause of liberty. …Because they were furthering the survival of Eric Dondero, the great libertarian crusader! By allowing Dondero to eat another day, those Texans were furthering the cause of liberty, by making the Libertarian Party more “politically viable” by making it more unquestioningly militaristic. (After all, a nation that doesn’t mindlessly support everything its military does is weaker than a nation that does!)

    These tortured mental gymnastics are truly worthy of the “South Park” character Eric Cartman.

    In Donderoland, the ends ALWAYS justify the means, and ALWAYS simultaneously result in serving Eric Dondero (by making him money, by making him seem important, by making him seem credible, etc…).

    These are characteristics of narcissism, and sociopathy.

    If I had less awareness of the Libertarian Party’s organizational structure, I might think that they would use this information to sheild themselves from the effects of hiring Eric. But since I know exactly how they work, I’ll just say:

    Gawd Bless Amer-kuhh

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    The only thing laughable is your “source.” Hilarious indeed.

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    Here is a little something about your “source.” Maybe if you would read some comments elsewhere you might be a little better informed about the sources you consider for your “positions.” But that isn’t what you really want is it? You just want what eblair pointed out, you just want the corporate media model of [...]

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    If you think Merkel and or Sarkozy are acting in the best interest of their respective nations you don’t have clue. Oh and by the way, iseeitfx is spot on.

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    A fraud infers MM is representing himself as something or someone he is not. He openly supports Occupy and Obama, so hypocrite yes, fraud no.

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    Louder or more prominent voices only prevail if you collectively allow them to do so. MM no more defines the movement than any other individual does so why does it matter (so much) what he does or says? His offering of suggestions would be problematic if it were done behind closed doors in secret and [...]

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    Ah, they are at the very bottom of the 99%, the bottom 1% that the government and apparently the vast majority of the 99% pretend don’t exist. When you’re treated like you don’t exist and you are considered dead by the world that surrounds you, that becomes your reality because it is, in fact, your [...]

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    The inevitable lawsuits that will be a result of the injured by excessive force may equal or exceed that being spent to use the unlawful excessive force. Oh wait, that would be if we still had the rule of law. But we don’t so we’ll end paying for both and even if you won in court and were awarded damages where do you think THAT MONEY would come from? Something tells me it won’t come from the $2.4 million that Chase bank gave to the NYPD foundation. Or in case of UC Davis it will just be passed on in tuition fes.

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    “Each camp has a security or safety team and can tell officers about what happens on a daily basis and who needs to be watched closely to prevent conflicts from escalating sharply.” Actually, it can work both ways, the Sacramento PD bicycle cops who patrol Cesar Chevez Park daily and are very familiar with the homeless (and others) who frequent the park would tell me who the likely suspects were that might cause us a problem. We shared info or intell if you will, even to the point of them IDing to me the known drug dealers who hung out at the park, and it made things easier and better for both of us. All they asked of us is that we do as much self-policing as we possible.

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    As far as funding…Sec. 1014. Grant program for State and local domestic preparedness support.States will receive money to buy equipment and training for first responders (police, fire, ambulance.).,_Title_X#Sec._1005._First_responders_assistance_act.

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    9/11 changed everything. The Patriot Act and DHS have changed the domestic law enforcement policies, procedures and funding. The Inspector General of the Department of Justice will appoint a single official who will handle all civil rights and civil liberties abuse claims. Contact information for the official will be made public through the internet, television, and radio.,_Title_X#Sec._1005._First_responders_assistance_act.

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