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    If we lived in a just world there would be some sort of mechanism to administer to those responsible for these atrocities equal treatment. At the Nurenburg trials there were few excuses accepted as were the judgement of those Japanese deemed to be responsible for torture and worse. Atrocities happen to people, not nations. This needs to be remembered and adressed.

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    Not far from my personal feelings. The only person so far that I have heard mention Teaparty is her father when asked if she had any enemies. He replied “sure every member of the teaparty”.

  • Does anything here remind you of Cheney, Rumsfield, G H Bush and I believe Douglas Feith’s trip to Paris to negotiate the continued imprisonment of American hostages in Iran? In the backwoods jerkwater towns of TN they make the law as they go and not always the same for you as for them. Are these people from TN? Wasn’t Chaney and companies act an act of treason? How about these guys?

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    I am a disabled vet and as such most are above my paygrade. I am also a late starter with not too much tech savvy… Peace

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    I believe that someone mispelled the name of Lame-o instead of Lamo. These garbled reports causes me to wonder who is lying and why.

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    When Obama sent more troops the Taliban cheered because there were more fish in the barrel to shoot at. Now they want to send bigger fish? When troop surge happened troop KIA and WIA increased. Why do they really believe that it will be different now? Definition of insanity, repeating an action and expecting different results.