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    Or to put it another way, why should we care if he cares? :O

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    Yah, that’s *exactly* what I’m getting at. By what mechanism? My BOOTS fella! If you think that it’s not possible under Obama, then obviously if he’s the same as Romney, then there’s nothing that we can do and we should all give up. I’ll keep repeating this: I agree with you, I don’t think Obama [...]

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    DW: Sorry not to be clearer. Your comment on my post seemed to clearly and directly argue that Obama and Romney are equivalently “bought off”. What my point actually is is that no matter how beholden Obama is to financial interests, the level of hostility toward Progressivism will indeed be more muted under a Democratic [...]

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    For quite some time I’ve been thinking that the only way to get the Tea Partiers to stop voting against their own interest would be a Romney administration. Unfortunately, it may be the case that that’s true for folks on the left too. One thing I have to admire about the far right’s crusade is [...]

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    I won’t defend Obama’s actions, and if that’s what you think I’m doing, your really need to read my post again. Knee jerking the “people who defend Obama are the problem” is blinding a lot of people on *both* sides of the spectrum. I thank Jane for pointing out that this is not a simple [...]

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    One premise here is that corporate power has been controlling the government for decades. The problem I see with this view–which is essential to saying “Romney will not be much worse than Obama”–is that there has been a very fundamental change in the operating principals of the CEOs of these companies who are of my [...]

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    Someone is an idiot: If Apple patents this technology, then no one else could use it. Since even our current DOJ who rarely sees a merger they don’t like, still can’t allow an actual monopoly on cell phones (that would look bad), there will be phones that don’t have the technology, and all Occupiers will buy those phones.

    And if the government tries to force all phone makers to use the technology, there are ooodles of Teahadists and Originalists and Patriots who the left can join with to stop it….

    It’s actually possible that Apple patented it so that they could *sit* on the technology. They like money and have been well down the greed path, but they’ve never shown any propensity for throwing down with the jack-booted police state. Quite unlike Google, Yahoo and Cisco of course…

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    Duh! Morans!

    Just point them to this clip that Digby posted on Saturday of the 1997 North Hollywood shootout. Similarly armor-clad villains held DOZENS of armed COPS at bay for OVER AN HOUR.

    How would one or two folks with 9mm peashooters have stopped this guy? Really? REALLY?!?


    What kinda fantasyland do these “pack heat and we’re all safe” IDIOTS live in? certainly not one in which they live more than 30 seconds if they really found themselves in such a situation…. Doesn’t have anything to do with being a bleeding heart, anti-gun liberal. Just with real expectations of tactical gun fighting scenarios….

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    Mitt was quoted today saying that government spending is 37% of GDP. A quick check of the intertoobs indicates Conservatives (and Cokie Roberts) use 35%-40%, while everyone else uses 20%-25%, the difference being whether or not “transfer payments” are included. This apparently is mostly self-funded programs like social security, which means that conservatives seem to [...]

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    If progressive views are going to get anywhere, progressive writers when discussing the “cognitive dissonance” of numbers like these MUST start pointing out that much of the “don’t like what Obama has done for the economy” comes from the Krugthulu/Keynesian wing of the party who mostly are going to vote for Obama because yes, the alternative is worse.

    But unless we start EMPHASIZING that Obama supporters DO NOT LIKE his policies MOSTLY because the alternatives are either, 1) vote for the bat-shit crazy reactionaries or 2) tilt at Green windmills, there WILL BE NO PRESSURE on Obama’s crew to talk about the issue.

    It’s a really good idea not to quote these “contrary” figures and even imply that it “puzzling”….

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    The thing to be wary of is to recognize that this is an expansion of Justice Benjamin Cordozo’s complaint that “The criminal is to go free because the constable has blundered,” which has normally been argued referring to the Exclusionary Rule of gathering evidence. The author here dances with the claim that two separate crimes [...]

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    Mayor Quan is not a problem because she’s “da’ man” or is in bed with the Chinatown (you mean “Chinese” of course) Restaurant owners and corporations: it’s simply that she’s incompetent to serve as mayor. As such, it’s best for OO to simply ignore her (although having her melt down like this is great for [...]

  • Sounds like a good argument for replacing the Mandate with an Itemized Deduction on Taxes for people who purchase individual policies….might provide enough competition for the employer subsidy to move everyone onto individual policies (which fixes a lot of problems)….

  • Holder: “Sorry Nancy, it’s too late: we already have an agreement that you should be happy with!”

    Yah! Run Nancy out of office! Let’s run all the progressive-curious out of Congress first! Those apostates are SO much worse than the Blue Dogs! Why should we care that she did a better job of herding cats than any Democrat Speaker since Tip O’Neill?

    Keep up the amazing work dday: it does indeed make a difference.

  • IANAL, but it looks to me like there is a Lawyer’s-License-To-Print-Money here: I’m sure that in at least some states, there are penalties or loss of interest provisions tied to all this missing paperwork.

    With an 80% bad paperwork rate (remember, although this is a sample of foreclosures, the same paperwork problems are in GOOD loans with able borrowers), there’s probably a huge potential for those owners to get their houses equity FREE by simply establishing to the state that the current loan holder actually has no title, and if the loan holder of record is defunct or clearly has no interest, well, FREE HOUSE!

    I’m sure some big damages firms out there can come up with a standard “give us 5% of your house if we release the loans” deal and make bazillions off of this… HEY LEGAL EAGLES! FREE MONEY! :)

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    Willie Brown, who is as connected and politics-wise as they come had this to say in the SF Chronicle last Sunday:

    I hear the White House is mad enough to spit over California Attorney General Kamala Harris’ refusal to go along with their so-called settlement with the nation’s mortgage lenders.

    But there’s nothing they can do about her saying the deal they cut is no good, because she’s right.

    Plus, she’s starting to pick up the support of other attorneys general around the country.

    I’d still watch out if I were her. The White House may not be able to take you out, but the big guns on Wall Street still can.

    Just ask former New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. Or do you think it was a coincidence that all his hooker escapades went public after he started coming down on Wall Street?

    Eric and Kamala may have had their knives out, but the White House brought TEC-9′s….

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    If you’re on Komen’s mailing list, you can get off it and tell them why here: http://ww5.komen.org/Contact.aspx

  • To quote Adam Savage: “That’s what I’m talkin’ about!”

    Yep, that’s right. Unless we keep it away from the mainstream it won’t be pure and perfect revolution.

    Really, at some point, even the corporations start to realize that the conventional wisdom, short-term greed, etc. is actually disadvantageous for the health of the corporation. Insisting that this can never be the case is a self-fulfilling prophecy that *prevents* progressivism from becoming “popular” (“mainstream” if you will).

    See this month’s SciAm article on the Cocoa Crisis, where the Chief Science Officer of Mars makes the case for immediate and drastic climate change action (“But!” he sputters, “ALL corporations MUST be promoting the lies against climate change! They must! They’re ALL greedy! By DEFINITION!”)

  • I know quite a few people who got involved in Occupy Oak when it got started: mainstream progressives. The local view of this–not what’s fed to the MSM–is that participation has steadily shifted to the “traditional leftist/anarchist” activists (the folks who belonged to the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade back when I was a Berkeley). Taking over Kaiser “because The People own it and The People need a place to sleep” is a big step beyond where the vast majority of the progressive crowd is, and this is annoying the vast majority of the folks who support the Occupy movement in general.

    The OPD is definitely not past it’s ugly “Riders” past, shoots before asking questions, and should rightly–along with the very confused Jean Quan–be beaten over the head with their stupidity and inability to approach the situation without making it ten times worse.

    But sorry folks, the Oakland Occupy “consensus” is detrimental to the cause because it destroys so much “capital” (as mentioned a couple of times above) that has been getting the movement closer and closer to getting actually positive mainstream coverage. I’m with them that we should do more to help the homeless, but they’ve hijacked the cause for their attitude and goals that even progressives have no problem calling “Trotskyite”….

  • Jeez, even the libtard press can’t get the headline right.


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