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  • Woulda been nice if this article actually included some insight into what Harris did which overrode the will of DC voters. After opening the WaPo story, I learned that Harris fought for an amendment which squashed the DC pot decriminalization law.

    The fact that a reader has to look in two places to get the full story should suggest something about the quality of the article in question.

  • News reports also linked a synthetic form of liquor, called vodka, to the killer Sat night I had last weekend.

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    Very cool… right up until the point where idiots predictably gather around and point their phone cameras at it, en masse.

  • What did you expect from a survey sponsored by the hyper-liberal Wall Street Journal..?!?!?!

    Oh… wait…

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    In the meantime, what are these businesses doing with their money? I assume some backs are willing to deal with them while others are wary…?

  • Maybe Obama and his Dems should start thinking about all those unfulfilled campaign promises and use the bully pulpit to make shit happen in the time he has left… executive orders, bipartisanship out the window, etc…!!

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    I’m not arguing with any of that – my point is plain and consistent. These reports keep referring to ‘millionaires’ as if they were the super-rich untouchables that they may have been in the 1950′s… but this fact is that 1 out of 20 Americans can be described as ‘millionaires’.

    Folks just sound out-of-touch when they suggest that ‘millionaire’ is synonymous with ‘super-rich’… like an idiot bragging about his uncle’s ‘half-million dollar mansion’ without realizing that $500K is middle class in most places.

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    Only if you are being deliberately obtuse. My point is simply that the word ‘millionaire’ is being used for shock value using a connotation that is now obsolete. The word used to be synonymous with ‘super-rich’… but that’s not true anymore… and that makes portions of the story above inaccurate. Specifically, the suggestions that ‘millionaire’ is synonymous with ‘the 1%’ and ‘the super-rich’ are patently untrue.

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    I get that… but the suggestion is plainly that Congress is run by super-rich ‘millionaires’ who are indifferent to the problems of the ‘rest of us’, when the reality is that 1 of every 20 people you encounter on any given day is technically a millionaire.

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    Is it really accurate to refer to millionaire Congressfolks as ‘rich and super-rich’ when 5% of US households have a net work of $1M or more…? Seems to me like being a millionaire today is upper-middle-class, not rich or super-rich.

    Per Trulia.com, the AVERAGE listing price for homes currently for sale in Wyoming, Connecticut, Colorado, Massachusetts, California, NY, DC, and Hawaii range from $450K to 992K. The term ‘millionaire’ doesn’t mean what it used to.

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    I think the Maddow Theory makes much sense, but it’s troubling that Weinberg refused to comment on it. Weinberg has no love for Chrsitie, so it should have been easy to at least confirm that such a theory would not be irrational based upon her experience with Christie and his crew… but she instead chose to side-step it.

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    The Senate proposed conference committee discussions on the budget initially in March and another 17 teams this year… and were rebuffed each time by the House Republicans. That’s what made Boehner’s offer to setup a conf committee so laughable. Lord, I HOPE Boehner takes this offer from Reid… because we can slay him with it by simply pulling up the history.

  • All you need to know about these whackos is right there in Pat’s first sentence, wherein the viewer allegedly asked him “…whether she had a right to leave her church…”.

    Seriously… she needed to ask Patso whether or not she had the ‘right’ to leave her church…?!?!?

  • Simple question – how does a non-expert get to present ‘facts’ regarding a subject with which they are not familiar, and did someone else here have the opportunity to respond/debunk this nonsense…??

  • Agree… I don’t see an eyeroll there. I see her eating her lunch and alternating between eye contact with Boehner and watching the remainder of the ceremony.

    Much ado about nothing, methinks.

  • Again, every discussion of marijuana legalization needs to framed relative to the legal status of alcohol and tobacco. This avoids the useless bickering on abstract pros/cons of marijuana use, and instead focuses on the need for equitable laws governing similar substances.

    With that said, how does Frum handle his kids’ usage of alcohol and tobacco, since those substances are legal but regulated? How does he handle their recreational usage of salvia, which is legal and unregulated?

  • This can’t be true… because all the gun-a-ganda says that shooters only go where guns are not allowed. Surely the mere presence of an armed guard in Old Sacto would prevent any self-respecting criminal from doing badness, just as armed teachers will surely do.

  • The most troubling part of this…? “No one will ever know who is or is not armed”.

    Seems to me that I should have some sort of right as a teacher to know which co-workers within my workplace are armed/not, and then I could use that information to make an informed decision regarding whether or not I continue working there.

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    $10 says that their statement will confirm their avid support for preventing future incidents of this type, but will warn against over-reactions which violate the 2nd Amendment (their misinterpreted version), and will then go on to focus on the need to fix our ‘broken’ mental health care services in this country… because, everyone should have guns, and it’s more feasible to cure mental illness than simply to remove someone’s access to guns.

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    It’s kind of amusing to see them deal with their disappointment, and with the realization that the US is simply not a ‘center-right’ country despite what their echo chamber tells them.

    HOWEVER, some… maybe many… of these Beck-following nutters really feel like their country is being taken over by an internal enemy, and I’m concerned that they simply don’t have the faculties to cope with that in a rational manner. When I see these images of their despondence, I’m genuinely concerned about violence.

    Man, I hope I’m wrong… and I hope that they can finally put country over party and help get things moving again.

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