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    It’s more a matter of his disconnect than anything else. My wife and I make an income higher than the magical middle class cut-off and we are both Democrats, decidedly left of the position of the current party platform. We know many couples just like us who have a vision of this country that is [...]

  • At some point it is reasonable to wonder why stealing from the current generation of Americans is so much more palatable than stealing from future generations. The SS trust fund was surplus funded starting in 1986 in obvious anticipation of the demographic retirement bubble; Medicare has always been pay as you go. Medicare’s funding needs have increased largely due to more seniors using it thanks to the aforementioned demographic bubble.

    Can we simply admit a few things about the federal budget?

    #1) Nobody really gives a damn about future OR current generations of American tax payers; it’s all about a political football, nothing more.

    #2) Barry and his crew need to start governing in a way that suggests they KNOW this and make sure they place the needs of the population OVER the dipshit balanced budget politics of the day.

    #3) Public debt or annual budget deficits are NOT really issues right now; lowering the unemployment rate is the number one way to improve the lives of all Americans and they ARE mutually exclusive goals.

  • Here’s what a legitimately contrite add would sound like:

    “To the voters of Missouri, I apologize (kind of…). I mean, as things sit right now, the polls seem to indicate most of you either don’t believe I was stupid enough to say what I said, believe in what I said – or simply don’t care.

    After all, when it comes to the human body and public law….uh, hell, when it comes to the human body in general, we all know I don’t know a whole hell of a lot. I mean, I pulled the statement out of my ass, just like 90% of what I say. Reality and knowledge have very little to do with my campaign, why should my thoughts on rape be any different?

    Let’s face it, as a wingnut, the reality I see is more of a reflection of the bullshit stereotypes we all possess – which also are the cornerstone of my campaign; I mean, where would most of the tea-baggers be without them? (collecting beer cans from drainage ditches for recycling is my bet, but I digress……)

    Anyway, I pledge to, in the future, speak in less specific terms so my general disdain for 70% of the American population will be masked behind words designed to evoke more fear in colored people than my (and our) personal ignorance. With your help, we’ll manage to drag the rest of the nation down to our level. The lefties will still be much smarter than us, but at least they won’t be in charge anymore.

    Thank you, God Bless you, and knock back a cold one for me……………”

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    I guess I’d forgoten what a special type of coward Buckley was….and his intellectual counterpunching of threatening with a real punch; do we really need to wonder who won that round?

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    GV became famous thanks to his intellect and excellent delivery of his thoughts while on the national stage (which he did not occupy frequently enough to suit me). He was anti-Kardashian before Kardashian in that his intellect gave us a legitimate reason to listen.

    It probably pained him to see the premise of Bob Roberts come true (the stupid elected in mass numbers, supported by the stupid masses, better known as tea-baggers). I’m sure he hoped Santorum would be the exception and not the rule in American politics.

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    RIP Gore Vidal. I read “Burr” as a bored HS junior in 1979 and started thinking about politics for the 1st time thanks to that book (and GV). His role in “Bob Roberts” was great.

    Any nominees to replace GV?????

  • Thomas Friedman, like many of these others at the NYT or WaPo, loves to bend over backwards to show HIS specialized training makes him smarter than everyone else in the room. Unfortunately, his frequent misapplication of even the most rudimentary of economic principles makes him seem more like Sarah Palin than Milton Friedman. Whose to [...]

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    Americans are surprised at the size of the military budget because most of them intrinsically know Al-Quaeda won’t be attacking the US off of the NJ coast with a battleship or carrier group, so THEY mistakenly assume congress understands the same. On the other hand, even the federal budget items they think they understand are [...]

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    Smugness is the least of Costas’s issues. In the litany of Costas problems, I’d place general stupidity at number 1, followed closely by pretentiousness that, ironically, could only be rivaled by Kim Jong-Il. He is the personification of the market notion of tipping; like when something gets popular (like VHS over Beta) and nobody can quite figure out why, especially when the reasons for unpopularity are readily apparent.

    The FDL blogger Kevin Gosztola noted that “Broadcasters of the American idiocracy were in true form,” I respectfully submit that Costas is its nincompoop-in-chief.

  • So Obama is slighly less non-likable, like Kraft Singles versus Veleeta????????????………

    Kind of where I am. So voting for Barry will be like eating a shitty grilled-chesse sandwich in that I don’t literally need to hold my nose when I do it.

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    Of course, Barry is right. On the other hand, it’s breathtaking that he would adopt such a progressive narrative while using metaphors noting cut-backs, belt tightening, etc., undermining the very mechanism providing the institutional help to which he alludes.

    I’d kind of like to see him make up his mind. If you are going to talk about the good government does (as he did in this speech), then adequately fund it and use it in a manner that does the most good, rather than cutting back services and budgets (or at least STOP agreeing with the wing-nuts proposing the cut-backs). Hey Barry, your federal hiring and pay freezes helped to exacerbate the poor economy (and I know YOU know that), so why the progressive talk now?????

    Oh yeah, right. This helps YOU get elected; I get it.

  • I really have fatigue over this issue (which is, I suppose, intended on the part of wing-nuts everywhere). The fatigue lies not in the wing-nuts in the legislatures, but in the at-large public who seems to believe right-wing nonsense about the minimum wage costing jobs. Whatever job loss there is, (and there will be some, but not nearly on the scale predicted by wing-nut economists) is MORE than offset by better living standards by those who rely on minimum wage jobs AND increased consumption by those earning those wages. Ironically, most economists who oppose increasing the minimum wage also aggressively advocate for a much more generous EITC (earned income tax credit). I guarantee not ONE nutjob in the tea-bagger caucus supports that (let alone could spell EITC).

    When will the people learn the economy is here for us, we are not here for the economy? It is our society and our government’s DUTY to morally structure it; it won’t happen on its own.

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    Personally, I’m a bigger fan of “nimcompoopery“……

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    The more complex one realizes the planet to be, the less appealing this drivel should be to any sentient human being. As a self-absorbed youngster this may have an appeal, but at the same time it is a self-parodying philosophy thanks to its simple minded nature. The breathtaking hypocrisy of Ayn Rand herself should be enough to convince even the most devout (but inadequate to sway Allen Greenspan).

    If you want to see the funniest non-intentionally funny movie of all time, watch The Fountainhead. Making it more delicious was that the Grifter Queen herself (no, not Sarah Palin) wrote the screenplay.

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    The title of this piece is “The Hypocrisy of “Clean Coal”’ – it needs to be changed to “The Fallacy of Clean Coal,”

  • I wouldn’t have thought it possible to find a bigger idiot than Boortz; will wonders never cease?

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    Amen on both accounts………..

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    Your question is full of so many ignorant assumptions it’s difficult to know where to start. Your underlying assumption that CA’s slightly progressive income tax schedule is somehow damaging their state budget is contradicted fairly easily by noting its ever increasing population base; never mind that nearly EVERY state has the same problem.

    See, your world needs to fit into some bullshit philosophical narrative, mine merely conforms to reality.

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    Not even right-leaning economists think it’s sustainable. This merely illustrates another aspect of the political narrative of the R’s conflicting with reality. Salary expense is a line item on a company’s income statement. If 3 people are paid 40% of the expense, the math for the remaining 60% for a workforce sized at 3,000 won’t be very favorable. In the mid 1960’s when the top marginal rate was 95%, you needed to make around $250K per year to get there. Corrected for inflation, that would be an annual salary of $1.785 million in 2012 (not too shabby).

    Is there really that much of a mystery as to how this salary disparity creating the 1% happens?

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    Yep – and that is hatred and violence actively fomented upon gay Africans by American bible-thumping psychopaths like this twit. Of course, twit is not really fair. When I think of a twit, I think of somebody who’s harmless. This festering turd of a human being does more damage than can be calculated.

    I didn’t know Cooper was closeted, but I guess I could not care less. I just wish he was a better interviewer (at least in this case).

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