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  • Bullsmith commented on the blog post Obama Worked to Kill Democratic Fight on Tax Cuts

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    This administration is determined to be bipartisan, meaning they only cut deals with Republicans. Democrats can go fuck themselves. That’s why they don’t want to be seen as triangulating, because it implies making a deal with the left, too. And that, as we can see, is a bridge they will not cross.

  • The most amazing thing about Obama’s “compromise” is not only do the Republicans get everything they want and more, they get to campaign against it! Starting today! Obama couldn’t do more to destroy the Democratic party if he tried.

  • America is being asset-stripped by the rich. Obama and the Democrats are providing full cover for it. There is no compromise, there are some band-aids to provide PR cover for the looting. The hubris of the man lashing out at the left for noticing what he’s doing is pretty revealing.

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    Todd actually nailed him. He’ll give the Republicans anything they want and he’s now admitted as much.

  • To be fair, they’re going to call him a President Who Raised Taxes During A Recession regardless of what he does. There’s no political win here for Obama, there’s just a bunch of money for rich people.

    I don’t believe it’s an electoral calculation. Those who get the cuts aren’t voting Republican. The only people who will remember this in two years are the rich who got the money and those who are angry about it. It’s just more theft from future taxpayers on behalf of present tax dodgers.

  • “The American people did not vote for gridlock or unyielding partisanship… They will hold all of us accountable.”

    The results of the 2010 election make this already proven false. If Obama tacked left hard enough, he might even make it to the center before 2012. It’s funny how a guy who can’t stop talking about driving into a ditch so adamantly refuses to turn the wheel.

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    Standing up to the rich and reversing some of the massive transfer of the nation’s wealth into fewer and fewer hands is the obvious, populist move. Any party that actually did it would be rewarded by the voters. The Democrats aren’t stupid, they’re bought.

  • But see this way the administration can pretend it’s not simply giving Israel gifts to start shiny new wars with, but instead are helping the Palestinians, who will no doubt be bombed into gratitude.

  • The job of the commission was to make sure the debate started with a list of republican-only talking points. Just like Health Care Reform had to start by protecting the insurance industry and Finance Reform had to start by keeping the biggest fuckup bankers firmly in their jobs. Since 14 of the commissioners wouldn’t go along with it, Simpson and Bowles had to take matters into their own hands and save the day. And they have done so, from now on all MSM discussion of debt reduction will include the need for tax cuts for the wealthy and benefit cuts for the poor.

    Mission accomplished. Medals of Freedom all around.