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    As usual, you’ve said it far more eloquently than any of us could. For some time now I have had a growing feeling of WRONGNESS,that everything is just wrong, somehow we have taken a turn into s different universe or timeline. And more and more I despair that we will not be ably to to [...]

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    Please, please, please let this be the one that finally splits the whole thing wide open!!!!! Of course I have that same thought every single time there’s another lawsuit, and it never happens. It makes me want to scream.

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    I agree with Michael Cavlan- this article is incredibly powerful. It should be front-paged immediately. You are an incredible writer (and I say that as one writer to another). I’m going to put this on my Facebook page. Yes, I know Facebook is evil, but we might as well use the tools of the Capitalist [...]

  • All of the servicers should be shut down immediately, thoroughly investigated, and thousands upon thousands of people should be brought up on charges. Servicing of ALL mortgages should be taken over by a government entity (not that the gov’t is all that trustworthy either). Better yet, I think we’ve reached the point where it’s time for a debt jubilee- all debts are wiped out, right now. Everybody gets a free house. You, me, Warren Buffett, everybody. Not perfectly fair, but how much longer do they think they can keep up this juggling act?

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    You had fan belts and oil treatments, now there’s the “extended warranty,” which is particularly annoying because nothing that is manufactured now can actually be repaired.

    Recommended as always, and I’m still keeping my fingers crossed about the job.

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    I always look forward to your diaries, Dave. I really hope you get the job. You’ve really put a human face on the tragedy that has befallen this country.

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    Apparently the financial system has already gotten that complicated, since no one IS stopping the theft and corruption. Or is it that they don’t want to?

  • I sent the RESPA letter to my servicer (GMAC). Their response to the MERS inquiry was basically: Your mortgage is registered with MERS. Contact them for more info. They might as well have said, “We don’t got to show you no stinking allonges.”

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    It’s astounding to me that they keep rolling this stuff out, but I guess enough people are still buying it. I have to constantly educate well-meaning friends who want to tell me “Well, surely this means you’ll be able to get help with your mortgage.” No it doesn’t. They have no intention of helping me [...]

  • Where do I sign up to be in on the class action?!!! And is there some way to get in touch with Lori Wigod just to show our support?

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    Recommended as always, Dave. Should you find yourself in Oakland ever, I have a room you can stay in.

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    If we are headed to a Max Headroom-like world, I want to be a Blank.

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    Gee, I’ve only applied for HAMP twice- the first time I was still current on the payments and they turned me down because they said I didn’t make enough money to afford even a modified payment. After filing for bankruptcy last year, I applied again. This time I’ve gotten all the way to the temporary [...]

  • Ah, no one wants to recommend a diary about REAL shit! Except me, of course, because I became aware of this issue after writing a book about bathrooms and looking into the history of sanitation. The Romans had better toilets than most of the developing world has today. The biggest favor we could do for [...]

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    I too thought I would die of old age before this edifice finally fell. It seemed like every time a new crack opened up, they just wrapped more duct tape around it to keep it standing. The whole thing is mind-boggling. I hope this is the first of many cases to be filed that will [...]

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    I totally would have voted for Vermin Supreme!

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    My e-mail is hsedressng@aol.com- not up to figuring out how to e-mail you directly.

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    Where can I get your books? A search turned up only an Amazon download for Kindle, and not only do I not have a Kindle, I’m mostly boycotting Amazon ( my niece gave me an Amazon gift card for Christmas- hard to turn down a chance to buy books I couldn’t otherwise afford). I vaguely [...]

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    Wow, if true, this is seriously scary.

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