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    The statement that “most anyone” at the IRS can access return information is woefully inaccurate.

    Only a fairly small subset of IRS employees actually have access to the IDRS database (I didn’t have it when I worked in the Office of Chief Counsel). Those employees who do have access are subject to close scrutiny. Unauthorized access is a crime, and people do get prosecuted, convicted, and thrown in Jail.

    Other than that … carry on kicking the asses that need kicking.

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    So … is there anything resembling an actual plan to keep Gotham City San Diego from falling into the hands of the Joker Doug Manchester in the event that Filner resigns or is recalled?

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    DeMaio is the faithful minion of Douglas Manchester, the worst kind of Republican oligarch.

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    Bob Filner kept San Diego from being governed by Doug Manchester’s obedient servant Carl DeMaio. I am prepared to cut him a considerable amount of slack because of that. Non-San Diegans might want to acquaint themselves with Mr. Manchester before reaching for the tar and feathers.

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    Ms. Monroe is the real deal. That’s all the reason that is required.

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    Shostakovich Stmphony No. 10, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, VasilynPetrenko cond.
    “Roads Cross,” Ravi Coltrane
    “Hand Jive,” Miles Davis
    “Rio Part IX,” Keith Jarrett
    “Bagful,” The Very Best
    “Ashes,” Hilary Hahn & Hauschka
    “Be Assured,” Dan Tyminski
    “Yuma,” Viktoria Mullova with the Matthew Brady Ensemble
    “Come to the River,” The Jayhawks
    “Bridal Veil Falls, ” Chris Thile