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  • busher commented on the diary post What’s at Stake for PA Schools in Property Tax Debate? by ThirdandState.

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    I think the author is out to lunch. The problem with using property taxes to fund the school system is that inner city schools get shortchanged. Secondly, property taxes put an undue burden on seniors citizens. There may be problems with a state wide tax, but a local tax is not the solution. What should [...]

  • busher commented on the blog post House GOP Looking To End Budget Fight

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    The President better not get one of his cravings for a “bipartisan” solution. Let them blow everything up. They will go the way of the Whigs and we won’t have to listen to their constant WHINING.

    This agreement is only for a 6 week debt limit increase. That means we will be right back here again where they will demand more concessions. How can they demand any concessions? Time to deal with this now and end all this NONSENSE once and for all.

  • busher commented on the blog post Democrats’ No Negotiation Stance Under Pressure

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    There is no way the Democrats can cave on this. The markets are going to react (They are already starting) well before we actually default. The GOP can deny reality for just so long.

  • You have to give the GOP some props. This is a political strategy that is, at least, different. I’m INSANE so you have to give me what I want because you’re SANE.

    Who said the GOP can’t come up with new ideas?

  • busher commented on the diary post Republicans Freaked Out That Obama’s Not Caving Anymore by Phoenix Woman.

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    I’m still shocked. Who knew the President and Harry Reid actually have spines.

    The Conservatives set themselves on fire. Let them cook!

  • The only way I see that the debt limit gets raised is with a House discharge petition. No way BONER puts a bill out without a caucus majority. A discharge petition will allow a clean debt limit bill to go forward without the intervention of the Speaker.

  • Corey Booker is a political hack. He is in the pocket of Wall Street.

    He thinks he is going to be President. He may try to pull an Obama and run for President in 2016 with only a couple of years in the Senate. I hope this derails him politically. This clown gives progressives a bad name.

  • I LOVE it!!! GO! RICHMOND! GO!

    It’s about time those bastards get screwed!

  • I spend some time over on the National Review website engaging “conservatives” so this rant doesn’t surprise me. You should see what passes for “intelligent” discussion over there. They throw at you some Ayn Rand Institute paper or something from some wacko right wing web site to make their points. Then they can’t believe it when you tell them why it’s complete BS.

    What’s scary is that there is a significant portion of the US population that really believes this BS. They are radical. You can’t reason with these people.

    I suggest anyone who reads this start posting on the message boards on National Review. You won’t believe what they folks believe. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

  • You think this is bad? look what at S&P.

    Not 5 years after the crash, their at it again.

  • busher commented on the blog post Capital Accumulation But Not For You

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    Government policy has shifted dramatically to favor the rich and corporations. If you want to turn things around, change the policy. Instead of TRICKLE DOWN go to TRICKLE UP.

    That means much higher taxes on the rich and corporations. That money gets invested in infrastructure, education and research and development. Large corporations have become fat, lazy and forgot how to innovate. Many are WELFARE QUEENS. Living off the government. The motto ought to be innovate or die.

    Let’s use our markets to our benefit. Tax company revenue based on what’s sold in the US, but only allow deductions for expenses in the US. You want to manufacturer overseas, but sell in the US. Then you’re going to pay a 35% tax of the revenues you generate by selling here. Watch how fast jobs come back.

    Why do we have to give corporations a “tax holiday”. Just give them an offer they can refuse. Bring your profits back at 35% in 90 days or pay 50% on those revenues on day 91. That will bring that money home real fast. Take what you collect and invest it in infrastructure.

  • busher commented on the blog post Supreme Court Decision Still Driving the Right Insane

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    You have to be dim witted to watch those clowns. You couldn’t help but notice the 800 “prayer” number or the website promotion. It took up half the screen. I wonder how much of a donation you have to make for a “prayer”? There’s a sucker born every minute.

    Don’t you just love the “right” to life wing nuts. How many innocent babies and pregnant mothers did we kill in Iraq? Where were the “right” to life wing nuts then? Guess they doesn’t count because they’re heathen Muslims.

    Christianity has a history of murdering innocents. The Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the Salem Witch Trials to name of few. But, that killing is okay, it was done in the Name of God.

    The Catholic Church has no wiggle room for contraception, abortion, or gay marriage. It seems to have plenty of wiggle room for pedophilia. Funny how that works out.

  • busher commented on the blog post Behold your “moral arbiter”

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    Funny how the Catholic Church has no wiggle room on abortion, contraception, and gay rights. They seem to have a plenty of wiggle room for pedophilia, at least for the clergy.

  • Is math taught incorrectly? Absolutely! Math is taught without context and is not designed to develop the reasoning power or students. After you learn arithmetic (counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing), where you are taught the mechanics of manipulating numbers, you are thrown into algebra and expected to sink or swim. The only thing the students know is that the material is required and that it is a big part of the SAT. They have no idea of what geometry, trigonometry, or calculus are or how they fit in. Never any context of how algebra was invented and certainly how it applied to the real world.

    Algebra becomes like geography or history. You memorize the formulas or the procedures to solve the problems on a test. What students need to learn is how to reason. I’ll take myself as an example. I didn’t realize the usefulness of mathematics until I took Algebra II. We were studying parabolas. A graph of a Parabola looks like a mountain or an inverted mountain and it’s equation has the form Y = AX**2 +BX + C. Almost always the subject is taught with problems given A,B,&C and you solve the equation. There is a derived formula that let’s you calculate the X & Y at the peak of the mountain. Anyway, the teacher came in one Friday and assigned two extra credit problems. Neither problem mentioned parabolas or gave any equations and was worded like a problem you would find in the real world. What had to be done was to determine that the problem could be modeled by a parabola. You had to determine A,B,&C and then use the formula to determine the “peak” of the mountain. We had 30 students in that course and it was an honors track, meaning these were the best students in the school. Of the 30, 5 solved the problem. That means over 80% of the class had no clue. That’s what wrong with how we teach mathematics.

    So, how do we solve this? The mechanics of solving algebra still has to be taught, but how about throwing in one problem in each homework assignment that challenges the students ability to reason. How about 1 test per month in which students are allowed to use open books and notes and challenge the students to bring open minds. This test forces them to exercise their reasoning skills.

    I’m a Chemical Engineer. In Chemical Engineering courses all tests are open book, open note. I can tell you that it would have been much easier for me if the test had been closed book. The instructor would not have been able to design as challenging a test, but I would not have been as prepared to deal with the real world challenges that I faced in my career.

    Maybe, if the general population were able to reason better, they wouldn’t be inclined to search for answers to today’s problems in a book written 2000 years ago by a bunch of sheep herders.

  • busher commented on the blog post The NSA Pays Contractor To Hack Your Cell Phone

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    You should know that the minute you hit send on an Email you have, for all practical purposes given up your right to privacy. If you don’t want anyone to read your private emails then you need to encrypt them. Email programs like MS Outlook provide this facility. You and the person you want to converse with enable encryption in Outlook and you purchase an encryption certificate from a company like VeriSign for about $15/yr and then you exchange public keys via Email. Then you can send encrypted Emails to your hearts content and no one, not even the NSA, can read your Emails.

    Another way is to buy a program like SecureZip. Write you email in MS word and encrypt it using SecureZip and send it as an attachment.

    Of course, it easier to get on a bulletin board and complain. It may make you feel better, but does nothing to solve your problem.

  • busher commented on the blog post China and Russia Basically Tell Obama to Screw Off

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    Spare me and take off the rose colored glasses. The world is not utopia where everyone plays by the rules. Do you think terrorists stay up at night worrying about your constitutional rights?

    I’m waiting for one of you to say: yes I’m willing to accept that myself or a member of my family be maimed in a terrorist attack so government won’t go through my phone records to try to find terrorists.

    How about expelling everyone of Middle East descent? That would curtail and maybe end the terrorist threat and the government wouldn’t have to snoop through phone records. You can’t have security and a totally free society. The question is what is the right balance.

  • busher commented on the blog post China and Russia Basically Tell Obama to Screw Off

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    So, since the government didn’t prevent one attack that means the it shouldn’t try to prevent any? NO and I repeat NO amount of government action is going to prevent every terrorist attack. By your logic the car industry should stop exploring safety technology because it can’t prevent every accident.

    I wonder how’d you feel about government surveillance if you had your leg blown off in a terrorist attack? I have yet to hear anyone say that if that happened they’d be okay with the government not doing everything possible to try to prevent an attack. I think many of you would be the first in line to try to sue the government over negligence.

    Look at the rigidity of the posters on this board. You clowns should join the Tea Party.

  • busher commented on the blog post China and Russia Basically Tell Obama to Screw Off

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    WOW another constitutional “scholar”. The courts have refused to hear cases involving the Gitmo detainees. The President has declared the detainees “Enemy Combatants” for all practical purposes the detainees are prisoners of war and are governed by the Geneva convention and not the US Constitution. The US government can hold them indefinitely.

    So, a terrorist attack is no reason to shred the Constitution. Unfortunately, the courts have ruled differently. Whether you like it or not courts set up by Congress to monitor with this have sided with the NSA. Don’t you think the ACLU would be all over this if they thought their was any chance they could prevail. You don’t determine what is lawful under the constitution the courts do.

    BTW the NSA got warrants for all of this spying. It’s the Congress that set up the secret FISA court to monitor all of this. If you think that all of this should go though the normal court system go yell at Congress.

  • busher commented on the blog post China and Russia Basically Tell Obama to Screw Off

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    See, this is the problem. You don’t understand jackshit. All of our phone calls are being archived by the NSA. All of our e-mails. All of our web searches. Can you say “humongous, Unconstitutional fishing expedition”? I knew you could!

    WOW! Talk about STUPID! No way in hell that the NSA or anybody else is storing every phone call in the US. What they’re doing is getting phone records of where you are calling. Emails are stored in servers across the country, if you didn’t know that, than it’s you that doesn’t know jackshit. NSA is searching them for key words. Ditto with web searches. Google has a better data mining operation than the US in this regard.

    It basically does. It’s a core value. You can’t infringe on people’s privacy unless you do so lawfully. Like Obama, you suggest that the Fourth Amendment undermines national security. It doesn’t. Obama knows this and is a cynical fraud; you’re just dense and ill-informed.

    Actually the NSA obtained warrants from the FISA court to do all the things they are doing. It was Bush who didn’t bother with warrants. No one, except you, has claimed that the NSA was operating outside the law and a few wingnuts.

  • busher commented on the blog post China and Russia Basically Tell Obama to Screw Off

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    It seems to me the Chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. One a Democrat the other a Republican both said they knew of the program and went to great lengths to defend the program. I don’t know where Jay Rockefeller was.

    Amazing that a progressive would be quoting James Sensenbrenner, a card carrying member of the Know Nothing wing of the Republican Party. He’ll say anything if he can trash the President.

    So, Clapper failed to reveal the extent of NSA snooping, that was deemed classified, to Congress. What a surprise! What do you want him to do? That’s why we have intelligence committees that are sworn to keep classified information confidential.

    Exactly how do you expect the NSA to figure out who the terrorists are if they don’t collect and mine the phone records of millions of Americans? Do you think the NSA has a divining rod that can point out which of those phone records belong to terrorist?

    Nice try, but I’m not experiencing anxiety. It’s always easy to talk about high minded principles when you think that you will ever experience any harm from them. Think about what you’re saying. The government should take no proactive measures to prevent a terrorist attack. It should rely on information that somehow falls into its lap. That doesn’t work in the real world. If you believe otherwise, than you’ve lost touch with reality.

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