• Hmmmmm is it a coincidence that Buckaroo Bozo Bundy is wearing a tie and a starched shirt while making these racist statements……..Hank Aron Was right after all.!

    …”The bigger difference is back then they had hoods. Now they have neckties and starched shirts.”

    Buckaroo Bozo Bundy …wearing a tie and a starched shirt…Coincidence??????I don’t thik so!!!!!

  • When asked how he would implement his budget congressman Ryan…..took a moment to collect his thoughts and said. “APRIL FOOL!!!!!!!”

  • The Dems should keep after this creep. Be unrelenting just as the Repubs created one fake scandal after another…..only difference here of course is that these are not fake. Make it impossible for Christie to govern with all the scandals bubbling. thats the MO the repubs have been using for years with Obama. Tie this guy up……like a Hog! Allusion intentional!

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    I predict at least one rating company to drop the US credit rate. So what this means Republicans who created this mess…Higher interest rates for the money we already owe. So much for fiscal responsible Tea-Hadist Republicans.

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    Dear President Obama….NO MORE MR. NICE GUY! You have at every turn allowed for compromise with these idiots, and like the frog carrying the scorpian who promised not to sting the frog if he fereied him across the river after which in the middle of the river the scorpian stung him the frog asked why he would kill them both the scorpians reply….It’s what I do its my nature. Well Mr President the modern day Tea-Hadist Republican is exactly that…..A scorpian who’s nature is to promise one thing and then do what they do anyway. Do not give them an inch do not reward their insanity. Offer them help through teh Affordable Care Act if they need to come back to reality!

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    “Obama doesn’t want to beat the GOP in this shutdown, he wants to break them.”

    And so he should! As someone said “It is time to lance the boil of Republican extremism.” I will embelish….. It’s time to let out all the putrid stinking puss and wash it down the toilet so we can get on with making America a great and generous nation for its Citizens and the World! The Neo COnfederate yahoos who are, I hope fighting the last battle of the Civil war need to be crushed into a pile of dust to be blown to the four winds hopefully to never emerge again amongst sane thinking citizens who just want a better life for their children and their country!

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    Paranoia runs deep….into your life it will creep……starts when your always afraid…..step out of line the man come…..AND KILL YOU!

    There’s a man with a gun over there telling me I got to beware.

    This is a sad pathetic country.

  • Please proceed President Jong Un. Strike by all means and lets get this nonsense over with. I think it will take about 30 minutes to finish this off as long as China stays out of the way and considering the slant of China these days they may actually be happy to have the North out of the way so they do not have to defend or support them any more. The Koreas could unite and create a vibrant ecconomy that China would be happy to utilise for their benifit in the coming century. So by all means proceed Kim Jong Un you will have the shortest reign of power in North Korean history.

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    This was the last battle of the Civil War…….in my opinion!

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    Let’s start saving Tax money right now…..take Myths security detail away and let him pay for his own security!

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    Show me the Mug Shot!!!!!

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    LIEberman…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GO A W A Y. you disgusting piece of human excrement! You Judas you fraud you scum sucker you Benedict Arnold, you accomplice to war criminals, you sore loser you pathetic pathetic little man! Just leave and take you creepy wife with you and go to work for your Insurance corporate sting pullers you wooden headed pup it F U!

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    “Now let’s return to talking about issues that really matter to families: job creation, spending restraint and economic development.”

    Hmmmm interesting nothing about womens rights or domestic violence????? Hmmmmmm?????

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    ANd yet even today we have the clowns in the form of Lila Rose trying her little games and lies on planned parent hood. I have a suggention for Susan G Komen Inc. Call a press conference and condemn the tactics of Lila Rose and her little gang of fraudsters. That at least might give [...]

  • Remember at the end of the day Greece should never have been admitted to the EU according to their (The EU) own rules. Greece was never solvent enought to be admitted but thanks to the clever shenanigans of….wait for it GOLDMAN SACKS they cooked the books for Greece and Voila..Into the EU they went. There were certain criteria that were required for admitance to the EU and to the Euro as a new contries currency. Goldman Sacks hid the bad news for Greece and that allowed Greece to be admitted..(Although I am pretty sure that everyone knew that Greece was an ecconomic basket case when they were admitted but that was overlooked when things were boomingh of course).

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    This also makes me think that Obama is very wise to keep his opinions to himself about this subject. Obviusly if he was to come out and support gay rights he would lose big time in the hatefull states. I suggest that all thinking progressives leave the state.

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    Time for a North Carolina boycott. No conventions, no vacatons, no support. This is a real tragedy. I thought this would be a great moment for all Americans instead hatred bigotry and discrimination prevail in the Xtian south of course. I really hate this country.

  • Trust me the hatred for Obamas ( fill in the blank_________ skin color, politics, friends, policies, ACA , Birth Certificate, etc etc) will without a doubt override the disdain and hatred that the Talibangelists have for gays.

  • Does Bishop Jenky j of Peoria Ill. know about this? WIll he deliver a diatribe against Mittens for this evil vile acceptance of someones choice. Just wondering.

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    There is rumor going around that Newt is willing to get out of the republican primary if he can be appointed to the secret service but only if he can be stationed in Cartaghena permanently without # 3 in tow!

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