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    gosh Marion, sorry I bent your antenna. I think I’ve finally timed out at FDL. I can’t even get people I agree with to be congenial. My political knowledge just isn’t broad enough to participate, anyway. So, bye, bye.

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    “Obama has a larger advantage over Newt Gingrich than over Santorum or Romney”

    Doesn’t matter. You can stir those names around, but after multi-millions from the PACs, the eventual candidate is going to have a tremendous advantage. (I read this morning that conservatism is increasing in the US. That’s the advantage of money, especially when it is used to buy radio, tv, and newspaper outlets. Propaganda pays dividends.)

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    Wha? “…that Greece correct years of mismanagement by enacting swift waves of cuts and other major economic reforms to regain the confidence of investors and ensure the integrity of the euro.”

    From “Extreme Money” by Satyajit Das:

    “Greece was running unsustainable budget deficits and was overly indebted. Greek public debt statistics were fudged with derivatives. Initially, banks and investors with exposure to Greek debt purchased credit insurance on Greece in the form of CDSs. They paid premiums to investors willing to earn a return for accepting the risk that the country might default. As the supply of CDS contracts was not restricted by the amount of Greek debt, hedge funds and other rubber-necked financial accident voyeurs joined the party, looking to make profits. Dealers in CDSs made large spreads from standing in between the buyers and sellers.

    “As with all insurance, higher risks mean higher premiums. The CDS markets became a visible benchmark of Greece’s problems. The price of insurance was not anchored to the real underlying risk or the public finances of Greece. Traders were not interested in whether Greece was likely to default or in protecting themselves from this risk. They just kept beating the Greek pinata. Traders pushed around the thinly traded insurance contracts, making money from the volatility. Price movements triggered collateral requirements, causing further problems. Eventually, the EU agree to bail out Greece, with help from the International Monetary Fund.

    “…Everybody had fun except the inhabitants of the country, whose economy was decimated.”

    Confidence has a double meaning.

  • Not surprised. And one of these clown car club members could very well become pres. In a way that wouldn’t be all bad–maybe it would get all this idiocy out of the national system politic. Come 2013 it would be fun seeing normal people (for a change) running around kicking their own rear ends.

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    But my yes has up to now has allowed me to run my web page. Will that change?

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    Okay, catch me up:
    Indefinitely detained?

    I have a web page that uses names of various airplane manufacturing companies, airlines, and toys. It is an information page for collectors. I was once hit with an email from a rep of the largest airplane manufacturer in the world telling me I couldn’t use the name of their company without permission. They were under the impression I was selling product, and they wanted a cut. I blasted them back and they changed their tone. However, will that tone return, with action, if they decide I shouldn’t use their brand name, even though I’m not selling anything? All of us who are running free web pages for enthusiasts have to know where we stand.

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    O doesn’t fight. How a person becomes POTUS without being a scrapper, I don’t understand. Except that, a lot of us assumed he would be.

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    Like your approach…a tune to truth.

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    I used to listen to L three hours a day, five days a week, years past. But during one of the earlier debates over healthcare funding, he said something like healthcare isn’t a right. When I transposed that I got healthcare is a privilege. That’s when my eyes were opened to what the right believed, [...]

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    “…that this nation, or any nation, so conceived and so dedicated can long endure…”

    Looks like a failure to me. Unless, of course, the idiot opportunists governing this nation could show some real patriotism (and enough guts to fight the big money boys).

  • There has also been some hint that U.S. drones have been bugged with some kind of computer virus.

  • Got my vote…

  • Picture: Cheney riding a bomb down on a captured drone waving a defibrillator over his head…

  • Viewers should know that the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” will be run in place of the debate.

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    Go Newt, Go. To think these interesting times could get even more so…

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    Headline on Huffington Post: Congress, “Norquist Contemplate Potential Big Move On Payroll Tax”. Perhaps GOP surveys should just write in Norquist at 50%, and the rest of the candidates can fight over the scraps.

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    It was probably a mid-air exchange: The CIA now has a replica .049 Piper Apache, and the Iranians have a miniature stealth recon. Historic Note: During WWI, the U.S. refused to use the Browning Automatic Rifle in Europe because they were afraid it might fall in enemy hands and be copied. The reasoning was faulty then, but given advances in sophistication, it may be (or may have been) more appropriate now.

  • Odd reaction to a report of the facts. Read the figures.

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