• Last night I saw this lame AARP television ad, an attempt to divert attention from their double dealing.

    The ad is filled with examples of “waste” in government – the kind of thing the late Alan Cranston made reputation on. The sad thing is that it will probably win over a lot of the poorly informed citizenry.

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    I think people are rightly skeptical of “official” explanations in general, and specifically nuclear power. After Fukushima, alll the authorities (from TEDCO, the IAEA, the US government to the nuclear power corporations) downplayed the extent of the danger. Just today we learned of the real danger of a large amount of contaminated cooling water spilling into the environment.

    The loss of electrical power triggered the meltdown at Fukushima, caused primarily by the earthquake and and aggravated by the tsunami. Reading between the lines there is a potential loss of power at the Fort Calhoun plant. That is the reason for the no-fly zone.

    Instead of wringing our hands about rumors, let’s demand facts and honest discussion about the real dangers of nuclear power.

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