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    I agree with Greenwald, he is not caving, he is a Republican. Read his writings. He hates boomers and is really sticking it to them now. President Narcissus managed to peddle his flim-flam to the naive, unwise, and those unwilling to look beyond platitudes. He is just lining his pockets now and would probably be just fine with not being reelected in 2012 because this job is too much work. I shake my head thinking of what might have been if Hillary had been elected with a democratic congress in place.

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    Of course he planned this all along. Catfood Commission? Read his writings and see how much he hates Boomers. He recently said in an interview that he would be fine with it if Michelle told him not to run again. He is not worried about getting votes. This job is too much work. He wants to get on the speaker circuit and get richer doing nothing. Evil Republican.

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