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  • It didn’t pass in California this time. The campaign started too late and the major contributors didn’t come in until the last minute. This was a midterm election, a situation in which the prime demographic for marijuana legalization, young people, traditionally do not turn out to vote.

    This was a facts vs scare tactics campaign. Our side had all of the facts. The opponents had the easier time of it. Something new is always a little scary and they capitalized the hell out of that. The next time around, people will be better informed and it will pass.

  • As tobacco companies are national and international in scope, they would have no interest in marijuana until such time as it is legal at the federal level. Any activity in the marijuana market prior to that would end up with billion dollar federal property seizures being levied against them.

    As to who would sell it, we still live in a market economy. Anyone who thinks they can make a go of it can start a business. In a legal marijuana market environment, there would niches for all kinds of products and producers. If large corporations can do the job better than small operators, large corporations will dominate the industry.