• Senator Warren is at least speaking out on the issue and confronting Obama and his administration directly. She did this previously when Obama proposed the chained CPI for social security. It remains to be seen if she will have any sway with the party platform in 2016 assuming Hillary is the nominee. While Warren certainly has her own baggage, it is evident that she is not intimidated to speak her mind on important issues. I for one am pleased whenever Obama gets bashed from within.

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    Excellent post and your description of Jeh Johnson is right on. If only Rachel had the chutspuh to grill him on all the questions he avoided to answer. I know; that’s asking a lot of Rachel.

  • I’m inclined to believe it’s just more kabuki. Reid, in particular, would not make any pronouncement in opposition to Obama’s agenda without O’s approval. Obama has to appease Bibi without denigrating his major issue success with the Iran agreement.

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    I concur with your assessment that Obamacare will implode. Republicans know this and it is precisely the reason they continue to make it their main issue and call for its repeal. Wait until those who opt out see their tax bills and people who lose their current coverage have to pay exorbitant costs for a comparable plan. The irony is that the one thing that could have saved Obamacare was the public option. The plan is derailing already and the “train wreck” predicted by none other than Max Baucus has begun.

  • Chelsea Manning was charged with aiding the enemy because she made information available that could be read by Al Qaeda. The Obama administration is aiding the enemy directly with arms. That sounds about right. I suppose the DOJ or NSA has already written a “classified” legal opinion of support for this action.

  • Obama’s projected response: “I am incensed that the NSA did not apprise me of these transgressions.” He will then tell us that his “Blue Ribbon” committee, led by the honorable Cass Sunstein, will find out the facts and report directly to him.

  • Melissa Harris-Perry’s “reasoning” seems shallow even for MSNBC. It appears that criticism of her reporting on Edward Snowden has forced this “Open letter” response to justify her position. The letter certainly was not meant for Edward Snowden. While she can make a gratuitous statement about Glenn Greenwald, others criticizing her or “her” president evidently may be considered racists. The fact that so many well-reasoned comments and articles attacked her, certainly got her attention.

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    Democrats have no interest in keeping black people from voting. For me this by itself would justify voting Democratic. For a different perspective David, you may want to read the Black Agenda Report. Two very incisive writers, Glen Ford and Bruce Dixon, have a much different perspective on the Obama presidency and what it has [...]

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    Holder will have these US Attorneys go after the White House leakers just as vigorously as they are prosecuting Bradley Manning; and of course, they will go after the news sources and the reporters responsible for the disclosures as vigorously as the Obama administration is going after James Risen. More seriously, one has to wonder [...]

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    How refreshing Jane – to see someone (you) not patently accept the last word from the show host. You are an incredible advocate and I am delighted that FDL is going to run online ads attacking Obama on proposed cuts to social security. I will continue to support FDL in these efforts and hope that [...]

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    Cantor, Boehner, and McConnell, rocket scientists of the GOP, playing our constitutional scholar for the fool he is. This is better than a classic Greek tragedy. The political calculus that pervades the American system of government is a sight to behold – each side proclaiming they are acting in the interests of the American people. The empty suit imposter occupying the White House has the next move – can’t wait for what he will do on behalf of the American people.

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    I have always believed that the best strategy would be to attack Obama directly with ads on his nefarious actions. I realize that there are enormous costs involved. Yet, I believe there is enough rage, as demonstrated here at FDL, to raise a lot of cash. Many of us contributed to Accountability Now confronting Blue Dogs. Let’s hold Obama accountable.

    Thanks for FDL and all you do!

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    I think you have either misunderstood my reply or fail to realize how dropping his body in the deep blue deprived bin Laden of martyrdom. The USG propaganda machine is functioning on all cylinders and I, for one, have always realized this; I am the ultimate critic and cynic. Perhaps you have bought into their propaganda; I for one see many more questions than there are answers. I merely point out my opinion that the USG found it a better option to kill bin Laden and dump his body than go through a trial where he could be heard and make whatever pronouncements he desired.

    Regards, CaBeachBum

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    I agree 100% and would add: It would have given bin Laden a platform to continue the jihad and become the ultimate martyr.

  • I guess from the torturer’s perspective, the use of torture is justified if you get the desired results.

    When politicians speak about ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, they say we are in wars that we can’t win, as if winning is the qualifier.

    It follows that if we could win the wars we are involved in and torture prisoners into giving information we deemed valuable, we would be justified in our actions; notwithstanding the number of casualties, the dead and maimed innocent civilians, and the violation of International and United States law.

    The argument is not whether torture produces results or if winning justifies our wars; the argument should be why we engage in unlawful torture and immoral wars.

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    I wonder how Obama would compare the devastation caused by the tornadoes at home to the death and destruction his bombs have caused abroad.

    Never mind.

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    The release of this information will keep the pressure on the Obama administration. I’m sure they fear future releases by Wikileaks throughout his 2012 re-election campaign. We can only hope.

  • Thanks SG! Your rant expresses very well what so many of us feel. Personally, I no longer can even listen to Obama’s mealy-mouthed speeches. I believe that many of us fell under the illusion that our first black president, and a Democrat, would possess some basic values that would transcend his Chicago connections. He talked [...]

  • Can there be effective enforcement of tax evaders when the Secretary of Treasury makes a $32K “error?”

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