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    So long, and thanks.

    Don’t be a stranger, just keep being strange.

  • Caepan commented on the blog post Thursday Night Basset Blogging

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    Geez, whatta couple of rock stars.

    So long, goggies. I’ll miss you most of all.

  • Caepan commented on the blog post How Can I Live Without You

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    See, I would have figured if you were gonna go full Oprah, you’d give us all Super Birds.

    Thanks for the delicious snark damn near every day. The interTOOBZ won’t be the same without ya.

    No go on, git and enjoy yer bootylicious wife, yer lovely and talented daughter, and your sometimes poorly assembled bassets. Time to ride off into the sunset like a former cowboy should.

  • And if we’re gonna talk today about TBogg’s Greatest Hitz, we must remind all the FDL front-page haterz about just how much he’z is a Obummer leg humper 1st class like fer realz and junk.

    (Extra “z”‘s added for coolness on the internetz.)

  • Maybe TBogg will get hit in the head by a golf ball, wake up, and realize this was all just a dream.

    Guess it depends on how the bassets look in sweaters.

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    Hmm… poor grammar and spelling… snotty, high-school mean girl attitude… that could only mean one thing…

    YOU’RE $ARAH PALIN! And you’re posting on TBogg’s site!

    Don’tcha think you’re a little late though, now that TBogg is leaving his sweet gig of posting liberal stuff in the lamestream media and sucking up all that George Soros/Bill Ayers/ASPCA money to finally come here to post your reverse-psychology love note also, too?

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    Wow. I sure hope Joe Arpaio’s and/or Donald Trump’s minions are already on their way to Calgary to investigate this issue of national import pronto!

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    Won’t somebody check the kerning on Teddy’s passport?

    And what kind of Real Murkin®©™ would let his name end with such an obviously unMurkin letter as a “z”? Or what the Canajins call a “zed”, as in Ted, as in, “Seize him!”

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    Metal Machine Music – Lou Reed

    I’m just gonna play this on a continuous loop on my iPod, then drive around town blasting it over my car’s speakers. Because fuck it.

    And you know what too, also? For the 2016 Presidential election, I’m gonna write in Obama’s name, just to piss everybody off. Because, and I reiterate, fuck it.

    Enjoy your virtual retirement, TBogg. Because – and I cannot stress this point enough – fuck it.

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    See? THIS is what I will miss the most. The sweet and salty photo fix of teh bassets extrordinaire.

    Maybe TBogg could just post on Thursday evenings? With basset pictures? If we ask nice?

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    Or maybe, “Weird Little Internet Friends of TBogg”? Or “Obots R Us”? Maybe “Teh Sheeple Report”?

    I was thinking “Basset Pr0n”, but that might bring a different crowd that we’d expect. Probably still more desirable than the front-page emo-progs that usually stumble here to lecture us on how we are impure in our impurity.

  • Caepan commented on the blog post Winning Is For Losers

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    Well, I for one am certainly glad you took time out from your busy schedule of getting one of your favored candidates elected to some office somewhere – like a school board or a town council, just for starters – to stop by and refer to us as “Flying Monkeys”. Oh, and to mention your eye and stomach troubles caused by your overwrought purity and pureness.

    You know what might help cure that for ya? Eating a big bag of salted dicks. Here, help yourself.

    (Oh and by the way, LBJ didn’t need no stinkin’ oil wells. In fact, he refused them when he was offered them back when he was a senator because he thought that it would taint his chances at becoming President. How quaint! LBJ made his fortune in the radio biz which was quickly transforming itself into the TV biz. And he put everything in Lady Bird’s name so that their massive wealth wouldn’t soil his tailored shirts. You should read Robert A. Caro’s brilliant biographies on LBJ for more info on this man instead of just, you know, making shit up.)

  • Aw, aren’t you just as pure as the driven snow? Special snowflake baby of the purest purity, I’ll bet.

    Glory be, just what will you do when TBogg closes this little Chamber of Teh Purity Horrors? Will you just spend the rest of your days at the FDL homepage, slaying imaginary dragons from the safety of a Starbucks? That‘ll show us!

    I’m sure that even after TBogg closes the doors here, there will still be a big bag of salted dicks from which you can eat. I suggest you start right now.

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    I mean besides finding other worthy progressive candidates throughout the country who are at least within spitting distance of actually being elected thereby helping to create a solid base of card-carrying progressive members in Congress who could advocate for a better America. There’s that.

    Man, that is, like, so 2014.

    2013 is about making that miserable fat fuck Christie even more of a miserable fat fuck then he is now. Spend money to make him defend the Gubbenership that he believes is truly his and his alone. Then use whatever juicy soundbites that drip off from his half-baked tongue into that greasy pan known as “gaffes”. And since that’s what our beloved Teh Librul Media loves to gorge themselves upon (as opposed to the healthy vegetables known as “facts” – yucch, amirite?), the paste-eaters and knuckledraggers will line up in the tens to vote in the GOP primaries and deliver either Rand Paul or Ted Cruz to the nomination. Then either Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden will have an easier time kicking their asses in the general.

    And that’s how ya spend money to make money, campaign-wise.

  • Oh you’ll be back. As soon as these phrases start floating upon the intertubes:

    1) Republican Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin,

    2) AFC Championship quarterback Tim Tebow,

    3) Pulitzer Prize-nominated columnist Ross Douthat.

    Besides, where will we get our 100 comment tacos, 200 comment margaritas and 500 comment trips to the bowling alley? The FDL home page? I think not.

    Best of luck, Mr. Bogg and family, and thanks for the China White quality snark plus bassets. Oh, and thank you for introducing me to music like this, so I don’t seem quite so lame to the 21-year-old interns.

    (P.S. As your last page, could you just leave that Shakira GIF up? Some of us will need that. Thanx.)

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    Only in her own liquor-sodden mind would noted St. Ronnie shoe fetishist Peggy of The Dolphins Noonan think she’s qualified to write such super-soft-core co-ed pulp fiction like that.

    And yet, she got paid by The Wall Street Murdoch to do it. Because… trickle down?

  • Caepan commented on the blog post You’re Prettier When You Don’t Talk

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    D’oh! 300 years of the Romanovs.

    Just because I read, doesn’t mean that I see.

  • Caepan commented on the blog post You’re Prettier When You Don’t Talk

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    Would that be the 100th anniversary of the 500th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty celebrations in Russia? Or yesterday’s anniversary of the Three Year Bill? (See? I read yer linkeez!)

  • Caepan commented on the blog post You’re Prettier When You Don’t Talk

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    Why don’t they have the GOP Prez Debate on The Military Channel?

    It would be the closest any of them will have ever come to wearing a uniform and serving their country.

  • Caepan commented on the blog post On The Amazon, The Pax Vobiscum Bite

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    Hmm… hope Bezos won’t treat the writers and press folk the same way he treats the warehouse workers at Amazon.

    Except for the editorial staff. I for one would like to see Hyatt, Cohen, Rubin et al treated with the contempt and disrespect they deserve. And you know that the quality of work they “produce” wouldn’t suffer under those conditions.

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