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  • We need a “Grover Norquist” to demand a pledge from each congressional candidate that he/she will not vote for any appropriation for military forces to remain in Afghanistan after 2014 or any State Department officials beyond normal diplomatic staffing requirements.

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    Re: Gingrich Why is it that the so-called political expert moderators did not press Gingrich on his plan to have school children work as janitors? Apparently neither they nor Gingrich have any idea of what janitors do. Would Gingrich have one of his grandchildren handle caustic cleaning equipment, shovel show, climb an 8 ft ladder to replace a light bulb, etc.?

  • Any talk of a primary challenge to Obama is blah! blah! But Obama should pay a price for screwing progressives and at the same time preparation should be made for the next democratic candidate for president. As a condition of support of Obama, progressives should demand that Biden (as I recall, he was one of the first to say that the public option was not on the table) be dumped and replaced by a progressive. It seems like every time Obama wants some dirty back room deal done he turns it over to Biden. Let’s face it, Biden will not be an electable presidential candidate in 2016. Progressives should put forth their own vice-presidential candidate during the nominating convention.

  • People don’t understand Palinspeak. Her remark about Paul Revere warning the British was about a non-verbal warning to the British. What she meant to convey was that the act of warning the colonists that the British were coming in itself was a warning to the British. Her inability to convey the meaning of her statement just proves that she is not competent to be president.

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    If there is so much concern about Afganistan women, why doesn’t Hilary Clinton advocate political amnesty for every Afgan woman who can find her way out of Afganistan. In time, the shortage of women in Afganistan might cause the men to be more appreciative of their women.

  • I have a choice between Obama and another republican?

  • Although my academic institution allows “reasonable personal use” of email, it does not allow use for political purposes. In order to prevent snooping under FOIA, maintain a separate email account just for political comment that is not connected with the institution in any way. Then you only have to worry about the FBI.

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    So Qadaffi has hoarded diners. Dollars also? Euros also? There must be some currency that he has not hoarded. Libya imports most of its food. The UN should force Libya to pay for food with a currency it has not hoarded.

  • Isn’t it about time that labor unions and supportive groups across the country start a boycott of Wisconsin products?